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2nd Lt Dave Paterson commanded 8 Platoon - Killed In Action 20 March 1971 Huey Charlie Company Site Banner, displaying the RAR Corps Badge, US Presidential Citation, Vietnam Campaign Ribbons & Infantry Combat Badge

The Skipper’s in the news of late
End of war files and all that
And to set the record straight
They had to go right back

Sift the why’s and where for’s
Make sure it’s all true blue
They don’t just give a medal
To the likes of me or you

Now there has to be a reason??
It’s in the files I know
Did he cop a bit of shrapnel
Somewhere down below??

Bob Lews got a medal
Cause he copped it in the bum
We got one for going over
And another for the fun

Now he said he didn’t earn it
And it’s for us boys
But it bloody nearly rectum
And robed him of his joys

Didn’t want to board the chopper
Cause he couldn’t tell the clown
He’d got it in the rear end
And it was hell to sit down

So we think you’ve earned your medal
And you know we’ve had our fun
But if we had to do it over
We’d do it gladly with the leader


(c)copyright. 10/6/98
L/Cpl G.C. "MACK" Mackie
Graham "Mack" Mackie
AK 47

We did our job

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by Bob Wood, Tony Cox, Bob Lewis & members of C Coy
1999 -
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