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   Photo copyright © Robert Berbeck
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This website started out as a place to display the photos I took during my three years in the RCN, but as I made contact with a few of my ex-shipmates, I've opened it up to show RCN-related photos taken by anyone. The photo above, by Robert Berbeck, is a prime example.

If you have photos of your time in the Canadian Navy, I would be glad to give you a section of this website so you can leave a history record of that part of your life.

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Help came too late for former navy medical corpsman Harvey Friesen. Friesen, 72, has terminal lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure during his service on the frigate HMCS New Glasgow and he fears thousands of other ex-servicemen may be at risk of sharing his fate.
Click here to read the full 2007 news feature.

Click here to read this 2008 memo from the Canadian Lung Association.


cornwallis bulldog mascot
Postcard 1944-45, from the Kenneth A. Johnson collection.


1944-45: (Unknown division) -- Ken Johnson's section.

1952: Ottawa Division -- Ken Lloyd's section.

1954: Vancouver Division -- Don Henderson's section.

1955: (Unknown division) -- Herbert Stephenson's section.

1955-56: Gatineau Division -- Peter Friesen's section.

1959: Terra Nova 1/59 Division -- Ed Koski's section.

1960: Assiniboine 2/60 Division -- Charlie Dobie's section.

1960: Kootenay 3/60 Division -- Klaus Mathes' section.

1960: Skeena 1/60 Division -- Jeff Griffiths' section.

1960: Terra Nova 2/60 Division -- Robert Berbeck's section.

1961: Assiniboine 3/61 Division -- Mike Cashaback's, Roger Hawkes' and Bruce Murray's sections.

1961: Chaudiere 1/61 Division -- Carl Ash's section.

1961: Skeena 2/61 Division -- Dean Rogers' section.

1962: Columbia 2/62 Division -- Bert vonKalckreuth's and Gord Beattie's sections.

1962: Restigouche 2/62 Division -- Dave Tyson's section.

1962: St Laurent 2/62 Division -- Jim Thorn's section.

1963: Assiniboine Division -- Steen Heilbuth's section.

1966: Assiniboine 2/66 Division -- Dave MacGregor's section.

1966: Restigouche 1/66 Division -- Richard Fish's section.

1966: St Laurent Division -- John Gorman's section.

1966: Skeena Division -- Al Malcomson's section.

1966: Terra Nova 1/66 Division -- Jack Watson's section.

1966: Terra Nova 2/66 Division -- Terry Findlay's and Brian Lapierre's sections.

1967: St Laurent Division -- Ronald Armstrong's section.

HMCS Montcalm :

1944: Restigouche Division -- James M. Ross' section.

HMCS York :

1943: "W" Division -- Daniel MacNeill's section.

1944: Amherst Division -- Daniel MacNeill's section.

1944: Hamilton Division -- Daniel MacNeill's section.

1944: Saguenay Division -- Daniel MacNeill's section.


HMCS Antigonish : 1965-66 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Assiniboine : 1963 -- Robert Berbeck's and Don Young's sections. 1964-67 -- Phil Murphy's section.

HMCS Athabaskan : 1950's -- Ken Lloyd's section.

HMCS Beacon Hill : 1945-46 -- History section. 1967 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Bonaventure : 1966 -- Robert Berbeck's section. 1967-68 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

CFB Borden : 1967 -- Ronald Armstrong's and Jack Watson's section.

HMCS Cape Breton : 1963 -- Grant Sinclair's section.

HMCS Cayuga : 1953 -- Ken Lloyd's section.

HMCS Chaudiere : 1961 -- Ed Koski's section. 1962 -- Bert vonKalckreuth's and Klaus Mathes' sections.

HMCS Chilliwack : 1941-42 -- Ken Lloyd's section. 1944-45 -- History section.

HMCS Columbia : 1962-64 -- Klaus Mathes' section.

HMCS Cornwallis : 1959-61 -- Reginald H. Rhymes' section.

HMCS Discovery : 1970's & 1980's -- Ken Lloyd's section.

HMCS Forest Hill : WW2 -- Ken Davy's section.

HMCS Fraser : 1957-59 -- Peter Friesen's section.

HMCS Giffard : 1944 -- James M. Ross' section.

HMCS Grilse : 1961-63 -- Charlie Dobie's section. 1966 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Huron : 1950-51 -- Reginald H. Rhymes' section.

HMCS Iroquois : 1961-62 -- Klaus Mathes' section.

HMCS Jonquiere : 1944-45 -- James M. Ross' section.

HMCS Kootenay : 1961-62 -- Don Logan's section.

HMCS Mackenzie : 1962-64 -- Dave Tyson's section. 1964 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Magnificent : 1948-49 -- Larry Vipond's section.

HMCS Margaree : 1977-78 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

HMCS Naden : 1947 -- Reginald H. Rhymes' section. 1958-59 -- History section. 1968-69 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Niobe : 1900, 1911 -- History section.

HMCS Nipigon : 1975 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

HMCS Okanagan : 1969-74, 1976 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

HMCS Onondaga : 1969 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

HMCS Ontario : 1944-45 -- History, Ken Johnson's and Ernest Harold Massick's sections. 1959 -- Herbert Stephenson's section.

HMCS Prince Robert : 1943 -- History section.

HMCS Provider : 1940-45 -- Allan Bertelsen's and Ken Lloyd's sections. 1966, 1969-70, 1972 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMS Prince of Wales : 1941 -- Ken Lloyd's section.

HMCS Qu'Appelle : 1964, 1968 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Quebec : 1953 -- Ken Lloyd's section.

HMCS Restigouche : 1973 -- Al Malcomson's section. 1983 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Shearwater : 1962, 1968 -- Ronald Armstrong's section.

HMCS St Laurent : 1957 -- Don Henderson's section. 1964 -- Steen Heilbuth's section.

HMCS Ste Therese : 1944 -- History section. 1961-63 -- Charlie Dobie's and Robert Brown's sections. 1965 -- Steen Heilbuth's section.

HMCS Sioux : 1953 -- Ken Lloyd's section. 1958 -- Herbert Stephenson's section.

HMCS Stadacona : 1950's -- Larry Vipond's section. 1972-73 -- Brian Lapierre's section.

HMCS Swansea : 1949-50 -- Reginald H. Rhymes' section.

HMCS Terra Nova : 1963-64 -- Carl Ash's and Mike Cashaback's sections. 1964 -- Bruce Murray's section. 1969 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

HMCS Warrior : 1948 -- Larry Vipond's section.

HMCS York : 1943-44 -- Daniel MacNeill's section.

HMCS Yukon : 1963-64 -- Mike Cashaback's section. 1977 -- Robert Berbeck's section.

Images of some ships not listed above may be found in the Ship List section.

Section updated September 9, 2014.



I joined the Royal Canadian Navy in September 1960, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. At that time the Navy had a three-year enlistment called the On The Job Training (OJT) programme, which appealed to those who weren't prepared to commit themselves for five years. I took basic training in Cornwallis, NS, and in January 1961 was posted to HMCS Ste. Therese, in Victoria BC. I served on the Ste. Therese as a sonarman (OSSN & ABSN) for the duration of my time and was released about July or August, 1963. Section updated March 2, 2014.

Basic Training : HMCS Cornwallis, 1960

When I left for basic training I was given a train ticket and told to be in Montreal by a certain time. The train had been collecting recruits all the way from the west coast so by the time it reached Thunder Bay it was a moving riot. I took a few photos in Montreal as we wandered around with several hours to kill before we caught the train to Moncton.

Recruits killing time in Dominion Square (now Square Dorchester), Montreal. Four tired and slightly stunned RCN recruits killing time in Montreal.

thumbnail thumbnail

RCN recruits killing time on the street in Montreal. The Sun Life building is in the background so they're on Dorchester Blvd. (now Boulevard Rene-Levesque).

Assiniboine 2/60, unofficial photo. The group I joined with were assigned to Assiniboine 2/60 Division. No photographer was available so no official "before" photo was taken.

thumbnail thumbnail

Assiniboine 2/60 official graduation photo We were told we were the sorriest bunch of misfits to pass through Cornwallis in many years, but you wouldn't know it from these happy faces. Updated March 2, 2014.

HMCS Ste Therese : photos from 1961 to 1963
HMCS Ste Therese

This photo is of HMCS Ste Therese leaving Esquimalt Harbour for Long Beach and Pearl Harbour, June 1962. I am one of the men on the foc'sle and Robert Berbeck is one of the men on the flag deck. DND photo submitted by Robert Berbeck.

Ship's company photo, August 1961. This official photo was taken when we were visiting San Francisco. Many men are identified but most are not.

thumbnail thumbnail

RCN Frigates at Pier 1 in San Francisco, August 1961. At least four frigates were tied up at this jetty and Ste Therese is one of them.

Foc'sle crew, August 1961. Preparing to leave San Francisco. Surnames so far: Abrams, Brown, Campbell, Compton, Sjolie.

thumbnail thumbnail

Most of the weapons department, 1962/63. Taken on the quarterdeck, somewhere at sea. I can't place the time exactly but it must have been 1962 or the first half of 1963.

Foc'sle crew, Queen Charlottes. Possibly in Rennell Sound, but could be anywhere. As always, it was cold. Surnames so far: Bernard, Campbell, Daniels, Waters.

thumbnail thumbnail

Crew on the quarterdeck in coastal waters. General view with some of the crew in the distance.

Drinking their rum ration on the quarterdeck. Location seems to be Esquimalt Harbour. Three men are now identified: Alford, Compton and Toth.

thumbnail thumbnail

Lifeboat crew on an exercise. Hanging from the davits somewhere at sea. Names so far: Dahl, Owens, Srubowich.

Doing maintenance on the 4-inch gun. ABWS Fisher and OSWS Daniels freezing their butts off but still smiling.

thumbnail thumbnail

Officer cadets & anti-submarine mortars. About a dozen cadets standing around the Squid-well waiting for something to happen. Names so far: Demchuck and Hoffman.

Frigates in San Francisco, August 1961. A general view over the quarterdecks of two ships, one of which must be the Ste Therese.

thumbnail thumbnail

Ashore for a few hours in Tasu Sound. We were in the Queen Charlottes so it had to be winter. Three men almost smile for the camera. Two are AB Ted Hamilton (Thorne) & LS Ralph Oggelsby.

Ashore for a few hours in Tasu Sound. Crew members hamming it up for the camera. Surnames so far: Demchuk, Hamilton (Thorne) Oggelsby, Patterson, Toth.

thumbnail thumbnail

ABSN Charlie Dobie I finally found another photo of myself to prove that it all actually happened. Taken on one of the Hawaii cruises.

At sea off Diamond Head. Two photos. Crew members gaze at Diamond Head or pretend to work. Surnames: Bigcanoe, Egger, Graw, Hawkes, Hoffman.

thumbnail thumbnail

Two of the crew having a conversation. Ordinary Seamen Yeager and Srubowich, both bosuns.

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. Three Ste Therese sailors lean on each other at Fisherman's Wharf, 1961. Surnames: Sjolie, Mullin, Wurtz.

thumbnail thumbnail

A Leading Seaman in the weapons department. I took this photo for him but now I can't remember his name.

Egger and Derkacz square off in the mess-deck. But there's no contest here when it comes to beer guts.

thumbnail thumbnail

Egger and Waldron clean a winch cover. Both were members of the weapons department.

Crew member, inland waters. OSRP Wright looking at the view.

thumbnail thumbnail

In front of the 4-inch gun. OSWS Fred Elgert, weapons surface.

Anchored in coastal waters. OSSN Robbin Wakefield.

thumbnail thumbnail

In Esquimalt Harbour. OSWS Robert Egger, weapons surface.

Anchored in coastal waters. Three shipmates: Boyce, McFarlane and unknown.

thumbnail thumbnail

Caught in the act of working. LSWS Hall, OSWS Leyden and OSWS Elgert do maintenance on the Bofors AA guns.

Sailing in Alaskan waters. OS Wayne Anaka with Alaska or BC in the distance.

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Bentick Island demolitions course, 1963. An instructor explains why we can't put lit cigarettes into those little cans or hit them with hammers.

Bentick Island demolitions course, 1963. OS Hawkes, Spooner and Wakefield with plastic explosives.

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Bentick Island demolitions course, 1963. Instructors watch men place explosives connected by primacord.

HMCS Beacon Hill anchored. This is probably the anchorage at Pat Bay but I'm not sure.

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HMCS Margaree and a frigate anchored. This was probably taken at the same Pat Bay anchorage.

Esquimalt Harbour, Victoria BC : photos from 1961 to 1963

Destroyer Escorts in Esquimalt. HMCS Assiniboine, HMCS Ottawa and HMCS Margaree.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Grilse at the jetty in Esquimalt. The conning tower is covered with tarps so it was undergoinig maintenance of some sort.

HMCS Ottawa at the jetty while HMCS Cape Breton leaves Esquimalt Harbour, Sept. 1962.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Grilse at the jetty in Esquimalt. Same view as above, more or less.

HMCS Cape Breton at Esquimalt View of Esquimalt harbour with HMCS Cape Breton on her way out, Sept. 1962.

thumbnail thumbnail

General view of Esquimalt Harbour with the visiting British cruiser HMS Belfast at one of the jettys in the distance.

HMCS Grilse in Esquimalt Harbour Taken from the quarterdeck of HMCS Ste Therese as HMCS Grilse appeared through the fog.

RCN-Related photos taken ashore, 1961 to 1963

Native totem poles in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria. Unknown Ste Therese crew member. I took this photo for him so I hope he has a copy.

thumbnail thumbnail

Driving to Winnipeg, summer of 1961. OS Ron Healey and I joined another sailor who owned a car and we drove to Winnipeg.

Ashore in wildest Hawaii. Several of us were escorted around Hawaii by an American sailor. Here we are at some sort of wild west theme village. Surnames so far: Anaka, Leyden.

thumbnail thumbnail

Ashore near Juneau Alaska, 1963. OS Balloid, Daniels, Lawson in front of the Mendenhall glacier.

Ashore near Juneau Alaska, 1963. OS Charlie Dobie -- the photographer gets his photo taken in front of the Mendenhall glacier.

thumbnail thumbnail

Doris Day in Long Beach, 1963. Three Canadian sailors with Doris Day during the filming of "Move Over Darling".

Ashore in Victoria, 1962/3. OSSN Wakefield, OSSN Hegler and a German sailor at Wakefield's parents' home in Victoria.

thumbnail thumbnail

Relaxing at Waikiki Beach, 1963. Sailors from HMCS Ste Therese at Fort DeRussy on Waikiki Beach. 3 photos. Surnames: Egger, Hawkes, Patterson, Pesclevich, Pounder, Weir, Yeager.

Two Ste Therese sailors in Vancouver. OS Lucien Douville and OS Philip Mullin are caught by a street photographer in Vancouver, Jan. or Feb., 1962. Added August 20, 2013.




Robert Berbeck joined the RCN in 1960 and was trained as a signalman. He served on HMCS Ste Therese, HMCS Cape Breton, HMCS Antigonish, HMCS Assiniboine, HMCS Qu'Appelle, HMCS Provider, HMCS Kootenay, etc.

Bob took the photo which appears at the top of this website page. It was taken onboard HMCS Qu'Appelle in July 1964, enroute to Acapulco. The photo is of his late brother-in-law John White. Section updated December 17, 2013.

Robert Berbeck, 1960. Taken on his first day home after basic training, 1960.

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Robert Berbeck, 1961. Studio portrait, age 18.

Lorna & Robert Berbeck Wedding photo, 1964.

thumbnail thumbnail

Lorna & Robert Berbeck 44th wedding anniversary, Oct.3, 2008.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1960. Official photo of Terra Nova 2/60 Division with a link to a larger version. Names: Berbeck, Beverage, Campbell, David, Ethier, L'Heureux, Madsen, Powers, Reid, White. Added July 4, 2011.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1960. Three photos. Terra Nova 2/60 Division, champion water-polo team, trophy winners, trophy presentation. Surnames: Berbeck, Briggs, Campbell, Chute, Cicconi, Eithier, Hockley, Landymore, Madsen, Paul, Read. Revised July 4, 2011.

HMCS Cornwallis, Assault Course, 1960. Twenty photos of Terra Nova 2/60 Division during and after the assault course. Names so far: Berbeck, Broadfoot, Campbell, David, Chute, Ethier, Hall, Johnson, L'Hereux, Lloyd, Madsen, White.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, Church Class, 1960. Men from all divisions and ranks in Cornwallis. Only names known are Terry Banks, Robert Berbeck. Revised August 1, 2012.

Hurricane on HMCS Assiniboine, 1963. The ship takes some big waves -- three photos.

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HMCS Mackenzie, 1964. Photo was taken in Vancouver Harbour.

Sunset at sea, 1966. With HMCS St Croix and HMCS Stettler in the distance.

thumbnail thumbnail

Two destroyers at Midway, 1968. HMCS Qu'Appelle & HMCS Saskatchewan at Sand Island.

HMCS Antigonish in refit in Vancouver, 1965. Two photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

Three decomissioned Tribals. HMCS Micmac, HMCS Athabaskan and HMCS Haida in Halifax, 1964.

HMCS Assiniboine euchre game, 1963. One man unidentified. Surnames: Barre, Corrigal, Hazzard, Lawrence, Linaker, Thomas, White.

thumbnail thumbnail

Graduation of SG105 in Esquimalt, 1960. Seven men. Surnames are: Berbeck, Fredrickson, Hockley, Law, Power, Stewart, Tucknott.

HMCS Grilse catches a dingy. April 1966. A dingy was caught in her vents when she surfaced. Four photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Bonaventure & HMCS Provider HMCS Provider refuels Bonaventure and Antigonish. Six photos taken in Feb., 1966.

Refuling from HMCS Provider. February 1966. HMCS St Croix refuling from HMCS Provider. Two photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

Canadian sailors at Copacabana in Rio, 1966. Beach scenes in Rio plus a view from the bridge while entering Buenos Aires. Four photos.

Signalmen on board HMCS Assiniboine. October 1963. Men relaxing on board ship. Three photos.

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HMCS Provider refueling HMCS Terra Nova. Two photos, one an aerial shot. Sept. 1969.

HMCS Saguenay, Nipigon, Terra Nova. September 1963. Three destroyers alongside in Halifax.

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HMCS Provider & HMCS Terra Nova at sea. Two aerial photos. The ships were enroute to England.

HMCS Terra Nova refueling in the North Sea. October 1969. Terra Nova digs into the waves. Two photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Provider in Copenhagen. October 1969.

HMCS Provider in drydock. In Esquimalt, January 1970. Three photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Provider refuels destroyers, 1969. HMCS Assiniboine, Fraser, Skeena, Terra Nova receive fuel and groceries, Oct. 1969, 6 photos.

Two destroyers in Singapore. HMCS Qu'Appelle and HMCS Saskatchewan alongside in Singapore, 1968.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Qu'Appelle crosses the equator. King Neptune holds court as Captain and crew ask permission to cross the equator. 1968, 4 photos. Surnames: Campbell-Hope, Huber, McAdam.

HMCS Qu'Appelle ship's company, 1968. HMCS Qu'Appelle ship's company, taken in Manila, Phillippine Islands, May 1968. An enlarged version is also provided. 63 men identified so far. Updated Nov. 23, 2013.

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HMCS Naden, 1968/69. The last Trade Group Three Signalmans course held on the west Coast. Surnames: Berbeck, Buburuz, Davies, Heron, Macadam, McCoy, Patterson, Rogers.

Signalmen on HMCS Qu'Appelle, 1964. Robert Berbeck and Jack Linaker flash signals on the way to Acapulco.

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HMCS Beacon Hill, 1967. Two photos. The decommissioning pennant is raised by Robert Berbeck and Kip Rumble and the Canadian flag is lowered for the last time by Robert Berbeck and R. Dale. Photo added Dec. 17, 2013.

HMCS Qu'Appelle hosts Boy Scouts, 1968. Four photos taken on Midway Island where the local scout troop was given a tour of the ship. Surnames so far: Berbeck, Hunter, McLean, Ratcliffe, Renaud.

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Blood Donor Clinic, HMCS Provider, 1972. Robert Berbeck donates his 50th pint watched by Rear Admiral Leir.

Relaxing on HMCS Provider, 1970. Three photos. Names: Berbeck, Brent, Broadwood, Calder, Ganner, Kain, McGregor, Mitchell, Rumble, Staples.

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Memorial for a lost shipmate. A wreath is thrown for ABSW William Gordon deBalinhard, who was lost overboard from HMCS Provider on September 22, 1971. Four photos including two of William deBalinhard.

ASROC firing, HMCS Restigouche, 1983. Rob took this photo of an anti-submarine rocket just as it was fired.

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Crewmembers, HMCS Yukon, 1977. Fun and games in Mazatlan, Mexico. Surnames: Johnston, Kyle, Puesch(?).



was an ABWU1 who served on HMCS Beacon Hill and HMCS Cape Breton. He left the RCN in February, 1964.

HMCS Cape Breton encounters a storm. Enroute to Pearl Harbor, HMCS Cape Breton encountered 50-ft. swells, and for two days she averaged 1 knot astern. Five photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cape Breton crew members on board & ashore. Surnames are: Rozon, Sinclair, Tonkin. Seven photos, all taken in 1963.

HMCS Cape Breton in Pearl Harbour. Leaving for Esquimalt on its last voyage as an RCN ship, November 1963.




Another former navy member is John Gorman of Halifax, N.S. Like many others, John served the initial three year enlistment as a Naval Airman/Air Boatswain in the R.C.N., beginning in Cornwallis and on to Shearwater and HMCS Bonaventure with some time towards the end at Stadacona and Mill Cove. After leaving the navy, he went on to become an Oceanography Technician at the Bedford Institute and also a trained federal Fisheries Officer. He further graduated from the Forest Technology program in Fredericton, N.B. and spent 29 more years as a warden with Parks Canada.

One Path of Life -- The Thereafter. Here is an entertaining and well-written account by John Gorman of his time in the RCN -- mostly on HMCS Bonaventure -- and his subsequent 29-year career with Parks Canada. There are also two photos of John in uniform embedded in the document.


HMCS Cornwallis, 1966. Group photo of assault course, St. Laurent Division, July, 1966. You can see two different sizes of this photo.

HMCS Cornwallis march past. St Laurent Division, July 1966. Graduation ceremonies.

thumbnail thumbnail

St. Laurent Division graduation. Official RCN group photo, July, 1966. You can see two different sizes of this photo.

John lives in the Halifax area and has taken a series of photos of decommissioned RCN ships and submarines which are waiting to be scrapped.

RCN Ship graveyard, 2009. Eight photos. The hulks of former HMCS Terra Nova, HMCS Gatineau and HMCS Fraser, waiting to be scrapped.

thumbnail thumbnail

Submarine graveyard, 2009. Four photos. A former RN and two former RCN submarines waiting to be scrapped: HMCS Ojibwa, HMS Olympus, and HMCS Okanagan.



Dave Tyson joined the RCN in Winnipeg in April 1962 under the OJT programme. After basic training in Cornwallis, he served as a radar plotter on HMCS Mackenzie from October 1962 when it was commissioned in Montreal, until it went into dry-dock at Esquimalt for refit in 1964. He was then assigned to HMCS Naden until his release in 1965. He left as an ABRUPT.

Dave Tyson, 1962. Dave Tyson in a portrait taken at HMCS Cornwallis.

thumbnail thumbnail

Dave Tyson, wedding photo. Dave and his wife were married in Feb. 1963.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1962. This was Dave Tyson's division, Restigouche 2/62, at HMCS Cornwallis in April, 1962. Surnames so far: Ansdell(?), Aspinall, Barrow, Burr, Craig, Dodyk, Ferguson, Frechette, Harper, Jackson, James, Jenkins, LaRone, Labonte, Longford, Mattson, McCue, Pelocszi, Poole, Rainville, Storrier, Tyson, Vautour, Wallace, Worthington.

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Sports at HMCS Cornwallis, 1962. This team displays a trophy, but what was the sport? Only Dave Tyson is identified.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1962. A collection of photos taken at HMCS Cornwallis in 1962. Names so far: Dunker, Jackson, Lang, "Mouse". 9 photos.

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HMCS Mackenzie, above & below decks. Six photos taken about 1964. The only surname so far is Hutchison.

HMCS Mackenzie Cruise Documents. Bluenose Cruise (Halifax to Esquimalt) 1962/63; JETEX, 1964; Crossing the Equator, June, 1964.




and I were fellow shipmates and sonarmen on HMCS Ste Therese. For some reason he was then known as "Charlie Brown", and it was a surprise to me to get these photos from Bob Brown.

Some HMCS Ste Therese crew members. Three photos taken about 1962. Surnames so far: Bigcanoe, Brown, Demchuk, Oggelsby, Richards, Sewers, Vigor, Yeager.

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Squid (anti-submarine mortar) practice. A series of four photos from the mortars splashing into the sea until a wall of water hangs in front of the ship.

Queen Charlotte Islands. Anchorages and exercises in the Queen Charlottes, in winter of course. Three photos.

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HMCS Ste Therese whaler crew in action. The faces aren't quite clear enough to recognize everyone.

Russian Spy Trawler. This Russian trawler stayed close by the area where our squadron was doing exercises. Winter of 1962.

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Sunset or sunrise at sea. This photo speaks for itself.

Frigate from HMCS Saguenay. Taken from HMCS Saguenay with a frigate astern.




Phil Murphy served on HMCS Assiniboine from 1964 TO 1967. When the services were integrated he asked for a discharge and transferred to the U.S. Navy where he trained as a medical corpsman. He then transfered to the U.S. Marines and served for almost two years in Vietnam. Taking advantage of the G.I. bill he went to university, got his commission, and retired after a total of 35 years of active and reserve military service. Section updated April 30, 2013.

Phil Murphy, two portraits. The Cornwallis photo was taken about 1964.

thumbnail thumbnail

RCN recruiting poster. Official RCN recruiting photo shot on HMCS Assiniboine. Of five men, Gary Crawford, Richard Levack and Phil Murphy are identified so far. Updated April 30, 2013.

HMCS Assiniboine photos. Three DND photos of HMCS Assiniboine taken at different times, plus another of Phil's HMCS Assiniboine ship's jacket.




Roger Hawkes served as an ABWU on HMCS Ste Therese from 1962 TO 1964 when he left the Navy. He re-enlisted after three years and sailed on HMCS Saskatchewan. After a year he transfered to the Fleet Diving Unit Pacific and served until 1975 when he had to leave because of a back injury. Section updated August 22, 2014

Roger Hawkes, two portraits. The HMCS Cornwallis photo was taken in 1961. The civilian photo was taken in July 2009.

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Recruits at Cornwallis, 1961 These recruits in front of the Kit Marking building are about to become Assiniboine 3/61 Division. So far, 42 of the 65 men shown have been identified. Updated Aug. 22, 2014

HMCS Cornwallis, 1961. Official RCN photo. These guys are pretending to look fierce. They are hilarious. Names so far: Austin, Hawkes.

thumbnail thumbnail

Remembrance Day march-past. Official RCN photo, November 1961. Assiniboine Division marches past the review stand inside the HMCS Cornwallis drill hall.

HMCS Cornwallis, Assault Course. 19 photos of the men of Assiniboine Division going through the assault course.




Al Malcomson joined the RCN in May 1966. He sailed on Qu'Appelle, Mackenzie, Oriole and Restigouche. With the rank of LSFC2, he transfered to the RCMP in 1976 where he served another 15 years. He was medically discharged to pension after falling three storeys off a hotel roof.

Basic Training in HMCS Cornwallis. This is Al Malcomson's very entertaining account of his experiences during basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. There is one photo of him in his RCMP uniform in the document. Surnames: Asher, Barnes, Chapple, Douglas, Ellis, Ferguson, Field, Johnstone, Joynt, Kelly, Lepine, Martin, McDonnell, McGuigan, Mooney, Morley, Paddon, Parsons, Paul, Penny, Perkins, Plecas, Rawlings, Smith, Sousa, Tew, Waddington.


HMCS Cornwallis, 1966. Graduation photo of Skeena Division, who passed out Sept. 14, 1966. Almost everyone is identified. You can see two different sizes of this photo.

Party time on HMCS Restigouche. On this 1973 cruise from Halifax to Esquimalt, HMCS Restigouche suffered from a surplus of beer, a hardship illustrated by three photos. Surnames: Barclay, Brown, Malcomson, McKay, Roberts, Spooner, Sutherland, Theriauf.

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San Juan and Manzanillo. Views of two ports visited by HMCS Restigouche on the 1973 cruise from Halifax to Esquimalt. Also a tall tale from Al Malcomson.



Carl Ash served in the Navy from 1961 to 1964. After basic training at HMCS Cornwallis he served on board HMCS Terra Nova.

Carl Ash, then and now. The "then" photo is a portrait taken at HMCS Cornwallis in 1961/2.

thumbnail thumbnail

Basic training, HMCS Cornwallis, 1961/62. Two photos. One shows Carl Ash on the steps of Chaudiere Block.

HMCS Terra Nova ship's company. Two photos taken while the ship was in France in 1964. Large size versions of the photos can be reached by a link here as well.

thumbnail thumbnail

On board HMCS Terra Nova. Nine photos. These seem to have been taken in 1963 & 1964. Surnames are: Ash, Cormier, Decker, Kaye, MacFarlane, Maclean, Murray, Rowe, Sinclair.

HMCS Terra Nova crew members ashore. Nine photos. Taken in London, Londonderry, Toulon, Halifax and Gibraltar. Surnames are: Ash, Lamont, Murray, Neault, Rowe, Sinclair.




Peter Friesen was in the RCN from 1955 to 1960. He served on HMCS New Glasgow from November, 1956 to June, 1957, and on HMCS Fraser, from June, 1957 to September, 1960. After he left the Navy he worked for five years as a bread salesman and baker, then for 38 years for a window company until he retired in 2003. While working at the window company he was also a lay minister and preacher. He continued his ministry after retirement until a heart attack and triple bypass surgery in November 2008.

HMCS Cornwallis, Gatineau Division. This official RCN group photo was taken in April, 1956. Only Peter Friesen is identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Fraser, 1959. ABWS Peter Friesen and Sub. Lt. Elrington on board HMCS Fraser during inspection of the paint stores.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1955. Fourteen men and a CPO with rifles. The men had just finished the assault course. Only Peter Friesen is identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Fraser, ship's company, 1957. Two official RCN photos: the ship's company photo was taken in 1957, plus another of HMCS Fraser at sea.



Wilfred Ronald Armstrong was an Aircraft Technician in the RCN from 1967 to 1970. He served on HMCS Bonaventure, VS 880 in HMCS Shearwater, etc. and serviced Tracker aircraft. Section revised October 14, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis, St. Laurent Division. This official RCN group photo was taken in 1967. Only Ron Armstrong and Rick Olsson are identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

Ron Armstrong about 1967. Formal portrait, possibly taken at HMCS Cornwallis.

HMCS Cornwallis, obstacle course. These St. Laurent Division men finished the obstacle course. Photo taken in 1967. Surnames so far: Armstrong, Dixon, Lowery, Olsson. Updated October 14, 2014.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, life in basic. Men of St. Laurent Division in training -- marching, kit musters, trying not to drown in the whaler. 38 great photos. All names are needed.

CFB Borden, Aircraft Technician training. Group of 13 Navy and Airforce men. Photo taken in 1967. Only Ron Armstrong and Dave Thomas are identified. Updated March 6, 2014.

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HMCS Shearwater, VS 880 tracker squadron, 1962 & 1968. Three photos: 1962 & 1968 graduation and 1968 officer's mess dinner on HMCS Bonaventure. Only the mess dinner officers are identified.



Ken Lloyd

Ken Lloyd joined the RCN in 1952, and was in Ottawa Division during basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. He served in Korea then stayed in the Navy as a reservist after his first stint, retiring at the compulsory retirement age of 55 with the rank of C1BN4. He was a long-time member of HMCS Discovery and was Cox'n from 1980 to 1985. He died in Vancouver on August 27, 2010, from Alzheimer's, age 75 years. Ken's photos are courtesy of Robert Berbeck. Ken was able to give only limited information about these photos before he passed. Some are official RCN photos, but others taken in the 1940's and 1950's, may be originals. However, it is not known who took them. Section revised May 9, 2014.

CPO1 Ken Lloyd at HMCS Discovery. Four photos taken in the 1980's. Surnames: Gamble, Lloyd, McRossan, Munro, Taggart.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1952. Ottawa Division, June 30 to Nov. 8, 1952. Formal division photograph, 62 men, nobody identified.

HMCS Cornwallis inspection, 1952. Rear-Admiral Rollo Mainguy inspects Ottawa Division's block.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cayuga, Pearl Harbour, 1953. The ship's company at ceremonial divisions.

Three HMCS Discovery crew members. Possibly a recruitment photo. Men are unknown.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Provider before 1946. This HMCS Provider was sold to Peru in 1946.

HMCS Sioux at sea, 1953. Photo taken from HMCS Cayuga off Korea.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Athabaskan at sea, 1950's. Photo probably taken mid- to late 1950's. This is Athabaskan II as the first was sunk in 1944.

HMCS Quebec at sea, 1953. Photo taken from HMCS Cayuga in the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Discovery ship's company, 1968-75. Date is uncertain, but a few people are wearing the green uni-bag. Nobody is identified. Revised March 6, 2014.

Crew of HMCS Chilliwack, 1941-42. An official photo, probably taken at the ship's commissioning. T/Lt(N) Leslie Lewendon Foxall, RCNR is the only one identified. There is also a link to an enlarged version.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMS Prince of Wales, 1941. Church service in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, during the Atlantic Charter Conference, 10-12 August, 1941.



Jim Thorn served from 1962-67. He was a medic and served mostly at HMCS Stadacona in the hospital. He also worked at HMCS Cornwallis in the sickbay which was across the street from the main gate. He says he enjoyed his work as a medic and although he only served five years he remembers them fondly.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1962. About 70 men soon to be St Laurent Division, 2/62, on the day they arrived in Cornwallis. The back of the photo has 58 signatures.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1962. Men of St Laurent Division at the rifle range, 68 men, nobody identified.

Kit Muster at HMCS Cornwallis. Two kit muster photos.

thumbnail thumbnail

Assault course at HMCS Cornwallis. Two photos of the assault course.



Don Young is a long-retired mechanical engineer who worked for Vickers-Sperry from 1963 to 1970. In this capacity he had a continuing connection with HMCS Assiniboine's VDS system, anti-roll fins, and helicopter testing equipment. Then with the RCN Dockyards at Esquimalt, Shearwater and Halifax designing, testing and repairing dockyard cranes and other equipment.

After joining a consulting company in 1970 he serviced and maintained cranes at DND Halifax.

HMCS Assiniboine, 1963. Two photos showing the Variable Depth Sonar on HMCS Assiniboine.

thumbnail thumbnail

DND Halifax, 1970's. A travelling hammerhead crane with a Whirler Crane at its tip.



ABVS1 Bert vonKalckreuth was in the RCN from May 1962 until 1965. During basic training at HMCS Cornwallis he was in Columbia 2/62 Division. He served on HMCS Chaudiere from November 1962 until about October 1964, then at HMCS Shearwater until April 1965.

HMCS Cornwallis, Sunset Guard, 1962. Five photos of the Sunset Guard at HMCS Cornwallis. Four are of Columbia 2/62 Division and one is of Terra Nova Division, Sunset Artillery. Surnames: Lewis, Mahar, Turpin.

thumbnail thumbnail

Bert vonKalckreuth, then & now. Three photos: one is a portrait taken at HMCS Cornwallis, another is of him in a messdeck on HMCS Chaudiere, and the third was taken February, 2011.

Heading home from Cornwallis. Five photos. Nobody is identified, except for one man who was known as "Red".




Terry Findlay joined up in 1966 and after basic training he was in the first batch of airframe technicians to go to Camp Borden. Things didn't work out well for him and he was offered a change of trade or release. He chose release. He has submitted an official group photo of Terra Nova 2/66 Division as well as a portrait of himself at HMCS Cornwallis, age 17. On Feb. 1, 2013, Terry sent me, via Brian Lapierre, an undamaged photo of Terra Nova 2/66 Division, complete with all of the men's names.

HMCS Cornwallis, Terra Nova 2/66. An enlarged version of the men only is also shown. Everyone is identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

Terry Findlay at HMCS Cornwallis. Formal portrait, about age 17.



Steen says: My name was Steen Heilbuth, ABSN, and I served on the Skeena, St. Laurent (world cruise in '64), the St. Croix and finished on the Ste. Therese, completing my three year hitch, March 20, 1963 to March 19th, 1966. In HMCS Cornwallis our division (Assiniboine) trained for the Sunset Guard and we performed at the then Dominion Day, July 1st celebrations on Parliament Hill. We were very proud!!

Looking back I have very fond memories, especially lucking out on a nine month around-the-world cruise. What young 18 year old wouldn't love that?

After leaving the service I again lucked out landing a thirty-year career as a firefighter with the City of Burnaby. I have been retired for just over ten years, living in Parksville, BC.

I stated above that my name was Steen Heilbuth which I have changed to my birth father's name of Laursen. I found out at the age of fifty years old that I was adopted. Quite a shock. Fortunately, I learned of my adoption soon enough to meet my birth parents in Denmark.

So there you have it in a nut shell. If you sailed with me please drop me a line. Steen Laursen, aka. Heilbuth.

HMCS Cornwallis, sunset guard. Assiniboine Division, sunset guard photo, June, 1963.

thumbnail thumbnail

World Cruise, 1964. Twelve photos taken on the JETEX cruise, January to July, 1964.

Photos of OSSN Steen Heilbuth. Five photos of Steen on HMCS St Laurent and the JETEX cruise, 1964. Surnames: Anaka, Briggs, Heilbuth, Hissette.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Ste Therese, Daily Orders. Two pages of Daily Orders for Wednesday, September 22, 1965. Names mentioned: Alexander, Ford, Hall, Harstad, Hooper, McKinney, Pickering, Salus, Smith, Wyatt.

Crew List of HMCS St Laurent. A photo of the ship's company plus the complete list of names of the officers and crew.




Ed Koski says: "I joined March 15, 1959 in Sudbury, and was an OSLM (Electricians Mate). I was in Terra Nova Division 1/59 in Cornwallis and took part in Sunset Ceremony Guard (Rifles) and Queen's Honour Guard on (the Queen's) arrival in Gander Nfld. via BOAC, June 19, 1959. On her return (from the Royal Tour) we received her White Ensign in Halifax at the Citadell Hill Ceremony on July 31, 1959.

" I went on to commission HMCS Chaudiere in November 1959 with Dockyard Maties after Trade School in Stad and lived in Shearwater until the ship was ready."

HMCS Cornwallis, summer, 1959. Twelve photos of men in Terra Nova Division and back home in Sudbury. Surnames so far: Jamieson, Lowery, Montgomery, Rodgers.

thumbnail thumbnail

Ed Koski, then & now. Ed Koski at the wheel of HMCS Chaudiere about 1961 and of HMCS Montreal, Sept. 2011.

HMCS Chaudiere, mostly 1961. Koski and his electrical dept. wingers on board Chaudiere. Eight photos. Surnames: Bedard, Bowman, Burrell, Cartille, Foisy, Jones, Macintosh, McCully, Patrick, Sawyer, Walsh.




Claus Mathes

Claus Mathes was in the RCN from November 1960 to November 1968. He was a Steward and left with the rank of Leading Seaman. After leaving HMCS Cornwallis (Kootenay 3/60 Division) in March 1961, he served on HMCS Iroquois (April '61 to Sept. '62), HMCS Chaudiere (Sept. & Oct. '62), HMCS Columbia (Oct. '62 to Nov. '64), and HMCS Hochelaga (LaSalle) CFB Montreal (Nov. '64 to Nov. '68). Most of his time at sea was served as Captain's Steward and his time in Montreal was spent serving in the Officers' Mess.

This section is different from the others in that Claus has a website, complete with his own RCN photos and digitized 8mm movies, so I've provided direct links to the various sections of his website here.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1960-1961. A video consisting of many photos of basic training, especially the Assault Course. Nobody is identified. This is a direct link to Claus Mathes' website.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Iroquois, 1961-1962. Three Youtube videos of HMCS Iroquois. These are original 8mm films taken by Claus Mathes.

HMCS Iroquois, 1961-1962. Sixteen photos taken of and on HMCS Iroquois, including two or three of the crew. Nobody is identified. This is a direct link to Claus Mathes' website.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Bonaventure. Eleven photos of HMCS Bonaventure. Two seem to be originals with the rest being official DND photos. None show crew members except at a distance.

HMCS Chaudiere, 1962. A very short Youtube video taken in Key West, Florida, September/October 1962.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Columbia, 1962-1964. Two Youtube videos of HMCS Columbia. One video shows entering harbour in thick fog; storm at sea. The other video is a slide show by Claus Mathes.



During basic training at HMCS Cornwallis Richard Fish was in Restigouche 1/66 Division. Section revised August 28, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1966. Restigouche 1/66 Division, two photos: official group photo and passing out parade. Names so far: Chalmers, Chutter, Clark, Cockerill, Crowe, Fish, Misner, Mutch, Pemberthy, Prevost, Pullin, Puttick, Reynolds, Rouleau, Spooner, Thompson, VanIderstine, Wessel. Updated August 28, 2014.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1966. Eighteen official DND photos of buildings at HMCS Cornwallis, including an aerial photo of the whole base.

Restigouche Division, Assault Course. One DND photo of Restigouche Division in front of the Magazine, and eight DND photos of members of the Division during the Assault Course Nobody is identified.




Bruce Murray joined the RCN in September, 1961, and was in Assinniboine 2/61 Division when he was in basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. After training he served on HMCS Terra Nova as a sonarman until his release in 1964.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1961. Two used and abused photos from Bruce Murray's time at Cornwallis. He is the only one identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Terra Nova, 1964. Three photos -- two on board HMCS Terra Nova and one on shore leave in Copenhagen. Names: Ash, Murray, Norman, Sinclair.



The late Allan Bertelsen served on HMCS Provider during World War 2 as a Morse Code operator. These photos were taken between 1940 and 1945. Shown are photos of Provider as well as of several Fairmile patrol boats. Included also are memorial cards dedicated to Canadian ships which were lost during the war. Allan passed away on May 6, 2013, at the age of 91. Section revised November 17, 2013.

HMCS Provider Crew Members, 1940's. HMCS Provider spent much time in Bermuda, provisioning ships from there. Allan Bertelsen & Douglas Maurice Parsneau are the only men identified. Revised Nov. 17, 2013.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Provider Photo Album, 1940's. Seven photos: HMCS Provider, HMCML Q106 & Q108 and an unidentified Italian submarine. Revised May 13, 2013.

World War 2 "In Memoriam" Cards for HMCS Alberni, Athabaskan, Bras D'Or, Charlottetown, Fraser, Levis, Louisburg, Margaree, Ottawa, Otter, Raccoon, Regina, Saguenay, Shawinigan, Spikenard, St Croix, Valleyfield, Weyburn, Windflower.




Dave Macgregor says: " I went through Cornwallis in Assiniboine 2/66. . . . I served on the Beacon Hill, Skeena, Kootenay, and Preserver, as an ABRM, also was stationed at CFS Mill Cove just outside of Halifax. I left after my five years in July, 1971. "

Assiniboine 2/66 Division. HMCS Cornwallis, 1966: the official graduation group photo of Assiniboine 2/66 division.




Gord Beattie says: " I was in Columbia Division the summer of 1962 and have fond memories of the guard and our drill instuctors. I moved on and became a Radioman Special, training at HMCS Gloucester (Ottawa) and finished out my service in Moncton, NB and Frobisher Bay. I had a career as a Director of Supply Management with Nortel, working in Ottawa, Montreal, Santa Clara, CA and Raleigh, NC. I am now retired and living in Wake Forest, NC, the first village north of Raleigh. " Section added January 30, 2013.

Sunset Guard, Columbia Division. HMCS Cornwallis, 1962: the official group photo of Columbia Division's Sunset Guard. Surnames so far: Beattie, Lewis, McDade, vonKalckreuth.




Herbert Stephenson

The late Herbert Stephenson was from North Battleford, SK, and joined the RCN in January 1955. He served five years, was a gunnery rate, and was discharged in 1960 with the rank of ABWS1. The ships he served on included HMCS Sioux, HMCS Ontario, and HMCS Antigonish. Herbert died about 2008.

Most of these photos were taken during the assault course in June, 1955, at HMCS Cornwallis, and Herbert probably purchased those, but a few others were taken by Herbert and are of him and his friends at Cornwallis. There is only one each of crew members of HMCS Sioux and HMCS Ontario. Section added February 25, 2013.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1955. Fifteen photos of the assault course at HMCS Cornwallis in June 1955. Nobody is identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1955. Four group photos taken before and after the men went through the assault course. Nobody is identified.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1955. Seven photos taken at HMCS Cornwallis, probably in June 1955. Only Herbert Stephenson is identified.

thumbnail thumbnail

Victoria, BC, 1956. One photo of Herbert Stephenson and an unidentified shipmate, both with HMCS Naden cap tallies.

HMCS Sioux, 1958. One photo of unidentified crew members of HMCS Sioux, in 1958. One man's name might be McGuire.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Ontario, 1959. One photo of the crew milling about on the foc'sle of HMCS Ontario. Can anyone explain what's going on here?



Don Henderson joined the RCN in December, 1953. He served on HMCS New Glasgow, Athabaskan, James Bay, St Laurent and Granby. He was released in December, 1958 with the rank of LSCV1. Section updated April 9, 2013.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1954. Graduation photo of Vancouver Division, May, 1954. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Surnames so far: Arsenault, Barber, Bartello, Boulton, Channel, Dewba, Dupree, Evans, Ghillies, Henderson, Keyes, Low, McWalters, Moffat, O'Neil, Pernocious, Powell, Price, Reaume, Scott, Short, Tennant, Wadsworth.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Cornwallis, 1954. Group assembled before going through the assault course. Surnames so far: Henderson, Moffat, O'Neil, Scott, Tennant.

HMCS Cornwallis, 1954. Five photos of Don Henderson and his friends at Cornwallis. Surnames: Bartelo, Boulton, Channel, Henderson, Keyes, Low, McQuestion, O'Neil, Prentice, Reaume.

thumbnail thumbnail

Don Henderson, 1954, 1957. Three photos of Don Henderson, one in Victoria, 1954, the others at sea, on HMCS St Laurent in 1957.

Guantanamo, Cuba, 1957. Two photos of men and ships at Guantanamo. Surnames: Bresett, Burk, Carley, Ganon, Henderson, Kerr.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS St Laurent, 1957. Three photos -- one taken on the bridge, another of the ship taking a bit of a wave, and another of refueling at sea.


653 PHOTOS (with many more to come) IN THIS SECTION BY BRIAN LAPIERRE

Brian Lapierre portrait

From Chauvin, Alberta, Brian Lapierre joined the RCN in September, 1966. He was in Terra Nova 2/66 Division in Cornwallis, and he remained in Cornwallis for a couple of months after Basic Training to play hockey with the Cornwallis Cougars. He trained as an electrician, and served on HMCS Bonaventure, Onondaga, Okanagan, Nipigon, Margaree, Iroquois, and Athabaskan. He retired in December, 1988 with the rank of Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class, and immediately started work as a civilian on the navy's new Frigate programme. Please see Brian's well-written account of his naval career (first item below). Section updated June 24, 2014.

Brian Lapierre's Naval Career and Beyond. This document chronicles Brian's career from playing hockey at HMCS Cornwallis, his work on submarines and in the "General Service", to his work post-RCN. Surnames mentioned: Hillier, Molloy, Newman, Pollard, Renner, Rockley, Smith, Turtle, Yeo. Includes four photos.


HMCS Cornwallis, 1966/67. Nine photos: Basic training with Terra Nova 2/66 Division. Division photo and photos of various men and places. Everyone is identified in the group photo. Surnames in individual photos are: Cherneski, Dunn, Fleet, Gainer, Lapierre, Mollison, Rousson, Serafini, Wells, Workman.

HMCS Cornwallis, Exped Training, 1967. Jan., 1967. Nine photos: Terra Nova 2/66 Division Exped training at Cornwallis. Surnames: Hamilton, Higdon, Houghton, Martin, Mollison, Pindera, Radmore, Rousson, Schmidt.

thumbnail thumbnail

Hockey at HMCS Cornwallis. March, 1967. 19 photos of Brian's hockey career with the Cornwallis Cougars, including a trip to St Pierre & Miquelon. Surnames: Alexander, Angrinon, Burston, Campbell, Farnholtz, Honsinger, Lapierre, Lee, MacLaughlin, Milen, Phillips, Poulton, Pratt, Reeve, Smale, Solemon, Vondette, Walton, Wells, Williamson.

HMCS Bonaventure, Summer & Fall, 1967. June & Sept., 1967. Nine photos of HMCS Bonaventure in Quebec City (drydock) and Halifax. Surnames: Copeland, Lapierre, Thompson.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Bonaventure, Nov., 1967. 22 photos of various aircraft on the flight deck as well as of HMCS Fraser & Provider.

HMCS Bonaventure, Feb., 1968. 19 photos of HMCS Bonaventure at sea. Includes photos of the recovery of a crashed helicopter. Surnames: Gorselin, Lapierre, Larsen.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Bonaventure in New Orleans, 1968. Seven photos of Canadian ships at the jetty. Surnames: Jakoplic, Lapierre.

Halifax Harbour, May, 1968. Eight photos: Views of the harbour and various ships tied up there. All photos were taken from HMCS Bonaventure.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Bonaventure in New York, 1968. Two photos of Canadian sailors from HMCS Bonaventure. Surnames: Lapierre, Spencer, Van Rooyen.

North Atlantic & Belfast, Ireland. 13 photos: September & October, 1968. Most photos were taken from or on HMCS Bonaventure.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Stadacona & HMS Dockyard, 1969. 14 photos Shots of Stadacona in April & May, 1969 as well as the men on a Electrical Technician Trade Group 2 course. Surnames: Brayshaw, Flecknell, Demers, Lapierre, Legare, Lovasi, MacDougall, Pease, Spencer, Turtle, Whitmore.

Ships & Subs in Halifax. 17 photos: May to August, 1969. Basic Submarine Course class photo as well as two photos of HMCS Bras d'Or. Surnames: Dube, Lapierre, Walsh.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Onondaga at Bermuda, 1969. Seven photos taken in September, 1969 at N.O.B. Bermuda. Also a photo of HMCS Nipigon.

Ships, Submarines & a Sea King, Halifax. 11 photos: October-November, 1969. Views of HMC Dockyard, HMCS Cape Scott, Fundy, Ottawa, Restigouche and a Sea King delivering wounded from an explosion on HMCS Kootenay.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan going to sea, 1969. Five photos taken in December, 1969 at CFB Halifax, including a photo of HMCS Protecteur.

HMCS Bonaventure decommissioning sailpast. 19 photos: Dec., 1969. Views of HMCS Annapolis, Bonaventure, Fraser, Kootenay, Margaree, Onondaga, at HMC Dockard and Bedford Basin. Surnames: Lapierre, South.

thumbnail thumbnail

Submarines in Halifax, 1969. Five photos taken in December, 1969 at CFB Halifax -- HMCS Okanagan on the Synchrolift and subs and ships with Christmas lighting.

HMCS Okanagan, BBQ at sea, 1970. Five photos: Jan., 1970. Target practice and a barbeque at sea. Surnames: Aubrey, Blagdon, Brennan, Buckley, Cooper, Daley, Hillier, Jennings, Layden, McEachern, Renner, Ross, Sadler, Wambolt, Webb, Wyss.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan in St Thomas, V.I., 1970. Five photos taken in Feb., 1970. Again, it was party time on the beach for the crew. Surnames: Goddard, Evans, Killiam, Goddard, Harris, Hillier, Lapierre, Schatz, Webb, Wilson.

HMCS Okanagan in San Juan, P.R., 1970. 10 photos taken in Feb., 1970. HMCS Okanagan, USS Sea Robin, HMS London and other ships in San Juan harbour.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan, Beard Contest. 17 photos taken in March, 1970. Surnames: Alberts, Anderson, Anthony, Brennan, Buckley, Cameron, Chambers, Conway, Crowe, Faid, Harrison, Higdon, Hughes, Layden, McEachern, Pfaff, Rodden, Sanderson, Schatz, Smith, Webb, Wilson, Wyss.

Subs & ships in Halifax, 1970. Nine photos taken in April, 1970. Canadian, British & US subs and ships in Halifax harbour after "Exercise Steel Ring".

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan at sea, 1970. Eight photos taken in June, 1970. Surnames: Berry, Hanna, Lapierre, Mossman, Yeo.

Dartmouth & Stadacona, 1970. Four photos taken in July & August, 1970. They must have been taken when HMCS Okanagan was in dry dock.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan, BBQ at sea, 1970. Twelve photos taken in Sept., 1970. Surnames: Blagdon, Brown, Crowe, Daley, Ewan, Goddard, Hillier, Jones, Layden, Parlee, Pfaff, Renner, Sanderson, Schneider, Wilson.

Inside HMCS Okanagan at sea, 1970. Eight photos taken in October, 1970. Surnames: Gardner, Goddard, Jones, Lapierre, MacEachern, Malloy, Renner, Rockley, Rodden.

thumbnail thumbnail

Submarines in Bermuda, 1970. Six photos taken in October, 1970. HMCS Okanagan & HMCS Ojibwa. The only surname is Courcy.

HMCS Okanagan in St John's, NL, 1970. Eight photos taken in October, 1970. The only surname is Rowe.

thumbnail thumbnail

Submarines in San Juan, P.R., 1971. Ten photos taken in Feb., 1971 of HMCS Okanagan, HMCS Ojibwa and USS Sea Leopard.

At sea off St Thomas, V.I., 1971. Nine photos taken in March, 1971. Surnames are Blagdon, Brown, Cameron, Lapierre, O'Hara, Renner, Wadell, Ward, Wyss.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan in St Lucia, 1971. Three photos taken in March, 1971 of visit to Castries, St Lucia. The only surname is Lapierre.

US submarines in Norfolk, Va, 1971. Eleven photos taken in April, 1971. Submarines identified are: USS Flying Fish, Skipjack, Trepang.

thumbnail thumbnail

Card Hockey Tournament, 1971. 16 photos taken in April, 1971. A wild hockey game played with cards. Surnames are Broyden, Cameron, Carter, Childs, Daigle, Evans, Hall, Lapierre, Llewellyn, Roach, Schneider, Wambolt.

Dependents' Day Cruise, 1971. 21 photos taken in Sept., 1971. Surnames are: Childs, Daley, Hurford, Lapierre, Malloy, Renner. Ships & subs identified are: HMCS Bras d'Or, Cape Scott, Ojibwa, Okanagan, Onondaga, Ottawa, Protecteur, St Laurent.

thumbnail thumbnail

At Sea & in Bermuda, 1971. Six photos taken in September, 1971. Crew swimming at sea, and a visit to Bermuda. Surnames are Goldsmith, Lapierre, Thompson.

Last Rum Issue, March 31, 1972. Four photos. Surnames are: Brennan, Broyden, Conway, McEachern, Rodden, Webb.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Stadacona ET TG3 Course, 1972-3. One photo of Brian's Lapierre's Trade Group Three course. Surnames: Brisson, Johnston, Lapierre, Meloche, Morgan, Parker, Rozelle, Rubinich, Scott, Smith, Sullivan, Tremblay, Vermette, Whalen.

HMCS Okanagan leaving Halifax, 1973. Seven photos taken in May, 1973. Departing Halifax for workups in the UK. Surnames are: Flewelling, Hayward, Miller.

thumbnail thumbnail

Memorial to PO2 McLeod. Three photos of a wreath-laying in Portland, England, at the grave of PO2 L.D. McLeod, a Canadian sailor who was killed in 1955 on HMS Sidon. Surnames: Jennings, Yeo.

HMCS Okanagan's Fifth Birthday. Two photos taken in June, 1973, of the remaining members of the commissioning crew. Surnames are: Bell, Blagdon, Brennan, Brown, Cameron, Carter, Childs, Estabrooks, Goddard, Hillier, Jennings, Misuk, Renner, Wilson, Wyss.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Okanagan in Scotland. Six photos taken June & July, 1973, in Faslane and Rothsay, Scotland. Surnames: Flewelling, Gallant, Hillier, Lapierre, Mydynsky, Newman.

HMCS Okanagan & RFA Grey Rover collide. 20 photos. On July 28, 1973, HMCS Okanagan collided with RFA Grey Rover in the Clyde Estuary. Surnames are: Brown, Flewwelling, Lapierre, Malloy, Middleton, Patterson, Smith, Wilson, Yeo. Updated April 13, 2014.

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HMCS Okanagan in St George, Bermuda. Six photos taken October, 1973, in St George, Bermuda. Surnames: Lapierre, Parry.

HMCS Okanagan, Barbeque at Sea. Nine photos taken Feb. 1974, of a barbeque, swimming & a Russian trawler, en route to the Caribbean. Surnames: Cameron, Cooper, Deak, Estabrooks, Flewwelling, Gallant, Gordon, Hamilton, Lapierre, Lewis, Mowat, Renner, Rockley, Schatz, Waite, Wyss.

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HMCS Okanagan on a Caribbean Visit. 26 photos taken Feb. 1974, in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. There are photos of Canadian, U.S., British, Dutch & German ships, as well as of crew members. Surnames: Deak, Hayward, Lapierre, Lloyd, McDonnell, Mizuik. Updated May 11, 2014.

Card Hockey Tournament, 1974. 24 photos taken March 1974. Surnames: Bell, Cameron, Carter, Childs, Cooper, Daigle, Estabrooks, Evans, Gallant, Hamilton, Hayward, Jennings, Lloyd, Madynski, Malloy, Martel, Middleton, Mizuk, Newman, Renner, Scott, Smith, Sullivan, Waite, Wyss.

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HMCS Okanagan in Corner Brook, NL. Six photos taken July, 1974, on a visit to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Surnames: Lapierre, O'Hara.

Commanding Officer Change, 1974. Nine photos taken July 1974 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Also a photo of the submarine's crew. Surnames: Bell, Blagdon, Brown, Guttin, Hunt, Lapierre.

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HMCS Okanagan Off To Sea. Four photos taken October, 1974, as she leaves Halifax harbour.

HMCS Nipigon, 1975 Great Lakes Cruise. Eleven photos taken July & August, 1975 in Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, Windsor

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HMCS Nipigon at Sea & in Dublin, Ireland. 13 photos taken Sept., 1975, showing re-fueling from HMCS Preserver, views of HMCS Fraser & Skeena, and views of Dublin.

HMCS Nipigon at sea & Hamburg, Germany. 15 photos taken September & October, 1975 at sea and in Scotland and Hamburg, Germany. Surnames: Lapierre, Meloche, Quinn.

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HMCS Okanagan at Sea, 1976. Eight photos taken August, 1976, showing kite-flying contest and mess dinner. Surnames: Alarie, Cooper, Ewan, Ferguson, Hynes, Limoges, Lloyd, Nesbit, Sadler, Sullivan, Surette, Wyss.

HMCS Margaree NATO Exercises, 1977. 41 photos taken March to May, 1977 at sea, St Johns, NL and Oslo, Norway. Good photos of navy ships of many nations. Surnames: Dolomont, Lapierre.

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HMCS Margaree NATO Exercises, 1977. 37 photos taken June & July, 1977, taken in Narvik, and the waters of Norway. Shown are ships of many nations and the famous arrow-riding caper during Margaree's sail-past. Surnames: Dolomont, Lapierre, Parker.

HMCS Margaree at Sea, & Trinidad, 1978. 15 photos taken Jan. & Feb., 1978 at sea, and in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Photos of HMCS Annapolis, Iroquois, Nipigon. Surname: Lapierre.

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Electrical Tech Sup6A Course, 1977-78. Held Sept., 1977 to Feb., 1978, at HMCS Stadacona. Surnames: Brown, Eng, Gebler, Harrison, Hills, Holland, Lapierre, Molloy, Rockley, Santo, Smith, Yeo.

HMCS Margaree, Monaco & Barcelona. Eleven photos taken Oct. & Nov., 1978 in Monaco, Barcelona & with views of Gibraltar. Surnames: Falconer, Lapierre, Turcotte, Wing.

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CFB Borden Senior Leaders Course, 1979. Held Sept., 1979, at CFB Borden. Brian Lapierre is the only one identified.

The photos above represent the first 77 folders of Brian's photos out of a total of 103. It will be a while before I get through them all.



Ken Davy

Ken Davy was a sick-bay attendant on HMCS Forest Hill during World War 2. He says: " I joined at HMCS Star in Hamilton on Divisional Strength (reserve) in April 1943. I went on active service in 1944 and took my basic training at HMCS York in Toronto. As I was a Sick Bay Attendant I trained in the RCN Hospital in Halifax. I served in the corvette HMCS Forest Hill for six months then after the end of hostilities served ashore until I was discharged in February 1946. I was still only nineteen. It was a great adventure for a young kid. " Six photos added August 22, 2014.

HMCS Forest Hill. was a revised Flower Class corvette which was built by the British Navy and originally named HMS Ceanothus. She was commissioned on Dec. 1, 1943 and paid off on July 9, 1945. This is an official DND photo of her at sea.

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Crew members of HMCS Forest Hill. Four photos taken in various places. Surnames: Davy, Normally, Webb.

HMCS Forest Hill in Halifax & Bermuda. Six photos taken on HMCS Forest Hill and ashore in Bermuda. Also a photo taken at HMCS Stadacona. Ken Davy is the only one identified so far. Added August 22, 2014.




Rusty Wright

The late Austin (Rusty) Wright was born in 1929 and served in the RCN from 1944 to 1949. He died about 2011. His daughter, Lynette Wright Lewis, sent me these photos in the hope that someone will be able to identify the ships and/or the men in them, in order to find out more about her father's naval career. The only ship which can be positively identified is HMCS Ontario. None of the other ships are numbered. Lynette says in part: ". . . (he) originally signed on in Calgary (Tecumseh), then stationed in Naden, Esquimalt. We understood that he was involved in searching for and destroying floating mines left from the war. " Section added September 25, 2013.

HMCS Ontario. This is an official DND photo of her at sea. It is possible that Rusty Wright served on her.

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HMCS Cayuga & two other ships. Three ship photos, one of which is identified as Cayuga on the back. Another is of what may be a Fairmile or a smaller launch.

Rusty Wright's personal photos. Four photos of Rusty Wright with various shipmates. One might have been taken at the Naden canteen, in another, a cap tally might read HMCS Antigonish.




Don Logan

Don Logan joined the RCN three-year program on 11 Nov 1960, and was in Margaree 3/60 Division in Cornwallis. He trained as a Signalman, then served on HMCS Kootenay, Fort Erie and Columbia and took release at the end of his third year, 10 Nov 1963. A year and a bit later, on 25 Sept 1965, he re-enlisted in the RCAF as a communicator. On 22 July 1970, he re-mustered to air crew, as an Observer/Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator (AESOp) spending 25 years flying Trackers with VS 880 in Shearwater, Argus's in Summerside, PEI, Argus/Auroras in Greenwood, N.S. and Auroras in Comox, B.C. On 29 Jun 1988 he was posted to the Aurora Software Development Unit (ASDU) in Greenwood for 3 yrs. and then to 415 Sqn, Greenwood. On 21 Sep 1994 he was posted to Wing Ops in Comox, as the Electronic Warfare Officer, until his retirement, on 30 July, 1995. Section updated November 24, 2013.

Don Logan's personal photos. Seven photos -- Don's wedding plus Don on HMCS Kootenay and HMCS Columbia. John Shaw is the only other sailor identified.

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HMCS Bonaventure & other ships. Eleven ship photos, all original colour slides taken by Don Logan. HMCS Bonaventure, Chaudiere, Columbia, Kootenay and Terra Nova.



Russell J. Watson

Russell (Jack) Watson was in the navy from April, 1966 to April, 1968. He was in Terra Nova 1/66 Division during basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. He left the navy when tri-service came into effect. At first he was a stoker then re-mustered to a cook. He was posted to HMCS Naden to train for the military tattoo but had to leave to have surgery. Returning from Naden he worked in the wardroom galley at HMCS Stadacona until he left the navy in April, 1968.

After leaving the navy, he went to culinary school at George Brown College in Toronto, then worked at the Royal York Hotel, head office for Canadian Pacific Hotels (now Fairmont). He is now (Feb., 2014) working on a cruise ship and hopes to retire there. Section updated September 30, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis Terra Nova Division. An official DND graduation photo. Surnames so far: Andrews, Asher, Devito, Leaman, McDonnell, Robbins, Watson. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Updated April 28, 2014.

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CFB Borden Cooks' Course, 1967. An official DND photo. Only Allan R. Boon and Jack Watson are identified. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Updated September 30, 2014.

Jack Watson's personal photos. Seven photos taken in various places -- Cornwallis, Stadacona, Naden and Lunenburg, NS. Surnames are: Andrews, Bond, Brule, Inglis, Hagarty, Hickey, Hillier, Hynes, Mole, Sanford, Savard, Wright.




Reginald H. Rhymes

Many thanks to Smokey's son, Gordon P. Rhymes, for these photos of his father. Originally from Burgeo NL, he enlisted in the Canadian Army in Halifax, in March, 1945 and served until May 15, 1946. Joining the RCN at the end of April, 1947, he served 25 years, retiring at the end of April, 1972. He passed away in 2006.

He served on HMCS Athabaskan, Cap de la Madelaine, Crescent, Haida, Huron, Lanark, Nootka, Penetang, Prestonian, Quebec, Saguenay, & Swansea, and was stationed in HMCS Cornwallis from 1959 to 1961. There is little information accompanying these photos, and few people other than Smokey are identified, but some locations have been determined by the dates in his service records. Section added March 16, 2014.

Army Days, probably 1945. Two photos of Reginald Rhymes in army uniform, with at least one of his brothers.

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HMCS Huron in Port, 1951. An official DND photo of HMCS Huron, tied up with another Tribal Class destroyer, possibly HMCS Haida, in what may be an Asian port.

HMCS Naden, Group Photo, 1947. Group of 18 AB/LS, 6 POs, 1 CPO and 1 Lieutenant. I'm speculating they were on a sonar or anti-submarine weapons course. Reginald Rhymes is the only man identified.

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Reginald Rhymes, Early Days. Four photos. Locations and accompanying people are unidentified except for Reginald Rhymes and one photo of Tom Mosher of HMCS St Laurent..

HMCS Swansea, Northern Cruise, 1949. Two newspaper clippings -- one photo was taken at Hebron, Labrador. Surnames: Knapman, Rhymes.

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Reginald Rhymes at HMCS Cornwallis. Three photos. Rhymes was stationed at HMCS Cornwallis from 1959 to 1961, where he was tasked with changing civilians into sailors in 15 short weeks.

HMCS Huron, Home from Korea, 1951. Reginald Rhymes is greeted by his wife, son, and a niece.




Kenneth Anthony Johnson Kenneth Anthony Johnson

In November, 2013 I received an email from Ken Johnson, which said in part: "My father (Kenneth Anthony Johnson) sailed on the HMCS Ontario. He had a lot of photos taken on their first voyage. Would these be of any interest? I also have a full size photo of the whole crew on the ship." To make a long story short, Ken mailed me the whole collection of photos and I scanned them at very high resolution. Fortunately they are almost all official RCN photographs, so were taken with good quality lenses. Even though the prints are small, the scans produced sharp images.

Except for ten postcards of HMCS Cornwallis which Ken Sr., mailed home in letters while he was there, the collection records the voyage of the newly-built HMCS Ontario from the Clyde on July 2nd, 1945, through various ports in the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal, to Colombo, Ceylon, until her arrival in Hong Kong on Sept. 12, where her crew participated in the Japanese surrender on Sept. 16. She stayed in Hong Kong until November 1st, when she left for home via Manilla and Pearl Harbour, arriving in Esquimalt on November 27, 1945.

From an undated Christmas card owned by Ken Johnson, Jr., it would seem that before Ken Sr. was on HMCS Ontario, he was a crewmember of HMCS Springhill, a River Class frigate.

Special thanks is given to Tony Banham for identifying the many Hong Kong photos. Tony is the author of three books on the war in Hong Kong, with a fourth (and probably several more) being researched. Please see his fascinating website Hong Kong War Diary. Because of his information, I've been able to re-group many of the photos into several Hong Kong sections. Section updated September 14, 2014.

Postcards of Cornwallis, 1944/45. Ten postcards which were probably bought at the canteen in Cornwallis. Messages written on them by Kenneth Johnson indicate they were included in letters home.

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HMCS Ontario Ship's Company. DND photo of the ship's compamy of HMCS Ontario, with the officers and POs arranged on the jetty and the ratings on the ship. Dated November 1945, so the photo was taken in Manilla, Guam or Pearl Harbour. A link is provided to an enlarged version.

HMCS Ontario, Petty Officers. A group photo of 32 Petty Officers arranged on a jetty with the ship behind them. Possibly taken at the same time as the larger ship's company photo. Identified so far: Charlie Conway & Ernest Harold Massick. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Updated August 22, 2014.

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HMCS Ontario, Army Officers. Three photos. First shows 11 officers, 10 of whom are Army and one a Navy lieutenant. The second is of Capt. Harold Taylor Wood Grant of HMCS Ontario, and possibly Major-General F.W. Festing General Officer Commanding Hong Kong, who appears in all three photos.

HMCS Ontario, Various Group Photos. Six group photos of crew, including a gun-crew (shown in the thumbnail at right). All but one are official photos. Ken Johnson is identified in one photo.

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HMCS Ontario, Naval Officers. Two photos. One of which shows a high ranking officer being piped on board HMCS Ontario.

HMCS Ontario, Delivering Mail. Two photos showing men receiving letters and also the mail sorting area.

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HMCS Ontario, Engine Room & Stokers. Nine photos showing stokers performing various tasks in the engine room. One photo shows two POs heating steel over an open flame.

Refueling at Sea with HMS Bleasdale. Ten photos showing various stages of the transfer of a fuel line from HMCS Ontario to HMS Bleasdale. Three of them show connection of fuel lines to HMCS Ontario. One man, H. Agnew, is identified.

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Weapons & Torpedo Training. 11 photos showing gun crews in action, retrieval of a torpedo from the sea, and deployment of a paravane. Updated May 1, 2014.

HMCS Ontario at Sea 22 photos showing scenes at sea and entering unidentified harbours. Two show Gibraltar, another might show ships sunk in Manilla Harbour, another shows a British submarine & crew, another shows a distant view of HMS Belfast. Updated May 14, 2014.

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HMCS Ontario Leaving Valetta, Malta. Five photos showing HMCS Ontario leaving the harbour of Valetta, Malta. Updated September 14, 2014.

Ships and Unidentified Locations. Eight photos showing ships including HMCS Ontario, HMCS Haida and RMS Queen Mary. One sign identifies it as Toussoum, Suez Canal.

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Valetta, Malta. Four photos showing locations in Valetta, Malta.

Hong Kong Harbour & Area. 13 photos showing Hong Kong harbour and nearby areas. Three photos of Stanley Civilian Internment Camp. Updated June 9, 2014.

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Ceylon. 16 photos showing street scenes and people and buildings in Ceylon. One shows a couple of sailors in the distance.

HMCS Ontario Crew in Hong Kong. 13 photos showing the ship and crew directly involved in activities in Hong Kong -- approaching the harbour from sea, a marching band, sight-seeing, a baseball game, possibly a sick parade, and mustering on a jetty.

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More Hong Kong. 24 photos showing end of war celebrations, street & market scenes and the people of Hong Kong. One officer shown is Major-General F.W. Festing. Updated August 22, 2014.

HMCS Ontario, Arriving in Esquimalt. 12 photos showing the arrival of HMCS Ontario in its new home port of Esquimalt, BC. Includes photos of a CBC reporter and an Admiral speaking into a microphone, as well as the crowd of relatives greeting the ship.

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Crew Entertained by Hula Dancers. Six photos showing a group of 12 dancers on stage as well as the CO and XO(?) dancing with them.

An Open Letter to Young Men. A 29-page booklet given to HMCS Ontario crew members, detailing the dangers of promiscuity, sex, venereal desease and immoral thoughts.

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Early HMCS Ontario Ship's Badge. One photo of an artist's rendition of the ship's badge, completely different from the one officially adopted after the war.

TarDust, Nov. 24, 1945: Vol. 1, No. 11. This four-page newsletter was published by crewmembers of HMCS Ontario. Scans of the pages and transcriptions of the text. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only copy in existence. Added September 1, 2014.




Larry Vipond Larry Vipond

Larry Vipond served in the Air Branch from October 1945 until December 1957, most of that time at HMCS Shearwater, and onboard HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Labrador and a few weeks onboard HMCS Buckingham. He left the RCN with the rank of P1PC3, then worked for Sikorsky Helicopters for two years. He then went to business school in New Haven, CT, and worked for a Connecticut bank for 27 years, retiring on Jan. 1, 1990. Section updated June 26, 2014.

Servicing Crew, 803 Squadron, 1948-49. Photo taken at HMS Eglinton in N. Ireland. These men, ex-HMCS Warrior, were awaiting completion of the new HMCS Magnificent and delivery of her aircraft. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Only Larry Vipond is identified.

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Servicing Crew, 825 Squadron, 1948-49. Taken at HMS Eglinton, probably the same time as the photo to the left. A link is provided to an enlarged version. Nobody is identified.

HMCS Magnificent, 803 Sqdrn. Flight Deck Crew. Photo taken in 1948. Only Larry Vipond is identified.

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HMCS Magnificent, "Wave Off". Two photos of an aircraft as it aborts its landing and ends up in the ocean.

Maintenance Crew at RCNAS Dartmouth, 1948. Squadron 743. Only Larry Vipond is identified.

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HMCS Shearwater, HU 21 Helicopter Sqdn. Photo taken mid-1950's. Only Larry Vipond is identified.

Avenger Over HMCS Magnificent, 1953/54. A Grumman Avenger of 881 Squadron flying above HMCS Magnificent. Added June 26, 2014.

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Sea Fury Aircraft over Halifax, 1954. A flight of 803 Squadron's Sea Fury aircraft.

Rescue of "Kismet II", 1955. Two photos showing the helicopter crew being congratulated for their rescue of the crew of the Liberian freighter "Kismet II", November, 1955. Surnames: Beeman, Fink, King, Smith, Vipond.

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Larry Vipond, 1955. In uniform as a P1PC3.



Dean Rogers

Dean Rogers was in Skeena 2/61 Division during basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. He says: " I was a Sea Cadet in my teenage years and rose to be senior cadet in the corps. My plan was to make the Navy my career. I joined at Halifax on Aug. 11, 1961 as a member of the Technical Apprenticeship Plan, a seven year contract. I enjoyed my new entry training at Cornwallis, was a Class Captain and was awarded "Best All Round Man" at graduation.

In my second six months of trades training at Naden I became convinced that my career choice was a bad one. Morale was very low and long term prospects looked bleak. After several requests for release I was discharged, honourably, on Jan. 7, 1963. I enrolled that fall at the University of British Columbia and graduated several years later from Dalhousie University in Halifax with a B.Sc. in geology. I have worked most of the subsequent years as a field geologist in mineral exploration and petroleum drilling. "

Dean says he is eager to contact old friends from his Cornwallis days and hopes they will contact him because of seeing the photos on this website. Section updated June 30, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis : Kit Marking. Sixty-three recruits still in their civilian clothing in front of the Kit Marking building. Only Dean Rogers is identified.

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Skeena 2/61 Division on Parade Square. About 40 men's faces are visible. Nobody is identified.

Skeena 2/61 Division at Assault Course. Two photos -- before and after photos of the same group of 13 men. Surnames: Baird, Henn, Hussich, Robertson, Rogers, Ross, Somerville, Trudball, Viem(?), Ward, Weckstrom, White, Wiseman.

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Skeena 2/61 Division Graduation. Two photos. Skeena 2/61 won trophies for best division and for best division on the parade square. Most men are identified but missing names are needed. Updated June 30, 2014.



Jeff Griffiths, 1960 Jeff Griffiths, 2010

Jeff Griffiths joined the Navy in February 1960, and was in Skeena 1/60 Division during basic training at HMCS Cornwallis. He was a Victualing Storesman (ABVS) and served on HMCS Inch Arran until May 1962 when he was discharged after 27 months of service.

Afterwards, he was a pipe welder fitter for 40 years, and belonged to Local 46 of the Plumbers, Steamfitters and Pipe Welders of North America. He lives with his wife in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Section updated July 5, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis : Joining Block, 1960. Sixty-three recruits still in their civilian clothing in front of Joining Block. Nobody is identified.

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Skeena 1/60 Division Sunset Guard. Two photos -- one showing the Sunset Guard on the parade square at HMCS Cornwallis, the other showing the Sunset Guard and gunner crew in front of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.

Skeena 1/60, Passing Out Parade. Division on parade square. A link is provided to an enlarged version.

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Skeena 1/60 Division With Trophies. Two photos. Skeena 1/60 Division was the winner of five trophies. The only two with visible inscriptions are the Thompson Trophy and a swimming trophy. Surnames: Bomack, Griffiths, Harding, Johnson.

Skeena 1/60, Swimmers & Swimming Awards. Four photos -- one of a swimming relay and three of Skeena's winning teams. Surnames so far: Bomack, Griffiths, Harding, Johnson, Roberge.




Daniel MacNeill

Iain MacNeill says this about his father: " My father, D.M. MacNeill (V46139) . . . was a Big Band musician prior to the war. He attempted enlistment at several locations in 1940 (Vancouver) and in 1941 (Edmonton) but was denied on account of his age -- 27 years being considered too old. He was finally accepted for enlistment in August 1942 at Chippawa Recruitment Centre in Winnipeg at 29, when the recruitment standards were relaxed. As it turned out he really was as good as he said he was -- he had skills the Navy couldn't teach. He never abused his recruits and was a very competent, confident man with an innate ability to inspire and motivate people leading by example. He was a good guy to have on your side when it counted most. "

He was promoted immediately to Leading Seaman at HMCS York where he was tasked with training recruits. Starting in late 1944, he served on the HMCS Swansea until the end of the war.

Several photos were obtained by Iain from the Buscombe family collection -- LS Howard Buscombe and Daniel MacNeill were instructors together at HMCS York and remained fast friends during the war. Seven photos added September 9, 2014.

Before the Navy. Two photos -- one of the Russ Russell Band and one of the Marsh Phimister Band, with Daniel MacNeill as a member.

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HMCS York : "E" Class, 1943. Photo of 31 recruits, an LS and an officer. LS MacNeill is 2nd in command and is the only one identified.

HMCS York, Misc. Photos, 1943 & 1944. Three photos. Surnames are MacNeill, Webber.

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HMCS York : "W" Div., R.A. Course, 1943. Photo of 27 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified.

HMCS York, Naval Field Gun Crew, 1943. Surnames: Andrews, Belcher, Borrows, Buscombe, Clarke, Copeland, Gray, Heintzman, Knight, Long, MacNeill, Marshall, McMahon, Mulvihill, North, Ogradnick, Pettingher, Ryan, Seitz, Smith, Taylor.

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HMCS York : Saguenay Division, 1944. Photo of 18 recruits, one LS and one officer. Only S/Lt. Burrows and LS MacNeill are identified.

HMCS York, Amherst Division, 1944. Photo of 32 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified.

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HMCS York : Hamilton Division, 1944. Photo of 23 recruits plus S/Lt. Burrows and LS Howard Buscombe, who are the only ones identified.

HMCS York?, Unknown Division. Photo of 36 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified.

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Possibly HMCS York : Naval Personnel. Photo of 48 naval personnel, including men, Wrens, POs and officers. Date and location are unknown, but probably HMCS York. LS Howard Buscombe is the only one identified.

HMCS York : Six Men in a Whaler. Rowing in Lake Ontario. LS Howard Buscombe is the only one identified.

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HMCS Swansea, at sea. A DND photo of HMCS Swansea in the Atlantic, 1944.

On Leave in Vancouver, 1944. Daniel MacNeill at home with his parents in Vancouver, 1944.




James M. Ross

Stephen M. Ross sent me this collection of photos, almost all originals taken by his father James Macey Ross, during his time in the Navy during WW2. James took his basic training at HMCS Montcalm in Quebec City, in early 1944, then signals training at HMCS Hyacinthe (see 45th anniversary website) in St. Hyacinthe, QC. After completing his training, he served for a short time on the corvette HMCS Giffard, then until the end of the war as a signals and electronics operator aboard the frigate HMCS Jonquiere.

The photos and information were sent to me already formatted into a scrapbook, so I've tried to preserve the look of the original as much as possible.

People shown: Jimmy Anderson, John Beasley, Brown, Casemore, Greg Clancy, Davis, Ernie Eaton, Lieut. Edwards, Captain Kidson, Darcy Legros, Chris Novak, Jack O'Hearn, Tom Oliver, Alan Ross, Alexander Ross, Barbara Ross, Dorothy Ross, James Ross, Lyall Ross, Marjorie Ross. Plus many more people who are unidentified.

Ships shown: HMS Deptford; Empire Control (a supply ship); HMCS Giffard; HMCS Jonquiere; The Lady Rodney (a troop ship); HMS Ramillies; HMS Roberts; HMCS Sussexvale; The Vest (a freighter?); LST #326. Revised August 17, 2014.

See the James M. Ross photo collection.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail HMCS Jonquiere thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail HMCS Sussexvale thumbnail thumbnail



Mike Cashaback Mike Cashaback, 2010

Mike Cashaback was in Assiniboine 3/61 at HMCS Cornwallis, from September until December, 1961. He was drafted to HMCS Terra Nova along with Clyde Norman, Dave Sinclair, Jim MacLean, Bruce Murray, Vic French and probably a few more he can't remember. He was then drafted to HMCS Yukon, then being built in Vancouver, and was part of her commissioning crew on the 25th of May 1963. He served on her until his discharge in September 1964.

After leaving the Navy he changed one uniform for another by joining the Edmonton Fire Department where he spent 30 years, retiring as a Captain in 1994. He now lives in Spruce Grove, AB. Updated September 9, 2014.

HMCS Cornwallis, Assiniboine 3/61. Two photos: Official graduation photo of 66 men, 1 CPO & 1 PO, taken December, 1961. All but the CPO, PO and one man are identified by last name. Also a photo of Mike Cashaback, taken at Cornwallis.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Terra Nova at Sea & Ashore. Four photos: Three are of Mike Cashaback, the other is of the daily order sheet, July 16, 1962.

HMCS Yukon, 1963. A photo of HMCS Yukon before it was commissioned, plus a complete list of the commissioning crew.

thumbnail thumbnail

On Board HMCS Yukon, 1963-64. Eight photos: Identified are George Bailey, Al Bostrom, Mike Cashaback, John Palframan. L. Solomon. Updated September 9, 2014.

Mike Cashaback, 2010, 2011 & 2012. Five photos. Mike has been busy building models and working with his local sea cadet corps. Surnames: Bostrom, Cashaback, Frith, Palframan.




Ernest Harold Massick Ernest Harold Massick

I received an email from Michele Massick whose husband's grandfather, Ernest Harold Massick, served on HMCS Ontario during 1944-45, probably as a Petty Officer, and on the mine sweeper HMCS Rockcliffe in 1947. He graduated from Fleet School in the early 1950's, retired as a Lt. Commander, and died in Qualicum Beach, BC, in 1977. He left behind a few photographs and not much information, so Michele is trying to piece together these loose threads to get a picture of his life. Section added August 22, 2014.

Ernest Harold Massick as a PO & Earlier. Four photos of Ernest Harold Massick in "lower deck" uniforms. Except for one, they are undated and the locations are unknown.

thumbnail thumbnail

Ernest Harold Massick as an Officer. Seven photos: All but one show Ernest Harold Massick in officer's uniform. One is a group photo of engineering officers on HMCS Ontario.

Possible Fleet School, 1950's? A large group photo of men & women of mixed ages. Possibly recruits and their families? Michele Massick's info is that this is a Fleet School group photo, date unknown. Ernest Harold Massick is the only one identified.




This section contains historical photos related to the RCN. If you have any photos in your family album, perhaps taken by a friend or relative, please send me a scan as I would love to use it in this section. Section updated July 8, 2014.

Marines of HMS Niobe, about 1900. Niobe was handed over to Canada in 1909 and became her first warship: HMCS Niobe. Photo is a stereoscope slide.

thumbnail thumbnail

HMCS Niobe, before 1911. Postcard mailed in 1911 showing HMCS Niobe, Canada's first warship.

Crew list of HMCS Niobe, 1911. A sortable and printable list of 575 names of the crew of HMCS Niobe, transcribed from the 1911 Canadian census, and with additional information from other sources. Updated April 1, 2014.


William Ireland Creed of HMCS Niobe. Two photos of him, one possibly taken on HMCS Niobe. Also a photo of his wife, Mary Ann Elizabeth Hill, plus a short biography. Updated Feb. 16, 2014.

John Montague of HMCS Niobe. A faded and water-damaged photo of John Montague, an English boy who was put into the Royal Navy for stealing a pair of boots in London. Added July 24, 2013.

thumbnail thumbnail

William Rennie of HMCS Niobe. It's not certain yet that this is William Rennie, but this photo was found in the papers of Elizabeth Rennie, and this man may be her brother. Added July 24, 2013.

Crew of HMCS Ste Therese, 1944. Two photos taken in Bermuda, August 4, 1944. A partial crew list is included. Men identified in the photo are: Glover, Lindley, McGinnis. Revised Dec. 23, 2013.

thumbnail thumbnail

100 Years of Faces: Tribute to the RCN. This video on Youtube, along with several others, pays tribute to the men and women of the RCN over the past 100 years. Several images used are from this website. VIDEO IS NOW OFF-LINE.

Crew of HMCS Chilliwack, 1945. Official crew photo taken in Ireland, June, 1945. Only one man is identified: Gerald James Ryan. A link is given to a full-size photo.

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Crew of HMCS Chilliwack, 1944 Three photos & three news clippings. Official crew photo taken before June 20, 1944. Includes 38 signatures with home towns and a link to a full-size photo. 6 men identified: Biletchi, Commerford, Long, McMurdo, Ryan, Sequin. Updated June 16, 2014.

Gerald James Ryan of HMCS Chilliwack. Three photos of him taken during WW 2; two in RCN uniform and the other as a merchant navy seaman.

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HMCS Beacon Hill crew, 1945-46. An undated publicity photo with the four crew members named. Surnames: Bank, Corbet, Morina, Smith.

Crew of HMCS Prince Robert, 1943. Official DND crew photo dated December 28th 1943. Only Harry Lorne Sykes is tentatively identified. A link is given to a full-size photo. Updated July 8, 2014.


Sailors of The Queen. A rare look at our past: the ships and sailors that participated in the Queen's Coronation in 1953. This is a 20-minute video from the CBC archives.

A Stoker's War, 1941-1945. This 50-minute home documentary on YouTube shares personal photographs taken by Leading Stoker Gilbert Davis, as he narrates stories of his navy experiences; from joining the Royal Canadian Navy in 1941 and defending Canada's west coast aboard the HMCS Bellechasse to his service on the HMCS Merrittonia escorting Merchant Marine convoys across the Atlantic Ocean to provision needed supplies to England and the European allies, through to the mass surrendering of the German U-boat fleet on the Foyle River near Londonderry in Northern Ireland at the end of the war.

Recorded while nearing his 90th birthday, Gilbert's recollections are of daily war-time service life rather than distinguished battles, told in a manner that only a dedicated serviceman could deliver; his emotion resonant as he describes the saving of a single survivor from a torpedoed supply ship. One of only a few servicemen who traveled with a personal camera during the war, Gilbert Davis shares his experiences through his own photos and words.

Basic Training in Western Canada. Possibly the graduation photo of 15 men in basic training, in or near Calgary, about 1944. All are identified. Surnames are: Boyd, Brown, Campbell, Colburn, Dicy, Gagnier, Gray, Hart, Holowaty, Hood, Kite, Monture, Oberich(?), St Pierre. Added Sept. 27, 2013.

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HMCS Ontario, 1945. Three photos probably all taken in Pearl Harbor after Japan's surrender. Two photos are of the ship's company mustered on a jetty. Surnames: Grant, St Pierre. Added Sept. 27, 2013.


I am looking for information about an accident onboard HMCS Provider which killed Naval Officer René Patrick Trudel on 25 October 1963 (I don't know his rank). The ship had just been commissionned 27 days earlier at Davie Shipbuilding and was still tied up at Lauzon. Trudel's daughter was only 3 years old at the time and her mother never talked about the accident. Her children are now asking about their grandfather so she would like to find out more about what happened that day onboard HMCS Provider.

What she has been told is that a boat was being hoisted onboard the ship and her father stepped forward to help the sailors. The new hoist malfunctioned, killing her father. Apparently one arm and one leg were amputated, and a piece of metal pierced his head. He died instantly.

If anyone knows anything about this accident, please contact Donald Courcy so he can inform the Trudel family.

HMCS Naden, 1958/59 Comm School. Trade Group 1 graduation photo of 10 men plus an officer & 2 POs. Only 5 men identified. Surnames so far: Domshy, Duhamel, Duy, Nairn, Richards. Added March 12, 2014.




Click here to see this section of photos of RCN Ships, mostly without members of the crew visible. Most are DND photos but some are originals taken by those who submitted them to me. There are many other such photos in the sections above and I don't intend to re-shuffle the items on the website, so they'll stay there. Section updated June 24, 2014.

HMCS Assiniboine, DND photo HMCS Athabaskan, DND photo HMCS Bonaventure, DND photo HMCS Provider, DND photo HMCS Ste Therese, DND photo


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