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2nd Lt Dave Paterson commanded 8 Platoon - Killed In Action 20 March 1971 Huey Charlie Company Site Banner, displaying the RAR Corps Badge, US Presidential Citation, Vietnam Campaign Ribbons & Infantry Combat Badge

A Friend Remembered

I knew a man called David.
He was killed many years ago
near a village named Xuyen Moc.
David Paterson
To us all it was a blow.
He left behind a wife and child
who lived in Adelaide town.
I wonder how they've managed
all these years he's not been 'round?
His daughter would be a woman now;
Lord, how the time does fly.
It's sad she'll never know her Dad,
he was the one destined to die.
Across the seas in a far off land
at the hand of the dreaded VC.
His lifeblood ebbing from him
before friends could help, you see.
I saw his grave and shed a tear,
his name in bronze I saw.
A man who gave his life for us
in that damned Vietnam War.

30 June 2001
Warren Turner
W. Turner
Under & Over - M16 with an M79 Grenade Launcher underneath.  Boodgie Barrett carried one.

We did our job

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by Bob Wood, Tony Cox, Bob Lewis & members of C Coy
1999 -
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