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          61st North Carolina Infantry

          by N. A. Ramsey, Captain, Company D.

          The Sixty-first Regiment North Carolina Troops, was organized in Wilmington early in August, 1862, with the following Field and Staff officers:

          • James D. Radcliffe, Colonel New Hanover county.
          • Wm. S. Devane, Lieutenant-Colonel, Sampson county.
          • Henry Harding, Major, Beaufort county.
          • Wm. S. Anderson, Assistant Quartermaster, New Hanover county.
          • Oliver P. Meares, Commissary, New Hanover county.
          • Alexander Rives, Surgeon
          • William W. Harris, Assistant Surgeon, New Hanover county.
          • David Stevens, Sergeant Major, Sampson county
          • Jos. J. Lane, Ordnance Sergeant, New Hanover county.
          • Wm. Blanks, Commissary Sergeant, New Hanover county.
            Jno. H. Johnson, Chief Musician, New Hanover county.
            Wm. H. Eberstein, Drum Major, New Hanover county.

          The various companies had officers and men from first to last as follows:

          Company A--Captains, Wm. S. Devane, Jos. B. Underwood, Geo. W. Marsh, James H. Robinson, Sampson county. Lieutenants Geo. W. Marsh, Wm. F. Smith, Wm. A. Mathis, Julius M. Chestnut, Francis M. Carroll, Sampson county. Enlisted men, 104.

          Company B--Captains Henry Hardin, Wm. M. Stevenson, Beaufort county. Lieutenants T. H. Satterthwaite, David F. Redditt, Wm. M. Stevenson, D. W. Jarvis, Thos. D. Wilkinson, Wm. H. Patrick, Beaufort county. Enlisted men, 82.

          Company C--Captains, Edward Mallet, S. S. Biddle, Craven county. Lieutenants, S. S. Biddle, Jno. F. Guthrie, Thos. O. Jones, Edward F. Story, Craven county. Enlisted men, 122.

          Company D--Captain, Nathan A. Ramsey, Chatham county. Lieutenants Wm. S. Ramsey, Jas. B. Ellington, Richard C. Cotten, Chatham county. Enlisted men, 184.

          Company E--Captains, Allen G. Croom, Greene county; Wm. S. Byrd, Lenoir county. Lieutenants Wm. S. Byrd, S. W. Nobles, J. Q. Jackson, Chas. T. Croom, Alex. Fields, Jos. E. Kinsey, H. H. Rasberry, Lenoir county. Enlisted men 119.

          Company F--Captains, Andrew J. Moore, New Hanover county; W. A. Darden, Greene county. Lieutenants J. H. Exum, Andrew J. Darden, Greene county; John R. Belcher, Jesse D. Barnes, Wilson county. Enlisted men, 63.

          Company G--Captains, J. F. Moore, L. L. Keith, New Hanover county. Lieutenants Stacy VanAmringe, A. D. Lippitt, N. H. Fennell, Daniel Shackleford, John B. Fox, New Hanover county. Enlisted men, 94.

          Company H--Captains John Lanier, William B. Lanier, John D. Biggs, Martin county. Lieutenants John Manning, John D. Biggs, F. A. Rhodes, Henry Williams, Richard W. Rufus, H. H. Lanier, Abner Alexander, Martin county. Enlisted men, 133.

          Company I--Captains, Aras B. Cox, Ashe county; Wm. T. Choate, Alleghany county. Lieutenants Isaac C. Higgins, John W. Joines, Lowery Grimsley, Cotton Sparks, W. H. Joines, Geo. Grimsley, Joshua Cox, Calloway Joines, Alleghany county. Enlisted men, 127.

          Company K--Captains F. D. Koonce, Thos. G. Henson, Onslow county; S. W. Noble, Lenoir county. Lieutenants, H. C. Koonce, Jones county; J. A. Galloway, Onslow county; Samuel L. Gooch, Calhoun Hoskins, S. E. Koonce, Jones county. Enlisted men, 106.

          Casualties of the forgoing:

          Edward Mallett, killed at Bentonville 15 March, 1865; Wm. S. Devane, wounded at Bentonville 15 March, 1865; Jas. H. Robinson, prisoner 3 September 1864; Julius M. Chestnut, missing at Fort Harrison 30 September, 1864; John F. Guthries, wounded at Kinston (?) February, 1865; Nathan A. Ramsey, prisoner at Kinston 14 December 1862; Wm. S. Ramsey, lost left hand at Fort Harrison 30 September, 1864; Richard C. Cotten, prisoner at Morris Island 26 August, 1862; Jno. Q. Jackson, prisoner in 1864; L. L. Keith, wounded at Battery Wagner, August, 1863; Wm. T. Choate, killed at Cold Harbor; Isaac C. Higgins, died at Goldsboro 28 December, 1862; Cotton Sparks, killed at Petersburg 30 June, 1864.

          N. A. Ramsey
          Durham, N.C.
          26 April, 1901