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1.)  "Hessische Truppen im Nord Amerika" or HETERINA Vol. I, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5, Vol 6,

where to find them:

A partial copy exists in the David Library at Washington's Crossing, PA, another at the Rutgers library in New Brunswick, and copies are also owned by the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association and the Lancaster County Historical Society, and the University of Pennsylvania Library.


2.)  "The Hessian view of America".

Some soldiers, namely those captured at Trenton, are listed in the appendix of the book.


3.) "Hessians in Annapolis County" by Ira Maxwell Sutherland

research in Canada and or Nova Scotia (I think)

S#124: Ira Maxwell Sutherland, Thesis "Hessians in Annapolis County, May 1956. S#126: Ira Maxwell Sutherland, Thesis : Clements Township, its history and its people" Both Sources were submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a degree of B.A. with honors in history - May 1956 to the Acadia University, Nova Scotia.

NOTE: In 1994 John wrote the book "The Hessians of Nova Scotia", which is still available from the Marilyn Adams Genealogical Association. In it I used the Source above extensively. To be honest, there are hundreds of copies of my book in all kind of Archives, Libraries and Historical and Genealogical Societies, and it has much much more then the Thesis .see his book listed under John Merz's research.


4.)   "Major General Riedesel's Memoirs, Letters and Journals" by ??

two volume set of books.

note from John...

Btw, if you check our archives for the name of Riedesel, you'll find a treasure trove of information. Actually a Hessian, he was the commander of the Brunswick troops, and later the commander of all German troops in Canada during the American Revolution. Now don't you misspell his name - it is Riedesel, not Reidesel. Cheers, John Merz


5.)     The Abegweit Review Vol.5#2 Spring 1987, published at
the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada.
Information on Kassel Regt.v.Knyphausen


6.)      "The Hessians of Upper Canada" publ.1997 By Johannes Helmut Merz,

Opinion: any book or pamphlets you can find written by John is well worth the price or time to acquire it.


7.)       The Hessians and other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain by Edward J. Lowell, first print 1884, reprint 1975 by Corner House Publishing, Williamstown, Mass. This is a history with maps and plans of the Hessian involvement during the AmRev.

Submitted by John Merz


8.)        Muster Rolls and POW Lists in Amer. Archival.. Illinois: Westland Publications, 1974-1976. 8650:Smith, Clifford Neal


9.)        "German Military Settlers in Canada after the American Revolution", by Virginia DeMarce's; copyright 1984, publ. by Joy Reisinger, 1020 Central Ave., Sparta, Wisconsin, 54656.


10.)      Reel #185 - U.E.L. at the Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, Ontario


11.)     "The Hesse-Cassel MIRBACH Regiment in the AmRev." by Bruce E. Burgoyne; published by Heritage Books, Inc.  1998

Submitted by John Merz


12.)   "9000 Men who signed the Oath of Allegiance in Maryland during the Rev. War". and  " Maryland Oath of fidelity". both by Bettie S.Carrothers; The book describes it as compiled by card indexes at the Maryland State Archives. found at: a library?

Submitted by Ann Heinz



13.)    "The Maryland Germans" by Dieter Cunz.

Submitted by Ann Heinz




14.)      Names of Persons Who Took the Oaths of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania between the Years 1777 and 1789,  Westcott, Thompson, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company reprint, 1965.
Book can be found at: in a library at Wooster College in Wooster, OH.., from Mary Vogus Hoffman

From John Merz.....A long time ago I went through the book name by name and found a total of 178 names of Hessians listed who took the oath and added them to my files. After that I advised Mark Schwalm of the Johannes Schwalm Hist. Association of my find and supplied my list to him. He did get the book or a copy of it for himself and went through it with a fine comb and found even a few more, and published all these names in the JSHA Journal of 1994. You can find the list and explanations on pages 15-23. At the bottom of page 15 in the footnotes Mark gave me credit for the inspiration to look for those Hessian names. He also did a rather good job of finding all these names in the Hessian military files, Hetrina, etc., and thereby identifying most of those deserters. The Oath the deserters had to take, was as follows:      

We the subscribers do swear (or affirm) that I renounce and      

refuse all allegiance to George the third, King of Great      

Britain, his heirs and successors, and that I will be faithful,        

and bear true allegiance to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania      

as a free and Independent State, and that I will not at any           

time do or cause to be done any matter or thing that will be      

prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and Independence thereof,      

as declared by Congress; and, also, that I will discover and          

make known to some one Justice of the Peace of this State, all      

treasons or traitorous conspiracies which I know or hereafter      

shall know, to be formed against this or any of the United      

States of America.      Plunkett Fleeson       Philadelphia, 1778. 


Here is a typical line as found in the listings:    

1782, Aug.14.    Peter Shuchard, deserted the Brittish Army & Hessian Line  

at N.York in 1779. Schoolmaster.    


Heinrich Albert, deserted the Brittish & Line of Anspach    in Virginia in 1781. Taylor.    

John Spalter (his mark), deserted the Brittish Service &    Hessian Line in Jersey 1778. Labourer. 

For more information on these names you should contact the JSHA and ask for their Journal of 1994. 

Regards, John.


15.)   A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution by Johann Conrad Doehla, translated by Bruce M. Burgoyne, published 1990 by the University of Oklahoma Press, Norman. (Doehla served with the Ansbach-Bayreuth troops, and this is one of the best diaries around, with many day by day details of actions, names of soldiers, deserters, etc. - a must read!)

Submitted by John Merz


16.)   A Diary of the American War, A Hessian Journal. by Captain Johann Ewald of the Hessen-Kassel Jaeger Corps, translated by Joseph P. Tustin, published by the Yale University Press, 1979.

Submitted by John Merz


17.)  "Hessians in Annapolis County" a 1956 BA thesis "on disbanded German soldiers granted land in Clements township after the American Revolution." by Ira Maxwell Suterland found at Annapolis Heritage Society and found it listed under "Loyalist Resources."  Access:

submitted by Jerri Schindler


18.)   "Memoirs, Letters, and Journals of Major General Riedesel - Two volumes - translated by William L. Stone, in the Series "Eyewitness Accounts of the American Revolution", published by The New York Times and Arno Press, copyright 1969 by Arno Press, Inc. Reprint of Original Edition of Vol.I and Vol. II, published by J. Munsell, Albany, N.Y., 1868. Vol. I has 366 pages, Vol.II has 284 pages, Major General Baron Friederich Adolphus von Riedesel, the German commander of the Brunswick and Hanau troops stationed during the American Revolution in Canada, and involved in the Burgoyne Campaign and the surrender of his Army at Saratoga in Oct. 1777, and accompanied the Convention Army from Saratoga  to Boston and a year later to Virginia, from where he was exchanged and returned to lead the German troops in Canada again to the end of the Revolution in 1783. His wife, the famous Baroness Friederike von Riedesel followed her husband with her children through the campaign in Saratoga , Boston, and Charlottesville, Virginia, and her diary has also been published.  The General carried on an extensive correspondence with British, American, and German authorities, and this gives an excellent view of the activities of the Revolution. There is an extensive Index in the back of Vol.II. Was listed on Ebay 

Submitted by John Merz


19.)   Riedesel Order Book, held by the New York Historical Society and translated by Dr. Friesen of the Wilfried Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 


20.)   "The Maryland Germans" by Dieter Cunz.


21.)   9000 Men who signed the Oath of Allegiance in Maryland during the Rev. War by Bettie S.Carrothers


22.)   Maryland Oath of fidelity by Bettie S.Carrothers; The book describes it as compiled by card indexes at the  Maryland State Archives.


23)  Donated to site by Barry

Via an email to list, 20 Sept 2005


- German Deserter-Immigrants During the American Revolution by Clifford Neal Smith
- HETRINA: Hessian Troops in North America, a book review on a series of this title by Ernest J. Thode, Jr.
- The Hesseans and the Hebron Diary by Harry N. Stailey
. . . . . . . .
Volume IV, Number 4 - Spring 1979
. . . .
German Church Records, Part 3 by Arta F. Johnson
Just one volume - Full Contents here:

and other Ger resources:

Palatines to America
Journal Table of Contents
Immigrant Ancestor Postings
Chapters of Palatines to America
Links to Other German Genealogy Sites
The Palatine Immigrant
A Quarterly Journal Published by Palatines to America
Researching Our German-Speaking Ancestors
Volumes I - XXX 1976 - 2005

All of the following issues of The Palatine Immigrant are available either as a back-issue or a copy from an original, see order form.
. . . . . .


24) "The Battle of Trenton" by Samuel S. Smith


25)  "The Hessian View of America, 1776-1783" by Kipping


Norman, OK and London: University of Oklahoma Press, 1990. 973.3 DOH

INDEPENDENCE: 1776-1783. Bowie, MD: facsimile reprint, Heritage Books,
INC, 1987. 973.3 Eel

28)  Heckert, C.W. THE GERMAN-AMERICAN DIARY Parsons, WV: McClain Printing
Co., 1980. 973.342 H35

NABHANGIGKEITSKRIEG, Marburg, 1974, 1976. 973.342 M33 (alphabetical
listing of all soldiers and officers from Hesse-Kassel)

30)  Johannes Schwalm Historical Association. JOHANNES SCHWALM, THE HESSIAN. 
Millville, PA: Precision Printers, Inc. 1976. 973.342 J61

31)  Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc. Pennsauken,
NJ: 1992. Journals, 1. 973.342 J62.

31)  Kipping, Ernst. HESSIAN VIEW OF AMERICA, 1976-1783, Monmouth Beach, NJ: 
Philip Freneau Press, 1971. 973.342 K62

32)  Pettengill, R. W. (translator). LETTERS FROM AMERICA; 1776-1779: BEING
ARMIES DURING THE REVOLUTION. Boston, MASS: Houghton Mifflin Company,
1924. 973.3 L56

Publishers, 1975. 973.342 L95

34)  Smith, Clifford Neal and Virginia Easley DeMarce. Series of monographs
published by German-American Genealogical Research. McNeal, ARIZ: 
Westland Publications. 1973-1990. 973.42 G31
This series of monographs covers the following subjects: Mercenaries who remained in the U.S. and Canada; Muster Rolls,
Prisoner-of War Lists and mercenaries who served with the British forces during the American Revolution; Emigrants from Saxony, Hessen-Hannau, Eastern Germany, Kreis Simmern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Fuerstenberg
Territories, Siegkreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Beihingen Am Neckar, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Amt Damme, Oldenburg, Fellbach, Recklinghausen District, Island of Foehr, Wuerttemberg; Early 19th Century German
settlers in Ohio, Kentucky and other states; Revolutionists of 1848. 
MONOGRAPHS 14-19 and 21-25 in NUMBER 26.

35)  Miles, Lion G. THE WINCHESTER HESSIAN BARRACKS. Winchester, VA: 
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal, Volume III, 1988.


36)  The Hessian Occupation of Newport and Rhode Island, 1776-1779 - Walter K. Schroder




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