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Secrets and my Recollections of World War II

Gardner L. Friedlander 1990, 2000

Record Air Unit Reaches Britain

By the United Press.

AN EASTERN CANADIAN PORT, Dec. 26. -- The largest group of air trainees ever to sail from Canada has arrived in Great Britain, it was disclosed today.

Convoyed transports also carried United States Army signal officers to take observation courses and a large contingent of American Civilian Technical Corps experts. Also included were hundreds of reinforcements for Canadian army units, artillery, signal, infantry, ordnance, tank units, and the army service corps. On another transport were 22 Canadian nurses and nine doctors who volunteered to serve in an orthopedic hospital of the Scottish Emergency Medical Service.

Small groups of Polish, Netherlands, Norwegian and Belgian soldiers and seven Canadian women who will serve with the women's transport service also were on the party. On the decks of one transport were lashed huge lorries.

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Gardner L. Friedlander 1990, 2000
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