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After Action Reports Courtesy of Ken Roll 
      Battalion activities during November 1944
DATE:  1 DEC 44 
INIT  : ________ 

                                                          HEADQUARTERS                                            EMGW/cp
APO 403 
1 December 44 
SUBJECT:   After Action Report,
TO          :   Commanding General. XX Corps,  APO 340,  U.S. Army
                     (Attn:  HISTORICAL OFFICER).
 1. In accordance with letter, HQ XX Corps, subject, same as above dated 23 August
     1944, the After Action Report for this organization for the month of November 1944 is 
      submitted herewith.
1 November to 13 November 44:
         The opening of the period, covered by this report, found the battalion, less  Battery "C" in the Metz sector, located at St. Marcel (U700596).  Battery "C" was detached to the 90th Division in support of 
the attack on Maizieres Les Metz, and was firing from positions near Rombas (U80957392).
At 2215  3 November 44 the battalion moved from St. Marcel and marched northward to a concealed bivouac area in the vicinity of Ottange (U726950).  Battery "C" rejoined the battalion at this place.  The entire organization closed in at Ottange by 0530,  4 November 1944.  From this bivouac, several light vehicles and working parties were infiltrated to positions in the vicinity of Soetrich (85739232) from time to time, but the howitzers were not moved until 1800  7 November 44. 
          By 2225 7 November 44 the organization had closed in at Soetrich, in the Thionville sector.
14 November to 17 November 44:
          At 1325  14 November 44, Battery "C" displaced forward to Garche (U8828889618) on the west side of the Moselle River, arriving there at 2100 hours.  Thereafter Headquarters Battery displaced to Cattenom (U917690061), also on the west side of Moselle.
14 November to 17 November 44:   (cont)
          At 1510  15 November 44, Batteries, B, C, and Service left Soetrich and marched across the Mosselle River via the Thionville bridge and occupied positions near Basse-Ham (U491528850. 
Battery "C" and Headquarters Battery marched from West of the Mosselle, at 0958  16 November 44,
crossed the Cattenom river via the pontoon bridge, and back up to positions near Basse-Ham at 1032 hours.
18 November to 30 November 44::
           At 1302  18 November 44, the battalion left Basse-Ham and marched to Metzeresche (U96357873) closing in there at 1432.  Here the unit stayed until 1010  19 November 44, when it marched to Bettlainville (U955718)  closing there at 1200. 
1321  20 November 44,  the battalion marched back along the same route it had taken, as far as               Basse-Ham, and then to Evendorff (U045915).  Owing to traffic conditions the battalion did not entirely close in there until 11`00  21 November 44.  At 1145 the battalion displaced by battery to the vicinity of Rustroff (U012948), all batteries finally arriving by 1900. It was from here that the unit fired its first round into Germany at 1515 hours  21 November 44.
At 1543 hours,  26 November 44,  the unit marched from Rustroff to Waldweistroff, (U100851),
closing in at 1733.  Here the battalion remained until 1345  29 November 44 when it displaced forward to
Schwerdorff (U1559859),  the last battery closing in by 1906 hours. The organization was still in position at this  named place at the end of the period covered by this report.
           2.  ASSIGNMENTS:   No changes in assignments occurred during this period,  the unit being
             assigned  to 195th FA Group and XX Corps Artillery for the entire month.
.          3.  MISSION:   The mission of the battalion for this entire period was general support of XX Corps.

           4.  MISCELLANEOUS:  During the reportable period a total of 172 tons of  HE shell was fired at the enemy.

                                                                                           MARTIN G. WEISS,
                                                                                          Major,  FA

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