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2nd Lt Dave Paterson commanded 8 Platoon - Killed In Action 20 March 1971 Huey Charlie Company Site Banner, displaying the RAR Corps Badge, US Presidential Citation, Vietnam Campaign Ribbons & Infantry Combat Badge

Woodside - South Australia

December 1969 The doors of Charlie Company orderly rooms were unlocked and company staff received stores ready for training after the Christmas leave period.

February 1970 Helicopter familiarisation training and training exercises at Mount Torrens.

March 1970 The 4th Intake of 1969 National Servicemen marched in to Woodside.

April 1970 Training at the Murray Bridge weapons range and familiarisation in deployment in Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC's). Exercise Big Pine at Swan Reach practiced infantry tactics at Platoon and Company level and to confirm the procedures involved with close support provided by helicopters and APC's. The Governor of South Australia reviewed the Battalion on 24 April 1970 at the 20th anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong.

May 1970 It was announced that a Battalion was being withdrawn from South Vietnam. 3 RAR was scheduled to depart for Vietnam in November 1970. The new departure time was now set for February 1971.

The 1st Intake of 1970 National Servicemen marched into the Battalion in May.

On 8 May 1970 the soldiers of the Battalion attacked Moratorium demonstrators who were marching through the streets of Adelaide waving Viet Cong and Communist Flags. The soldiers were all charged. The charges were later dropped after a tremendous outpouring of public sympathy supporting the soldiers. All fines collected had to be refunded to the soldiers.

June & July 1970 Jungle Training Camp, Canungra Qld. Exercise Iron Maiden was conducted at Puckapunyal Vic in association with C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment in bitterly cold, wet and muddy conditions.

The 2nd Intake of 1970 National Servicemen marched into the Battalion. This intake was sent to Canungra almost immediately to complete their Jungle Training.

September 1970 The Battalion was assessed for Operational readiness by Central Command.

October 1970 Exercise Desert Flower in the Flinders Ranges provided a test for the Battalion's readiness to depart for South Vietnam. After Desert Flower a Battalion Sports Day was held to celebrate the Battalion's 25th Anniversary. A painting by Terence Cuneo depicting the Battle of Kapyong was unveiled.

November 1970 The Battalion boarded RAAF Hercules planes and flew to Shoalwater Bay Qld for Exercise Grand Storm. The Battalion deployed by helicopter and APC's and proved that it was fully prepared for active service.

December 1970 The Battalion commenced Pre Embarkation leave.

We did our job

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by Bob Wood, Tony Cox, Bob Lewis & members of C Coy
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