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The History of Battery D, 65th Artillery, C.A.C. 1917-1919
as seen through the eyes of Pvt. 1cl Emerson S. Reavis

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The end in sight, after the firing stopped and our other battle in the mud at Brest.

German Concrete Pill-Boxes
A scramble for mail call.
One of the Holt Caterpillar Tractors used to haul the gun carriages around. This is of the 120hp version.
The guns on the carriages parked outside of Sonilly, France.
One of the "Cats" and here drivers.
Cleaning the guns while parked near Sonilly.
Guns on the carriages and ready to move to a new location.
One of the officers of Battery D posing next to the loaded recoil section on the 9.2-inch howitzer. The gun barrel is in the carriage behind him. When the gun is set up for firing the barrel is placed into the recoil section shown here. The large cylinder on top of this photo is the hydraulic recuperator. This is the mechanism that takes up the shock or recoil of firing the gun so that the base does not move when fired. Also of note is the officer is standing on the cleaning rods of the gun.
Another view of the recoil and base section of the gun, loaded on its carriage. The recuperator cylinder can be seen on the top.
This is a view of the gun barrel section loaded on its carriage. You can see the gun breech on the end the the barrel. The large flange with the hole in it is the part of the barrel that would be bolted to the hydraulic recuperator on the recoil section, see photo on the left.
Another view of the carriage trains parked near Sonilly.
German prisoners carrying dirty clothes to the portable delousing stations.
German Prisoners loading the portable delousing kilns.
The portable delousing kilns on the truck bed in use.
German Prisoners looking for "Cooties"
Men of the 65th Stretching legs during a stop of the train.
Ready for chow standing in the Mud at Camp Pontanezen Brest, France
The bridge of the Haverford on our way back across the Atlantic
Rolling packs on the deck of the Haverford
65th Artillery Band Concert on the Haverford
Officers of the 65th Artillery posing on the Haverford during the return trip
Boxing matches on the Haverford were one way to pass the time on the return trip
Officers of the 2nd Section, 65th Artillery
Back on U. S. Soil. Marching proud in the streets of Philadelphia
At Camp Dix in New Jersey
Officers of the 2nd Section, 65th Artillery

A view of the train station showing the hundreds of people assembled to welcome the 65th Artillery as they pulled into Hood River, Oregon

Our trian back to the west coast
Family and friends were there to welcome us as we entered Steattle, Washington
This was the reason we went over there and its the reason we came back!
A view of the street prade held in Portland, Oregon
Another view of the Portland prade

All of the photos of Pvt. 1cl Emerson Reavis collection came from his son Jim Reavis who has shared them with me. There were actually more photos than what is displayed, some were of Frence landscapes and some were not in the best of condition and hard to view. But these photos assembled here tell the story of the 65th from start to finish. Thank you to Jim Reavis and the Reavis family.

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