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My Confederate Ancestors

Southern Heroes

Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and History Page

ROBERT FRANKLIN BRATTON,born 1822,died in Hickman Co.Tennessee in 1900.Enlisted in Company B,24th Tennessee Infantry.Discharged due to age at Tueplo,Mississippi in 1862.

ROBERT DEAN,born 1830,thrown from a mule and killed in 1880.Served with Company H,24th Tennessee Infantry.Wounded and captured at the battle of Murfreesboro on December 31,1862.His left arm was amputated at C.S.A.General Hospital,Farmville Virginia in April of 1863.Robert was cited for gallantry in the Official Roll of Honor for his conduct at Murfreesboro.

GEORGE QUINTON DICKEY,born Dyer County,Tennessee,died Dyer County,Tennessee.Served with Company A,12th Tennessee Infantry.

JAMES MADISON DICKEY,born Dyer County,Tennessee,died Dyer County,Tennessee.Served with Company A,12th Tennessee Infantry.

WILLIAM THOMAS DUNAGAN,born 1847 near Spring Hill Tennessee,died near Eaton,Tennessee in 1905.Enlisted at Woodville,Haywood County, Tennessee in Captain Dawson's Company of Partisan Rangers.This company became part of the 15th Tennessee Cavalry.

JAMES HARRINGTON,served with Company I,24th Tennessee Infantry.Wounded in the leg at Peachtree Creek,Georgia in July,1864.James was captured here and sent to Camp Chase.

CARSON J.PATTERSON,born 1841,died near Eaton,Tennessee in 1908.Enlisted in Company B,47th Tennessee Infantry at Trenton,Tennessee in December,1861.Slightly wounded at Murfreesboro in December,1862,at Missionary Ridge in November, 1863 and severely wounded through the sholder and lung at Peachtree Creek,Georgia in July,1864.Discharged from Ocmulgee Hospital in Macon,Georgia and returned home.

EZRA PATTERSON,born 1844,died 1912.Brother to Carson.Enlisted in 12th Tennessee Cavalry.He was captured in Gibson County and sent to Alton,Illinois prison.Wihtin two weeks he had signed an oath of allegiance and returned to West Tennessee to join Russell's 20th Tennessee Cavalry.Ezra was later wounded at Harrisburg,Mississippi.

JESSE HARVEY PATTERSON,born 1830,killed at the battle of Murfreesboro,December 31,1862.

ROBERT BENJAMIN PATTERSON,born 1835,died 1893.Brother to Carson and Ezra.Enlisted in Company B,47th Tennessee Infantry.Served as Lieutentant before being promoted to Captain in 1864.Robert was captured at Nashville December 16,1864 and sent to Johnson Island prison.He contracted TB in prison and later died from it.

ROBERT HARRISON PATTERSON,born 1838,died 1914.Served with Colonel N.N.Cox's 10th Tennessee Cavalry.He was captured at Knoxville,Tennessee and spent 13 months in Fort Delaware prison.

THOMAS CARSON PATTERSON,born 1827,died near Eaton,Gibson County Tennessee in 1899. Brother to Carson,Ezra and Robert Benjamin.Served with Colonel Freeman's 22nd Tennessee Infantry until after the battle of Belmont,Missouri.He then transfered to the 47th Tennessee Infantry and was later Sgt.Major of the 19/20th Tennessee Cavalry.

JOHN DAVID SPENCE,born 1844 and died in Dyer County Tennessee in 1903.Served with Company H,11th Tennessee Infantry.

MARK SPENCE,born 1834 and died 1906.Brother to John David.Served with Company G,48th Tennessee Infantry.

STEPHEN HOLLAND TILGHMAN,born in Virginia in 1795.Died while serving with Company H,47th Tennessee Infantry.