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The Daily Press, Nashville, Tennessee Friday January 15, 1864

Hospital Directory


City of Nashville


U. S. General Hospitals

Hospital No. 1 – Old Gun Facoty: Surgeon C. W. Horner, College street, on the Hill.

Hospital No. 2 – University Building: Surgeon R. D. Lynde, U. S. Vols., Market street, on the Hill.

Hospital No. 3 – Ensley’s Building: Surgeon L. D. Harlow, U. S. Vols., Southeast corner of the Public Square.

Hospital No. 8 – Masonic Building: A A Surgeon Thomas J. Karber, U. S. V. corner of Church and Summer streets.

Hospital No. 9 – Carriage Factory: A A Surgeon G. W. France, U. S. V., Market street, below the square.

Hospital No. 11 – (Pest House): A. A. Surgeon L. D. Ho_le, U. S. V., on University Pike.

Hospital No. 12 – Broadway Hotel: Surgeon Lawton, U. S. V., corner of Broad and Cherry streets.

Hospital No. 13 – Hume’s High School: Surgeon R. R. Taylor, U. S. Vols., corner of Spruce and Broad.

Hospital No. 14 – Nashville Female Academy: Surgeon J. H. Phillips, U. S. Vols., Church street, near the Chattanooga Depot.

Hospital No. 15 – Hyne’s High School: Surgeon Wm. M. Chambers, U. S. Vols, corner of Line & Summer streets.

Hospital No. 16 – (Contraband): A A Surgeon Ronayne, U. S. A., corner of Broad and Front streets.

Hospital No. 17 – (Officers): Surgeon R. D. Lynde, U. S. Vols., Market street, on the Hill.

Hospital No. 19 – Morris & Stratton’s Building: Surgeon J. W. Foye, U. S. Vols., No 4 Market street.

Hospital No. 21 – Methodist Church: Surgeon S. E. Fuller, U. S. Vols., Church street, between Summer and High.

Cumberland Hospital – Surgeon Clark McDermont, U. S. Vols., on the Hardin Pike, west of the Penitentiary.

Prison Hospital – Second Baptist Church: A A Surgeon S. G. Hickman, U. S. A., Cherry street, on the Hill.

Convalescent Barracks – Maxwell House: Corner of Church and Cherry streets.

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