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World War One
Officers Quarters

Below are individual Officer Histories or Profiles in my web site.

Major John A. Hoag
56th Artillery
Major Ralph S. Kimball,
Commanding Officer, Camp Mills
1st Lt. T. D. Johnson
aide-de-camp to Gen. Davis, 31st Brigade, CAC
Rear Admiral Harley H. Christy
Captain of the USS San Diego
1st Lt. Robert Mochrie
44th Artillery, CAC, taken prisoner by the Germans on the next to the last day of the war.
Captain Raymond D. Hasbrouck
Captain USS Covington & USS Minnesota
Rear Admiral V. L. Cottman
First Captain of the USS California
Captain George A. Blair
Company Comander Co. C
117th Inf., 30th Div
DSC and Purple Heart
Captain John R. Drake
166th Ambulance Company,
117th Sanitary Train , 42nd Division
Major John Izard,
Regimental Adjutant
60th Artillery, CAC
Commander Stephen Clegg Rowan, USN,
Executive Officer of the Frederick during WWI
2nd Lt. Leonard C. Hoskins
First Coast Artillery Corps Officer Killed in Action during WWI
Lt. jg Paul L. Hughes, USN
Junior Officer, USS South Dakota, during the actions in Russia
Lt. Cmdr. Marcus S. Harloe
Captain of the USS Radnor
Captain R. J. Van Buskirk, USA
3rd Battalion CO. 74th Arty, CAC
Captain Roscoe E. Brightup, USA
Commander, Battery A, 56th Arty, CAC
Lt. jg George Comer, USN
USS Radnor's Navigation Officer and Artic explorer
Captain Frederick Wells Gilchrist, USA, Battery B, 71st Arty, CAC
Major Ralph C. Harrison, USA
3rd Battalion CO, 71st Arty, CAC
Vice-Admiral Clarence S. Kempff
C.O. USS Aeolus during WWI
Captain Carl Hocker, USA
CO Battery D, 65th Artillery CAC
Class of 1915, West Point, Retired as a full Colonel.
RADM Forrest A. Rhoads
A Journey from Apprentice Seaman to Rear Admiral
Lt. Hendon, C.A.C.
51st Artillery, C.A.C.
Captain Matthew C. Gleeson
Chaplain, US Navy Corps of Chaplains
RADM Harry L. Brinser, USN
C. O. USS Mercury & USS Columbia
Captain John McClane Luby, USN
C. O. of the USS South Dakota
Captain Hutch I. Cone, USN
C. O. of the USS Huron
Lt. Edgar Allan Poe, USMC
A Hero of Belleau Woods during WWI
Captain Ralph E. MacLeod
2nd Battalion Adjutant, 71st Artillery CAC
Lt. James J. Igoe, South Carolina Naval Militia
Served as Executive Officer of the USS Celtic during the Spanish-American War

Captain Allen J. Robinson, USA Ord.
C. O. 26th Ordnance Casual Company

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