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After Action Reports Courtesy of Ken Roll 
       Battalion activities during December 1944
DATE:  1 JAN  45 
INIT  : ________ 

                                                  HEADQUARTERS                                               EAP/cp
APO 403 
1 January 45 
SUBJECT:   After Action Report,
TO          :   Commanding General. XII Corps,  APO 312,  U.S. Army
                   Attn:  Historical Officer.
 1.  The After Action Report for this unit for the period 1 December 44 to 31 December 44
       is herewith submitteed.
1 December - 20 December 44:
           At the opening of the period covered by this report, this battalion was attached to the 195th Field Artillery Group in general support of XX Corps, and was occupying firing positions in the vicinity of SCHWERDORFF, France (159859)  in the 90th Division sector.  Here the unit stayed until the morning of 5 December 1944 when it displaced forward into Germany at GUERLFANGEN, (WQ1888879).
21 December - 27 December 44:
           At 0837  21 December 1944 the first elements of the battalion began withdrawing back into France in the vicinity of GRINDROFF-EWIG  (VU115879),  the entire battalion closing there by 1215 hours.  The unit remained here until 28 December 1944.
28 December - 31 December 44:
          At 0730,  28 December 1944, the battalion was given "Close Station March Order".
The unit was relieved of attachment to XX Corps and attached to XII Corps.  At 1300 the battalion
marched from Grindorff-Ewig to MEDERNACH, Luxembourg (VP907358), where it occupied positions
with the mission of general suppport of XII Corps,  and a zone of action that of the zone of action of 80th
Infantry Division; supervision of fires to be handled by 410 Field Artillery Group Fire Direction Center.
The unit closed in at Medernach at 2247,  28 December 1944.
At 1610,  30 December 1944,  a platoon of Battery "B" was detached and marched to BERBOURG (032271)  where it took up a position with the mission of reinforcing the fires of 20th Field Artillery Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division. The close of the period reported upon found the Battalion, less
one platoon of Battery "B", in position at Medernach.
           2.  The following battle casualties were suffered during the period.
S/Sgt  Robert E. Witcher, 37059541
Tec 5 James E. Lonergan, 31301640
Pfc Malcolm Smith, 34098722
Pfc Clifford I. Bainter, 36592676
Pvt Walter J. Izak, 36592676
Pvt Gerold E. Wymer, 15059043


            .3.   The following decorations were awarded:
1st Lt. Wagner, received the Oak Leaf Cluster for the Air Medal.
1st/Sgt Lippert,  S/Sgt Smith,  Sgt Puntoriero,  Tec 5 Gemmel,
Cpl Thornton,  Pfc Ford,  Pfc Brindle,  Pfc Smith,  Pfc Callori
Pfc Mitten,  Pvt Bottini,  Pvt Houston and Pvt Craig received the Purple Heart.
           4.   A total of 300 tons of HE Shell was fired at the enemy during the month.
            5.  Attached hereto is the Unit Journal and Fire Mission Record for this period.
                                                                                            ERIC A.PEACH
                                                                                            Lt. Col.,  FA,

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