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9th Trench Mortar Battalion, C.A.C.

During WWI

I was contacted by Thom Butenhoff about his grandfather Pvt. FRED BUTENHOFF, he was researching who had served in the Battery B, 9th Trench Mortar Battalion.

Thom writes:

Joe --  Thanks for taking the time to answer my E-mail.  Your information was interesting.  Honestly, I know very little about my Grandfather as he died in 1936, eleven years before I was born.  However, his name was FRED BUTENHOFF, and on the postcard he preceded his name with "Pvt."  I don't think he ever attained any higher rank.  He lived in Milwaukee WI.  My Dad saved the flag that was draped over his Father's coffin when he died, and I inherited that upon my own Father's death.  It's quite vibrant and beautiful after all these years, and I am proud to have it.  My Father served in the Army Air Corps in WWII, and I am a Viet Nam vet myself.  In these difficult times, our military past becomes somewhat more relevant.
Thanks again for giving me some insight into Camp Nicols !!!
Post card from Pvt. Fred Butenoff at Camp Nichols, New Orleans, Louisiana. By the looks of it Pvt. Butenoff was very good artist and must have had some time on his hands.

I did some research into his service with the 9th TM BN and this is what I found:

9th Trench Mortar Battalion, Coast Artillery Corps

The 9th Trench Mortar Battalion, C.A.C. was organized in November of 1918 at Camp Nichols, Louisiana and was demobilized in December of 1918.

Camp Nichols, Louisiana National Guard
Temporary camp, located in New Orleans. Privately owned property used by Louisiana National Guard, 1917 and later acquired by lease. Station of the Coast Defenses of New Orleans (South Atlantic Coast Artillery District). The Camp contained an area of about 202 acres.
39th Division: 141st Field Artillery, mobilizing for overseas.
Coast Artillery: 1st, 3d, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th Companies Coast Defenses of New Orleans; 9th Trench Mortar Battalion, U. S. Guards: 4th Battalion.

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