After OCS it was navigator training thence KC-135's at Ellsworth AFB, Amarillo AFB, March AFB followed by a 4 yr stint in Taiwan/Vietnam flying the C-130E Hercules. This was followed by ACSC, Class of 74, and 4 years at HQ PACAF in the Airlift Directorate. My assignment out of PACAF was a consolation prize--Chief Navigator of the 16th Tactical Airlift Training Squadron, Little Rock AFB, AR. I retired from the Air Force in 1988 and went to work the next day at the C-130 Airlift Training Center (Flight Simulator) as an Instructor Navigator Supervisor. After 10 years as a civilian instructor, I retired to 10 acres and a John Deere tractor in Antioch, Arkansas.

The Air Force has been good to me. For my entire career (practically my whole adult life), I was given the opportunity to work and associate with the finest group of individuals this country has to offer. Uncle Sam educated me (B.S. Troy State 1974; M.A. Central Michigan University 1978) and provided me with opportunity, challenge, and excitement, along with promotions from time to time. Did I love it? Yes. Would I put on the uniform again? In a heartbeat!!

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