Elias E. Schwartz jr "Ed"

From OCS I was given a directed duty assignment to Seymour Johnson AFB , NC as an Avionics Officer working on the F102s. This was due to my experience as an electronics technician before OCS. In Sep 1962, I was assigned to Keflavik NAS, Iceland to set up the F102 squadron there and stayed there in a remote assignment until Sep 1963. I was then sent to Oxnard AFB, Camarillo Ca. and worked on the F101 aircraft as an Avionics Officer. I made Captain there in 1965. Since leaving OCS I began going to night school taking college courses towards an engineering degree. In 1967 I earned enough credits to apply for and was accepted to go to the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Dayton Ohio. I graduated in June 1969, with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I was then assigned to the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio working as a scientific intelligence officer. The job was to obtain intel data and then use it to "back engineer" and analyze the data to describe the Soviet and Chinese equipment. I was promoted to Major in 1972. I was sent to Wiesbaden Germany to Det 3 of FTD to work the intel collection side of the job. I stayed there until Jun 1976 and was then assigned to Hanscom AFB. Ma. as Chief of the threat Division.

While at Hanscom I went to night school and obtained an MBA. In July 1979 I retired from the Air Force and went to work for the BDM Corporation in Albuquerque NM. This was a professional services organization that provided engineering support to the government and private corporations. In 1983, I was given an engineering job to support Northrop Corporation in California working on the new B2 Stealth Bomber. I commuted from NM to California on weekends until 1986 when I went to work directly for Northrop Corporation as an engineering manager. I moved my family to California and am still working for Northrop. I plan to retire in December 2000.

When I went to OCS I was married to Margaret and had one daughter. At Seymour Johnson we had another daughter, and when assigned to Dayton we had a son and daughter born. They are all married and we have 9 grand children.

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