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After Action Reports Courtesy of Ken Roll 
     Battalion activities during September 1944
DATE: 1 Oct  44 
INIT  : ________ 

                                                HEADQUARTERS                                               EJS/cp
APO 403 
       1 October 44 
SUBJECT:   After Action Report,
TO          :   Commanding General. XX Corps, Attn: Historical Officer

 1.  In accordance with letter XX Corps dated 23 August 1944,
      Subject. Same as of above, the After Action Report for this organization is submitted herewith.
1 September to 7 September 1944:
           On 1 September 1944, the battalion was in position at Fromereville, (U215650). At 0400 1 
September 1944, the Battalion Executive, Peter Fox, went back along the route of march, to locate one tractor and howitzer which had fallen out of the march, due to engine trouble.  About 1 mile East of Clermont (U055596) 2 Military Police stopped him and reported that Clermont was in the hands of the enemy.  The Battalion Executive returned to the battalion position and organized a party of 80 volunteers to clean up the town and get the howitzer through to the battalion position.  This party deployed East of Clermont and advanced upon the enemy until such point that they received enemy machine gun and mortar fire.  At about 1400, with the aid of friendly armored troops the enemy was driven out of Clermont, and the howitzer and its crew were recovered. The battalion suffered 18 wounded and 1 killed in this skirmish.  At 2247 the battalion was strafed and bombed without casualty or damage to material.  The battalion remained in position at Fromereville until 1455 3 September 1944, no firing was done during this period.  At 1455 3 September 1944, the battalion marched to a position 3 miles Southwest of Verdun at coordinates (U265602), closing in at 1535.  Firing positions were occupied.  The battalion remained here until 6 September 1944.  No firing was done, and the organization was able to perform first echelon maintenance on its equipment and the men were able to take much needed baths.  At  0724 6 September 1944, battalion commenced a march to positions 1 mile North of Braquis (U594633), closing in at 0935.  Battalion remained at this position until 8 September 1944.  No firing was done.
8 September to 13 September 1944:
           At 1342  8 September 1944,  the battalion  marched to and occupied positions at, Fleville (U605735),  arriving there at 1540.  From these positions the battalion fired several missions,  (see fire mission record).  At 1657 9 September 1944, the battalion left its position at Fleville and marched to Tucquegnieux (U64807930) closing in at 1728.   Firing positions were occupied and several missions were fired.  The battalion left Tucquegnieux at 1630 10 September 1944, and occupied firing positions 2 miles South of Audun (U678835).  One hour and 15 minutes after leaving Tucquegnieux, battery "B" was registering by air OP.  The battalion as a whole closed in at 1745.  Several missions were fired from these positions.  At 1545 11 September 1944 the battalion commenced a march to positions 1/4 mile East of Lommerange (U722831), the battalion closing in at 1612.  The battalion fired several missions from these positions up to 1545  12 September 1944, at which time it marched to new firing positions 2 miles South of  Fontoy (U743827). Battery "A" was registering 1 hour from the time it left Lommerange.  In the middle of the registration, an urgent call for fire on an enemy truck column was received.  Fire was shifted to this new target with highly successful results, the column being totaly destroyed. The registration was therefore resumed.  The battalion remained in this sector (Thionville) until 1228  14 September 1944. 
            2. During the entire month, this battalion was attached to the 195th Field Artillery Group
                with the mission of general support of the XX Corps. 
                                                                                            ERNEST J STOCKS
                                                                                           Lt. Col.,  FA,

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