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        4TH Battalion (LOVE'S) alabama Cavalry CSA

        4th Alabama Cavalry [Love's] Battalion
        Belcher, Abner Co. C Private
        The Fourth Alabama Cavalry Battalion (Love's)
        was made up of three companies,"A", "B", and "C",
        organized from Alabama between August and September 1863,
        which went to Virginia in 1864.
        They were consolidated with the Phillips' [GA]
        Legion, Wade Hampton's Cavalry Battalion (May to 11 July 1864).
        Then they merged into the Jeff. Davis [MS] Cavalry Legion.
        They were involved in some hard fighting at The Wilderness,
        Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna, 2nd Cold
        Harbor, Trevilian Station, and the Petersburg Siege.
        From Pike County, Co. "A" (Capt. Andrew P. Love) became Co. "H"
        in the Jeff. Davis Legion; from Barbour
        County, Co. "B" (Capt. Bethune B. McKenzie)
        became Co. "I"; and also from
        Barbour County, Co. "C" (Capt. G. A. Roberts) became Co. "K".

        Officers: As above, Capts. Andrew P. Love (captured, Dinwiddie);
        Bethune B. McKenzie; and G. A. Roberts.
        Andrews, Stephen A. Co. B Corporal Barnard, E. S. Co. C Private Barnes, William Co. B 1Sgt Barr, John B. Co. B Corporal Bastick, Samuel G. Co. B Private Bastick, William C. Co. B Private Bates, Andrew Co. C Private Baxley, William Co. B Private Beasley, James T. Co. B Private Belcher, Abner Co. C Private Bell, C. Co. A Private Bell, Kirvin A. Co. B Private Bell, Monroe Co. E Private Bickerstaff, Warren R. Co. B Sergeant Bond, William M. Co. A 1Sgt Boswell, Wilson Co. A Private Boutwell, Holley Co. A Private Bowden, Elisha L. Co. A Private Brabham, James G. Co. A Private Bray, W. H. Co. C 2LT Broach, Absalom L. Co. B Private Broach, William Co. B Private Brown, Henry C. Co. A Private Brown, John Co. A Private Brunson, Samuel A. Co. A Private Bunting, J.T. Co. C Private Burke, James A. Co. B Private Burruss, Charles Co. C Private Burton, W. M. Co. C Private Bush, D. A. Co. C Private Bush, J. J. Co. C Private Bush, W. B. Co. C Private Calaway, J.S. Co. C Sergeant Carlisle, Daniel Co. A Private Carmichael, George A. Co. A Private Carnley, Zedekiah Co. A Private Carter, Green T. Co. A Private Carter, H. J. Co. C Private Carter, Seaborn Co. A Musician, Private Catchings, F. E. Co. C Private Cherry, A. J. Co. C Private Cheser, John W. Co. A Private Childs, Alford S. Co. A Corporal Cody, Michael Co. C Private Covington, Ransom Co. B Private Cox, John W. Co. A Private Crawford, A. P. Co. C Private Cunningham, Peter Co. C Private Darby, John R. Co. A Private Devane, J. F. Co. A 2LT Dorman, Alexander A. Co. B Sergeant Dowling, Elias G. Co. B Private Drew, John Co. C Private Dubose, J. P. Co. C Private Duke, Ransom Co. B Private Duncan, William J. Co. A 1LT Eaford, John A. Co. B Private Eidson, Wily Co. B Private Elliott, William P. Co. B Private Ferris, Cornelius Co. C Private Fielder, Alonzo D. Co. B 2LT Flournay, Thomas J. Co. B Private, Bugler Flowers, Wright Co. C Private Fuqua, Randolph Co. C Private Gannon, W. G. Co. C Private Garner, James H. Co. B Private Gillis, Hugh Co. B Private Glenn, A. T. Co. C Private Glover, N. J. Co. C Private Gomillion, Pinkney J. Co. B Private Grantham, James F. Co. A Private Griffin, Hardy Co. A Private Grubbs, James W. Co. B Private Grubbs, Worthy J. Co. B 1LT Harlow, John Co. A Private Henderson, J. A. Co. A Private Henderson, J. M. Co. A Private Herring, Stephen Co. A Private Hill, J. R. Co. C Private Hobdy, Ira Co. A Private Hodges, Brantley Co. C Private Holloway, John P. Co. B Private Horn, William E. G. Co. A Private Horne, T. E. J. Co. C Private Howell, Turner Co. C Private Hudgens, James J. Co. A Private Hudson, Irba Co. B Private Hurst, James A. Co. B Private James, John B. Co. B Private Jernigan, J. J. Co. C Private Jernigan, William Co. C Private Jeter, Ransom Co. A Private Jinks, William Co. B Private Johnson, R. C. Co. A Private Jones, A. E. Co. C Private Jones, James A. Co. B Private Jordon, St. John J. Co. C Private Keith, Willey C. Co. A Private Kelley, Michael Co. A Private Kendall, J. T. Co. C 1Sgt Kendrick, John F. Co. A Private King, Jackson H. Co. A Sergeant Kirkland, Reuben R. Co. A Private, Jr. 2LT Kirksey, J. E. Co. A Private Kirvin, R. J. Co. A Private Lampley, Linton J. Co. B Private Lane, Henry C. Co. B Corporal Langston, R. Y. Co. C Private Leak, William W. Co. B Private Lee, Evan Co. A Private Lightfoot, W. E. Co. C Private Lightner, Thomas S. Co. B Private Linn, Leroy W. Co. A Corporal Locke, A. J. Co. C 1LT Locke, T. S. Co. C Sergeant Locke, W. H. Co. C Private Loftus, Nathaniel W. Co. B Private Loman, B. J. Co. C Private Lott, John D. Co. C Private Louis, J. J. Co. C Private Louis, T. J. Co. C Private Love, Andrew P. Co. A Captain Lucas, W. H. Co. A Corporal Ludlum, Samuel P. Co. A Private Mandavill, W. H. Co. C Private Mathies, Henry Co. B Private Mathies, William M. Co. B Private May, Alexander F. Co. A Sergeant May, J. M. Co. A Private McCall, Gilbert Co. B Private McDonald, Daniel Co. B Private McDougal, John D. Co. A Corporal McGilvary, John W. Co. B, D Private McIntosh, J. G. Co. C Corporal McKenzie, Bethune B. Co. B Captain McLanney, Harrison C. Co. A Private McRae, Christopher M. Co. B Private McRae, Daniel N. Co. B, D Private McRae, H. A. Co. C Sergeant McRae, J. McL. Co. C Private McSwain, J. C. Co. C Private Merchant, W. J. Co. A Private Merritt, J. H. Co. C Private Miller, William B. Co. B Private Mitchenn, W. B. Co. C Private Moore, W. A. Co. C Private Moreman, Benjamin F. Co. B Private Mosley, William B. Co. B Private Mount, William P. Co. A Private Mynard, G. G. Co. C Private Nawton, G. W. Co. C Private Nawton, James Co. C Private Nix, D. E. Co. C Private Nix, T. E. Co. C Private Nuckolls, Franklin M. Co. B Sergeant Ohara, E. C. Co. C Private Pilant, J. M. Co. A Private Rally, John W. Co. B Private Read, J. W. Co. C Private Reaves, C. C. Co. C Private Reaves, D. S. Co. C Private Reavis, W. A. Co. B Private Redman, C. B. Co. C Private Reeves, William W. Co. A Private Rhoads, John D. Co. A Private Rice, William R. Co. A Sergeant Major, Private Richards, J. L. Co. C Private Richards, T. D. Co. C Private Richards,Thomas W. Co. B Private Richards, William H. Co. B Private Richardson, Augustus Co. A Private Richardson, J. W. Co. C Private Richburg, Sanders J. Co. A Sergeant Roberson, Moses Co. B Private Roberts, G. A. Co. C Captain Roberts, Henry Co. B Private Rodgers, Thomas Co. C Private Roquemire, J. A. Co. C Private Rollins, G. W. Co. C Private Rotton, William O. Co. B Private Rusell, L.A. Co. C Private Ryalls, Richard B. Co. B Private Ryan, L. J. Co. C Sergeant Sanders, Andrew Co. B Private Sanders, Jacob Co. B Private Sanders, James N. Co. A Sergeant Sanders, Simon P. Co. B Private Saulsbury, Frank Co. C Private Seacy, Monroe Co. C Private Searcy, Britton Co. C Private Searcy, B. W. Co. C Private Sellers, Joel Co. A Private Shanon, Henry Co. C Private Shockly, W. D. Co. C Private Simes, G. W. Co. C 3LT Slaughter, Thomas H. Co. B Sergeant Smart, William E. Co. A Private Smith, Richard R. Co. A Private Smith, Seaborn J. Co. B Private Smith, William Co. B Private Sparrow, J.W. Co. C Private Spivey, Henry Co. B Private Stevens, Felix Co. A Private Stevens, James E. Co. A Private Stevens, Nedham Co. A Private Stevens, Samuel Co. A Private Stinson, J. M. Co. A Private Stokes, H. Z. Co. C Private Stokes, J. D. Co. C Private Streater, C. B. Co. C Private Streater, T. H. Co. C Private Taylor, Meredith S. Co. A Private Taylor, W. H. Co. C Private Thomas, H. C. Co. C Private Thomas, J. E. Co. C Private Thomas, W. M. Co. A Private Thornton, H. C. Co. C Private Traut,Daniel K. Co. B Corporal Utsey, Govan V. Co. B Private Vickers, J. W. Co. A Private Vinson, Nicholas W. Co. B Jr. 2LT Warren, James B. Co. B Private Warren, Joel M. Co. B Private Watson, G. L. Co. C Private Watson, John Co. C Private Watson, M. M. Co. C Private Wesley, B. M. Co. A, E Private Wesley, Z. E. Co. A Private Whigham, S. A. Co. C Corporal White, Benjamin Co. C Private White, Joseph M. Co. B Private Williams, F. S. Co. A Private Wilson, Edward Co. A Corporal Wilson, Warren Co. A Private Wilson, Z. J. Co. A Private Wise, J. E. Co. C Private Wise, L. L. Co. C Private Wood, J. W. Co. C Corporal Wood, W. D. Co. C Private Worthington, R. T. Co. C Sergeant