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After Action Reports Courtesy of Ken Roll 
       Battalion activities during March 1945
DATE:  1 Apr  45 
INIT  : ________ 

                                                     HEADQUARTERS                                            EAP/cp 
APO 403 
1 April  45 
SUBJECT:   After Action Report,
TO          :   Commanding General. XX Corps,   (Thru:  5 FA Group). 
                   Attn:   Historical Officer.
   1.  The after action report for this unit for the period 1 March - 31 March, 1945,
      is herewith submitted.
            (a)  Narrative: 

At the opening of the period covered herein, the Battalion (less Battery "B") was in position at Tawern, Germany (124200) in  general support of  XX Corps in the zone of 10th Armored and 94th Infantry Divisions. Battery "B" was attached to 558 Field Artillery Battalion. 

At 1305 hours,  2 March,  the Battalion, less Battery "B",  marched to and occupied positions in the vicinity of Freudenburg (WL135057). 
Mission:  General support in zone of 10th Armored and 94th Infantry Divisions and 3rd Cavalry Group,  and later in 
the zone of 26th Infantry Division. 

On 9 March 45, unit was relieved of attachment to 195 Field Artillery Group and attached to 5 Field Artillery Group. 

11 March 45,  Battery "C" crossed the Saar River and was  attached to 943 Field Artillery Battalion.

16 March 45, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery marched across the Saar River at Saarburg and closed in the vicinity of Oberzerf, Germany (WL2510).  Battery "A" remained behind at Freudenburg, taking its fire missions directly from XX Corps Artillery.  Batteries "B" and "C" were relieved of attachment to 558 Field Artillery Battalion and 943 Field Artillery Battalions respectively, and rejoined the Battalion at Oberzorf on this date.

At 1000 hours, 17 March the Battalion (less Battery "A"attached to 943 Field Artillery Battalion) commences the pursuit of the enemy which develops into a rout.  The first stop in the pursuit is at Rappweiler (WL322050) where the unit less Battery "A", closed at 1230 hours.

At 1128 hours,  18 March 45, the Battalion (-A) in hot pursuit, marched to Selbach (49240410)  where it stayed overnight, and the following day again took out after the fast retreating enemy and after marching most of the day,  closed in at Kusel (75380494)  at 1835 hours,  19 March 45.

At 1145 hours 20 March 45, the unit (-A) displaced forward to positions in the vicinity of Kaiserlautern (05109533), arriving there at 2045 hours. Here the Battalion (-A) stayed until 2115 hours  21 March 45 when it displaced forward to Bad Durkheim (312961).  Closing at 2352 hours, 21 March 45. The Battalion (-A) left Bad Durkheim at 1850 hours, 22 March 45 and displaced to Lambsheim (397015)  where it remained until 24 March 45.  On 23 March 45 Battery "A" rejoined the Battalion at 2347 hours. During this entire pursuit, the Battalion's mission was reinforcement 
of  the fires of the 80th Infantry Division.

At 1415 hours, 24 March 45, the unit left Lambsheim and marched westerly to the vicinity of Becherbach (969171) where it went into an assembly area, and occupied itself in rest and rehabilitation.  From Becherbach the Battalion moved to another assembly area near Welgesheim (163424) on 26 March 1945.

On 27 March 45,  the unit marched to Mainz-Gonsenheim (338557) where it occupied firing positions, closing there at 1147 hours. Here the Battalion remained until 1630 hours 30 March 1945, when it marched to Mainz,  awaited its turn at the bridge, and at 1855 rolled onto the 1896 feet long pontoon bridge crossing the Rhine.  Assembly areas on the East side of the Rhine were selected and occupied at Nordenstadt, (435625), the Battalion closing at 1958 hours,  30 March 45.

The close of the period found the unit in assembly at the last named place,  partially immobilized by reason of loaning 
10 trucks, 2 1/2 ton to 80th Division for motorizing of its infantry.

.(b)  Missions:
1 - 5  March:    General support of XX Corps, Zone 10th Armored and 94th Infantry Divisions.
 6 - 7  March:    General support XX Corps, Zone 94th Infantr 10th Armored Division, and 3rd Cavalry Group.
 8 -10 March:    General support XX Corps, Zone 26th Infantry Division.
11-16 March:    General support XX Corps, Zone 26th and 80th Infantry Divisons.
17-31 March:     Reinforcing 80th Infantry Division.
        (c)  Assignments; attachments:

Unit was assigned to Third United States Army and attached to XX Corps for entire period.  Attached to 195 Field Artillery Group from 1 March to 8 March, 1945. Attached to 5 Field Artillery Group from 9 March to close of period.

.(d)  Miscellaneous:
Rounds fired:   4628   (463 tons)
Battel  casualties:
Killed in Action:   none 
Wounded in Action:  1

Decorations  (Awarded and presented)
Silver Star:    1
Bronze Star:  20
Air Medal:      1
Air Medal Cluster:  7
                                                                                            ERIC A. PEACH
                                                                                            Lt. Col.,  FA,

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