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Secrets and my Recollections of World War II

Gardner L. Friedlander 1990, 2000

Signal from General Spaatz


APO 374

21 November, 1943.

    The following Signal has been received from General SPAATZ:

    "I wish to commend the Tactical Air Force for its operations during the past few weeks. In spite of handicaps imposed by bad weather, improvised airdromes, and changing bases from North Africa and Sicily to Italy, your operations have been most effective. The many sorties against enemy gun positions, enemy M/T and troop movements, enemy rail lines, and enemy airdromes, and shipping, both in Italy and in Balkans, are most impressive. The recent raids on Sofia,  Civitavecchia, and airdromes in Greece were particularly noteworthy."

Added General CANNON:

    "Please allow me to add my thanks and warmest commendation to you and your formations, and especially the ground personnel. I hope you will tell units of my admiration for their fine spirit and work well done. The difficult circumstances of past months have emphasized their efficiency and show what great support they are to our hard working troops. Signed CANNON."

    And lastly may I add that is is my good fortune to command the XII Air Support Command which is composed of the finest and most experienced Fighter and Fighter-Bombers, ground crews, signals and administrative personnel existing in any similar unit in the world today and I congratulate every last man. A continuation of this same fighting spirit on the part of each and everyone will tend to bring this show all the sooner to an end. Signed HOUSE.




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Signal from General Spaatz

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