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Nashville History Civil War Soldiers Burials

This is a list of nearly 400 names of Confederate Soldiers take from a list of burials by W. R. Cornelius, undertaker at Nashville for the Union Army.

These names were taken from a reel of microfilm titled, W.R. Cornelius and Company Burial Records of Federal Soldiers. Nashville, 1864-1866. This record was filmed by Tennessee State Library and Archives and the accession number is Mf. 1510.
Name Date of Burial Military Data
Adams, R. A. 12/25/1864 co. I, 46th Georgia.
Allen, James B. 4/16/1865 co. C, 40th Mississippi
Allen, J. G. 12/5/1863 confederate
Allmand, J. E. 5/18/1865 co. G, 18th Tennessee
Armstrong, J. G. 9/24/1864 co. E, 4th Tenn. Calvary
Arrowood, William B. 1/18/1865 co. E, 1st Tenn. Lt. Art/
Athey, Geo. W. 12/23/1864 co. K, 22nd Alabama
Atkinson, E. D. 1/30/1864 1st Tennessee
Austin, Wm. F. 3/3/1865 co. M, 10th Tennessee
Ayers, John 12/28/1864 co. H, 48th Tennessee
Ayers, James S. 12/25/1864 Tennessee conscript
Bailey, Wm A. 5/13/1865 co. A, 31st Mississippi
Baird, P. C. 12/16/1863 co. H, 45th Tennessee
Barbee, Felix 1/20/1865 co. G, 49th Tennessee
Bard, A. 1/4/1865 co. E, 4th Louisiana
Barksdale, W. 1/11/1865 co. E, 12th Louisiana
Barlow, J. J. 12/26/1863 38th Alabama
Barnes, A. 5/12/1863 co. H, McCann's Cavalry
Barton, F. H. 2/6/1864 co. D, 16th So. Carolina
Baxter, Geo. M. 3/9/1864 co. I, 29th Georgia
Beard, J. S. 4/22/1863 co. A, 52nd Alabama
Bedsaine, Elisha 3/10/1864 co. I, 64th Virginia
Beech, John 2/22/1865 co. C, 1st Florida
Bell, Jas. B. 1/10/1865 co. B, 34th Alabama
Benett, Sanford 12/26/1864 co. I, 30th Alabama
Benson, Thomas S. 3/10/1864 co. K, 16th So. Carolina
Berry, John W. 1/10/1865 co. C, 66th Georgia
Biggers, Ezekiel 1/5/1865 co. C, 27th Mississippi
Bird, Wiley 1/24/1864 co. C, 47th Georgia
Bird, J.R. 10/20/1863 co. E, 43rd Alabama
Black, J. W. 12/22/1864 co. I, 18th Tennessee
Bolin, John V. 4/26/1865 co. B, 28th Tennessee
Bond, Russel P. 2/11/1865 co. F, 37th Georgia
Boothe, William 12/22/1864 co. K, 29th Alabama
Boyd, Wm, H. 1/3/1865 co. B, 8th Mississippi
Bradford, Andrew 3/2/1864 co. B, 28th Alabama
Bradford, J 12/29/1864 co. I, 10th Tennessee
Bridge, John 10/14/1863 co B, 19th Alabama
Briggans, John D. 8/20/1865 co F, 22nd Tenn. Cav.
Brittin, Cullin 1/6/1865 co C, 12th Kentucky
Brock, R. 6/26/1863 co H, 10th Mississippi
Brown, John C. 7/20/1863 Confederate
Bullen, W. T. 1/6/1865 Mississippi Battery
Burke, John T. 1/3/1865 co. A, 9th Minn
Burks, L. A. J. 2/17/1864 co. I, 27th Mississippi
Byford, Monroe 12/26/1863 co. I, 1st Missouri
Byor, Sumter 5/28/1865 co. I, 8th Confederate
Caraline, Daniel W. 12/22/1865 co. G, Mauk's Batt.
Carrell, W. F. 3/31/1862 co. K, 8th Arkansas
Castin, J. S. 9/6/1863 co. I, 1st Arkansas
Causey, Ben. F. 3/8/1865 co. F, 46th Georgia
Chandler, Wm 1/23/1865 co. I, 17th Tenn. Cav.
Chaney, Peter L. 2/17/1864 co. D, 50th Alabama
Chenry, John 1/7/1864 co. D, 32nd Alabama
Childers, John W. 12/21/1864 co. D, 46th Tennessee
Chisholms, N. K. 10/12/1864 co. H, 17th Alabama
Clements, Luther 3/12/1865 co. E, 18th Texas
Cochran, William 12/8/1863 co. G, 3rd East Tennessee
Cock, Alonzo 1/7/1865 co. H 47th Tennessee
Collins, R. C. 10/18/1863 Confederate
Cooksley, A. J. 1/2/1865 co. D, 3rd Mississippi
Cooper, Thomas D. 1/7/1865 co. B, 7th Arkansas
Cooper, John L. 2/171865 co. G, 20th Mississippi
Corley, J. W. 12/22/1864 co. G, 19th S. Carolina
Cornelius, Henry B. 1/3/1865 co. H, 1st Arkansas
Cozine, John W. 4/15/1865 co. A, Ellison's Guard
Craig, J. P. B. 3/16/1863 co. H, 60th North Carolina
Crapes, Wm. J. 3/11/1865 co. D, 24th S. C. cavalry
Crosby, Wm. 12/13/1863 co. E, 5th S & A
Cunningham, M. L. D. 12/13/1863 co. C, 32nd Mississippi
Curry, Robert 4/25/1864 co. A, 3rd Florida
Dale, Crockett 1/14/1865 co. H, 3rd Mississippi
Daniel, John M. 4/1/1865 co. E, 15th Mississippi
Darby, James 12/19/1864 co. I, 19th South Carolina
Dausmore, Wm. 1/22/1864 co. B, 37th Tennessee
Davidson, Jno. 4/6/1863 co. I, 4th Alabama
Davidson, B. W. 9/29/1863 Confederate
Davis, Geo. W. 1/1/1865 co. G, 1st Mississippi
Decowase, Lt. 12/19/1864 Dupeak's Battery
Deilson, Geo. 1/14/1865 Barrant's Battery
Derlord, M. V. 2/6/1864 Morgan's Command
Derrick, Wm. S. C. 12/19/1864 co. K, 19th Alabama
Dickerson, Ed. W. 3/1/1865 co. A, 29th Alabama
Dickerson, G. W. 1/8/1864 co. D, 25th Alabama
Downum, James W. 4/13/1864 co. F, 1st Al cavalry
Duffy, H. A. 3/24/1863 co. F, 47th Tennessee
Duma, Abraham 12/8/1864 co. K, 40th Georgia
Dunigan, Chas. 3/2/1864 co. H, 32nd Alabama
Easkley, Jno. W. 11/8/1864 co. C, 55th Alabama
Edgeman, William 1/7/1864 co. B, 5th Tennessee
Edings, A. G. 1/9/1865 co. B, 23rd Mississippi
Edison, Ed 5/16/1864 co. C, 39th Alabama
Elgin, John L. Capt 1/17/1865 Forrest's Staff
Elkins, John W. 3/10/1865 co. G, 10th Louisiana
Elliott, Jas. M. 1/21/1865 co. H, 46th Georgia
Enderwood, M. 2/6/1863 co. G, 3rd Tennessee
Etherton, Wm. 1/3/1865 co. E, 3rd Missouri
Evans, Green H. 2/21/1865 co. F, 29th Mississippi
Evans, Wm. E. 12/25/1864 co. G, 37th Georgia
Fain, Alfred 1/20/1863 18th Tennessee
Fanster, Sumter 12/7/1863 co G, 24th S. Carolina
Fay, R. E. 3/4/1865 co. F, 177th Ohio
Feaster, R.D. 3/4/1865 co. H, 35th Georgia
Feim, A. B. 12/7/1863 co. C, 1st Tennessee
Ferguson, James 1/13/1865 co. C, 33rd Tennessee
Fielding, John 8/8/1863 co. G, 1st Alabama
Fowler, George R. 12/17/1863 co I, 16th S. Carolina
Fuddy, S. F. 4/11/1864 co. H, 47th Georgia
Gale, Robert 4/23/1865 co. D, 25th Texas
Gallant, Frank 12/17/1863 co. A, 26th Tennessee
Galley, A. J. 1/27/1863 co. I, CSA
Galloway, J. T. 1/16/1864 co. H, 50th Alabama
Garrett, John M. 3/23/1864 co. H, Hamson's Legions, GA
Garrett, John G. 3/7/1865 co. B, 65th Georgia
Garrison, Francis H. 1/4/1865 co. K, 36th Mississippi
Geddard, Joshua Y. 1/2/1865 co. H, 82nd Georgia
Gee, Geo. W. 12/29/1864 co. A, 36th Alabama
Gibbons, Wm. T. 3/29/1865 co. F, 14th Texas
Gibbons, Thomas 1/3/1864 co. K, 6th S. Carolina
Gibson, Henry C. 12/21/1864 co. L, 12th Louisiana
Gillyard, Geo. 12/29/1864 co. C, 29th Georgia
Gilpin, Thomas 3/9/1864 co. C, 46th Alabama
Goble, John R. 12/13/1864 co. A, 65th Georgia
Godfrey, Thomas 1/5/1864 co. C, 19th Alabama
Golden, Geo W. 1/26/1865 co. K, 7th Alabama Cav.
Gonman, no first name 6/7/1865 co. K, 8th Confederate
Gore, H. A. 10/1/1863 co. A, 6th Florida
Graham, J. T. 2/14/1863 co. A, 6th Arkansas
Graham, Samuel 1/12/1865 co. G, 15th Tennessee
Greenlee, David J. 1/25/1865 co. K, 43rd Mississippi
Gribble, Jason 3/29/1864 co. F, 11th Georgia
Griffith, J. M. 1/24/1865 co. K, 41st Mississippi
Grogan, James H. 2/23/1865 co. F, 16th S. Carolina
Gross, Jno. F. 8/15/1864 co. H, 55th Alabama
Gudger, K. 2/11/1863 co. B, 39th North Carolina
Guesnon, Edgar 12/22/1864 Louisiana Battery
Guildford, John A. 2/22/1865 co. E, 57th Alabama
Guttery, Calvin 4/19/1864 co. I, 1st Alabama Cavalry
Haden, Evan 3/23/1865 co. K, 44th Alabama
Hall, Henry 12/19/1864 co. H, 29th Alabama
Hall, A. P. 5/29/1863 co. I, 4th Alabama Calvary
Ham, R. A. 3/5/1865 co. C, 33rd Mississippi
Hamby, Wm. J. 3/20/1865 co. B, 16th S. Carolina
Hamilton, Albert 11/20/1864 N. C. Home Guard
Hammon, C. C. 7/8/1865 co. G, 10th Alabama
Hancock, Chas. E. 4/7/1865 co. E, 30th Alabama
Hankin, J. A. 6/14/1863 Confederate nurse
Hardin, Daniel 1/2/1865 co. G, 1st Georgia
Harnin, A. M. 3/16/1863 co. B, 4th Tennessee
Harrington, Drury H. 12/12/1864 co. A, 34th Alabama
Harris, James 12/10/1864 Battalion Georgia
Harris, J. M. 12/19/1863 co. F, 33rd Tennessee
Harris, W. A. 12/29/1863 co. I, 29th Mississippi
Hathaway, Wm. W. 1/21/1865 co. G, 33rd Alabama
Hawes, Jefferson 3/28/1864 co. B, 1st Alabama
Hay, L. H. 12/18/1864 co. H, 10th Texas
Hazelwood, Richard 12/28/1864 co. E, 15th Mississippi
Heartzog, George 1/2/1865 co. C, 29th Alabama
Heckman, George W. 12/5/1864 co. H, 33rd Mississippi
Henderson, Eli 4/5/1865 co. B, 16th S. Carolina
Henderson, D. D. 4/9/1865 co. I, 15th Mississippi
Henderson, Thos. H. 1/10/1865 co., C, 34th Alabama
Hendrickson, W. C. 2/14/1863 84th Tennessee
Hendrickson, J. P. 2/23/1863 co. E, 44th Tennessee
Henry, B. F. 11/16/1863 co. D, 1st Kentucky
Herd, E. 1/19/1864 co. B, 5th Kentucky
Herring, Wm. G. 1/4/1865 co. B, 15th Mississippi
Hewell, Jno. H. C. 7/3/1864 co. A, 1st Georgia
Hewey, Thomas 7/21/1864 co. K, 1st Alabama cavalry
Heymondes, Jacob 8/14/1864 co. E, 57th Alabama
Hodges, J. J. 12/30/1863 co. C, 47th Georgia
Hoffetickler, Wm. 1/11/1865 co. B, 3rd Mississippi
Holder, Henry L. 1/5/1865 co. E, 8th Mississippi
Holliday, Wm. J. 3/17/1865 co. I, 24th S. Carolina
Holmes, Jackson 1/19/1865 co. G, 37th Georgia
Hopper, Jas. 6/2/1863 co. B, 28th Alabama
Horn, H. A. 1/8/1864 co. E, 38th Tennessee
Horton, James R. 2/21/1865 co. K, 9th Texas
House, Wm. T. 1/5/1865 co. F, 46th Tenn.
Howard, Wm. 1/2/1865 co. C, 12th Tenn. Cavalry
Hudson, Thos. M. 12/24/1864 co. A, 4th Louisiana
Hughes, F. A. 2/17/1865 co. E, 7th Tennessee
Humphire, A. W. 12/9/1864 co. C, 7th Kentucky
Jackson, Henry A. 1/20/1865 co. D, 45th Alabama
Jackson, J. M. 1/10/1864 co. F, 46th Georgia
Jennings, Willis 12/18/1863 co. C, 5th S. Carolina
Johnson, R. H. 12/28/1864 co. B, 45th Alabama
Johnson, N. 12/19/1864 co. D, 25th Alabama
Johnson, Thos. J. 5/17/1865 co. H, 19th Arkansas
Jones, John H. 2/12/1865 co. G, 29th Mississippi
Jones, J. 10/2/1863 co. H, 20th Tennessee
Karson, Iverson 1/13/1865 co. K, 19th Tennessee
Kellinge, W. F. 7/24/1863 co. F, 48th Tennessee
Keys, A. G. 5/22/1863 28th Mississippi
Killingsworth, Arch 2/20/1864 co. A, 3rd Con. Cav.
King, James 1/14/1865 co. A, 12th Tennessee
Knight, Wm. 1/9/1865 co. K, 30th Alabama
Krauts, Michael 1/9/1865 co. K, 49th Tennessee
Kuilro, Henry 1/5/1864 co. A, 18th Alabama
Lanch, Blas 3/12/1865 co. E, Missouri Battery
Lanier, Timothy 1/5/1865 co. I, 29th Georgia
Lasting, James G. 1/12/1864 co. H, 29th Georgia
Law, Ralph 1/18/1865 co. F, 12th Louisiana
Lawson, Enoch 2/9/1865 co. F, 30th Alabama
Leonard, Wm. E. 1/3/1865 co. C, 24th Alabama
Lewis, A. J. 1/2/1865 co. F, 1st Alabama
Lewis, W. H. 2/12/1865 co. K, 8th Arkansas
Little, John H. 12/26/1864 co. F, 5th Mississippi
Lively, Thos. 8/23/1864 co. I, 4th Georgia Cavalry
Lokey, Amos 3/27/1865 co. F, 3rd Mississippi
London, Green 9/15/1863 co. E, 59th Tennessee
Love, Andrew W. 12/31/1864 co. D, 25th Georgia
Lunceford, Wm. P. 1/3/1865 co. H, 37th Georgia
Lyle, H. C. 12/15/1863 Gen. Hale's Escort
Lyles, H. S. 11/18/1863 co.C, 2nd S.Carolina
Mackey, James 11/24/1864 co.B, 5th Alabama
Madden, Wm. C. 1/11/1865 co.C, 30th Alabama
Manderson, G. W. 12/16/1863 co.K, 36th Alabama
Martin, D. B. 7/8/1863 co.C, 2nd KY Cavalry
Martin, T. N. 1/2/1865 co.E, 4th Mississippi Batt.
Martin, A. J. 1/5/1865 co.H, 57th Alabama
Mathews, Gilbert 12/18/1864 co.K, 57th Alabama
Maynard, Thos. 1/24/1865 Seldon's Bat.
McCarmichael, Augst 3/3/1865 co. D, 7th Mississippi
McCullough, Newton 2/24/1865 co.H, 31st Mississippi
McDale, Alexander 1/2/1865 co.H, 34th Alabama
McDougle, James 3/3/1865 co.H, 37th Alabama
McGlann, W. P. 12/16/1863 co.B, 25th Alabama
McKay, Thos. J. 2/27/1865 co.B, 30th Mississippi
Merrill, Jas. A. 1/31/1865 co.G, 51st Tennessee
Merritt, G. R. 2/23/1864 co.I, 8th Alabama
Miles, Geo. 5/30/1863 6th Kentucky cavalry
Mills, Abner 4/13/1865 co.K, 6th Mississippi
Mopley, John H. 12/22/1864 co.D, 30th Alabama
Morgan, W. B. 11/13/1863 co.O, 1st Alabama
Morris, D. E. 3/3/1865 co.A, 33rd Alabama
Mosley, Richard 12/7/1863 co.D, 40th Alabama
Mull, Harvey 1/14/1865 co.A, 3rd Mississippi
Mux, Geo. W. 2/6/1863 co.E, 1st Tennessee
Myers, D. C. 1/1/1865 co.B, 7th Mississippi Batr.
Nelson, David 6/26/1864 20th Alabama
Nerran, Robert 12/27/1864 co.C, 14th Louisiana
Nichloas, Wm. 12/19/1864 co.I, 27th Alabama
Nichols, H. M. 1/2/1865 co.G, 8th Arkansas
Nichols, Wesley 10/31/1864 co.H, 40th Alabama
Nicholson, Jackson 2/27/1865 co.F, 33rd Missouri
Nickerton, A. J. 1/20/1865 co.H, 20th Tennessee
Noelon, Robt. O. 1/11/1865 co.G, 30th Georgia
Owen, G. B. 1/14/1864 co.C, 34th Mississippi
Owen, F. M. 1/19/1865 co.D, 10th Mississippi
Oxford, Andrew B. 12/26/1864 co.K, 19th Louisiana
Paine, Benj. 12/24/1864 co.E, 1st Alabama
Pankerson, M. L. 2/11/1865 co.D, 7th Florida
Parrish, S. J. J. 12/28/1865 co.E, 6th Kentucky Cav.
Partin, Jno. H. 1/20/1865 Confederate
Passmore, Wm. 2/22/1865 co.A, 45th Alabama
Pate, B. F. 12/7/1865 co.D, 29th Mississippi
Patton, Wesley F. 4/20/1865 co.C, 9th Mississippi
Payne, W. L. 12/16/1863 co.G, 53rd Tennessee
Payne, S. M. 12/26/1863 co.K, 48th Tennessee
Pearson, Wesley C. 2/11/1865 co.F, 14th Texas
Peck, Thomas 2/17/1865 co.E, 3rd Mississippi
Perkins, Thos. A. 4/18/1864 co.K, 36th Alabama
Perkis, Wesley 2/10/1863 Confederate
Perrett, J. R. 4/12/1864 co. F, 1st Alabama Cavalry
Peterson, Abny 5/18/1865 co.G, 29th NC
Pettit, P. J. 12/10/1863 co.F, 38th Alabama
Phillinghane, I. Q. 3/2/1864 co.B, 1st Alabama
Pierce, G. W. 12/8/1863 co.F, 4th Florida
Pinsley, J. B. 5/11/1863 co.B, 3rd Tennessee
Pipe, J. W. 12/13/1863 co.E, 38th N.Carolina
Pitts, John 4/14/1864 co.F, 1st AL Cavalry
Pivel, John 7/30/1863 co.E, 16th Alabama
Pollard, Wm. 12/26/1864 co.D, 9th Arkansas
Pope, E. W. 12/28/1864 co.L, 8th Alabama
Price, Lazarus 4/9/1865 co.I, 17th Texas
Prichard, C. H. 12/26/1864 co.D, 1st Alabama
Raines, Elijah 4/14/1864 co.D, 36th Alabama
Reed, J. M. 12/18/1863 co.A, 50th Alabama
Rem, J. A. 8/15/1863 co.L, 28th Alabama
Reynolds, W. S. 10/10/1863 co.C, 4th Tennessee
Rhaslaso, R. G. 1/6/1865 co.H, 22nd Alabama
Riley, J. W. 1/10/1864 co.B, 32nd Alabama
Rillen, Geo. 2/2/1863 co.G, 8th Mississippi
Ritter, W. P. 12/17/1864 co.E, 20th Tennessee
Robisons, Wm. R. 6/16/1864 co.D, 29th Alabama
Rockholt, F. 5/5/1863 co.I, 3rd Alabama
Rodgers, J. S. 6/7/1863 co.F, Smith's Scouts
Rodman, A. K. 1/2/1864 co.A, 24th S.Carolina
Rogers, Andrew 12/14/1863 co.F, 5th Tennessee
Rollings, Wm. 4/6/1864 co.M, 1st Alabama Cav.
Rothwell, Jno. 7/21/1864 co.B, 63rd Georgia
Rush, John 3/26/1865 co. H, 6th Arkansas
Russle, J. 9/14/1862 co. B, 1st Alabama
Saint, Jas. 3/6/1865 co.I, Miss. Batt.
Same, Mathias 1/3/1865 co.K, 1st Arkansas
Sample, C. 3/2/1864 co.B, 1st Alabama
Sanford, S. U. 5/21/1863 co.G, 28th Mississippi
Saunders, Mathew 7/15/1864 co.B, 46th Georgia
Scaggins, J. J. 7/23/1863 co.H, 9th Alabama
Scott, L. B. 9/29/1863 co.A, 9th Tennessee
Scott, Marshall 10/17/1863 co.D, 4th Tenn. Cavalry
Seale, Jas. P. 3/3/1865 co.D, 31st Mississippi
Sealey, John 1/7/1865 co.K, 6th Florida
Secompt, Jno. 1/19/1863 co.D, 4th Kentucky
Sedford, J. 2/26/1863 co.F, 60th NC
Seidman, Fred 10/15/1863 co. D, 26th Tennessee
Sharp, Edward A. 6/20/1865 co. F, 12th Kentucky Cavalry
Sharpston, Daniel 9/9/1864 co. G, 1st Mississippi
Shaw, Thos. C. 12/25/1864 co. C, 2nd Tennessee
Shrickler, James 2/9/1864 co. D, 1st Georgia
Shultz, Sydna A. 2/16/1865 co. B, 113th Missouri Cavalry
Sigler, Wm. C. 6/17/1865 co. C, 2nd Kentucky
Silingin, A. 12/25/1864 co. K, 37th Mississippi
Simmons, John W. 3/25/1865 co. E, 1st Mississippi
Simpson, John 6/2/1863 Confederate
Singleton, And. 4/1/1865 co. I, 39th Alabama
Sinnard, Henry 8/24/1864 1st Alabama Cavalry
Smith, W. A. 1/12/1865 co.A, 4th Tenn. Cav.
Smith, James Y. 4/26/1865 co.B, 11th Tennessee
Smith, Isaac 6/26/1865 co.D, 39th Mississippi
Smith, Powell 2/15/1865 co.G, 25th Alabama
Smith, Joseph H. 5/27/1865 co.G, 34th Georgia
Smith, B. 11/8/1864 co.H, 24th Kentucky
Smith, Wm. W. 6/16/1865 co.I, 17th Alabama
Snader, C. 10/2/1863 co K, 3rd Conf. Cav.
Snowden, W. C. 12/15/1863 co E, 15th Arkansas
Sorrow, Jesse 2/15/1865 co.G, 37th Georgia
Spencer, James 5/15/1863 co.F, 29th Mississippi
Spuill, Martin G. 12/19/1864 42nd Tennessee
Stearns, J. S. 10/19/1863 co.F, 29th Mississippi
Steele, Richard 11/15/1863 co.I, 14th Texas Cavalry
Stewart, James W. 2/18/1864 co.E, 4th Florida
Stokes, J. W. 4/29/1864 co.A, 1st Alabama
Stone, Jas. W. 7/7/1864 co.D, 1st Missouri
Summerford, R. L. 4/17/1865 co.H, 1st Confederate
Sutton, Robt. E. 1/2/1863 co.E, 1st TN Cavalry
Taylor, S. M. 7/26/1863 co.A, 10th Tennessee
Taylor, S. S. 4/8/1865 co.E, 30th Alabama
Terby, J. E. 6/6/1863 co.H, 24th Mississippi
Thesbeck, S. G. 5/28/1863 co.O, 41st Mississippi
Thompson, Wm. H. 12/20/1864 co.K, 15th Tennessee
Tiller, George W. 1/1/1865 co.E, 46th Mississippi
Todd, Wm. A. 12/30/1864 co.I, 15th Mississippi
Tomlin, W. J. 1/2/1865 co.L, 57th Amabama
Townsend, Dosure 8/7/1864 co.E, 8th Georgia
Tucker, John D. 12/14/1863 co.B, 1st Alabama
Turner, John B. 1/15/1864 co.G, 58th Alabama
Turner, Wm. J. 1/2/1865 co.K, 42nd Georgia
Turpin, White 1/18/1865 Darden's Battery
Vaughn, J. H. 10/12/1863 co.B, 11th Tenn. Cavalry
Waggner, S. H. 3/3/1863 co.G, 2nd Tennessee
Walton, Edward J. 1/7/1865 co.B, 20th Tennessee
Wanderer, G. 12/9/1863 co.A, 27th Alabama
Walters, W. S. 3/27/1863 29th Mississippi
Watters, John 4/15/1865 co.A, 7th Texas
Watts, J. B. 1/29/1863 co.?, 3rd Florida
Weaks, W. 3/2/1863 co.C, 6th Alabama
Weatherpool, J. R. 8/8/1863 co.G, 10th Alabama
Weathery, Benjamin 12/23/1864 co.G, 4th Mississippi
Weaver, A. S. 2/20/1864 co.B, 90th Arkansas
Webb, Jacob 8/12/1864 co.D, 19th Alabama
Well, J. C. 10/1/1863 co. G, 34th Alabama
Wells, J. 9/30/1863 co.D, 19th Alabama
West, John R. 1/9/1865 co.K, 55th Tennessee
West, Jno. 6/29/1864 co.L, 1st AL Cavalry
Westbrook, Jas. W. 1/24/1865 co.G, 29th Alabama
White, Albert 2/4/1863 4th Florida
Whitener, Daniel 3/9/1865 co.F, 34th Mississippi
Whitley, E. H. 5/7/1863 co.K, 28 (unreadable)
Widham, J. 1/17/1864 co.I, 20th Alabama
Wilkerson, John 12/31/1864 co.E, 30th Alabama
Williams, Jas. T. 3/19/1865 co.C, 55th Alabama
Williams, F. M. 1/22/1865 co.I, 8th Mississippi
Wilson, Geo. 1/22/1865 co.K, 22nd Alabama
Wimberly, William 12/17/1864 co.D, 46th Tennessee
Winn, Johm J. 12/22/1864 co.E, 20th Alabama
Witte, F. 12/8/1863 co.C, 31st Louisiana
Wortham, A. 3/3/1863 co.A, 9th Tennessee
Wyches, Geo. D. 4/13/1865 co.C, 17th Alabama
York, R. J. 11/13/1864 co.H, 23rd Alabama
Young, A. M. 3/2/1864 co.A, S.C.A.

Nashville History