Thomas O. Sloan

HI! I retired in 1974. Never regretted a day I spent in service and have never regretted a day that I have retired. I taught in a Junior College for 15 years and retired. My wife, Elaine (a retired school teacher). Had a ceramic shop but sold that so I guess I retired from that also. And at age 62 started collecting my SS. And with four retirements I am busier than ever. Between church work and helping with The Cat Protection Society I stay much too busy. In addition since moving to Florida, Elaine is a born Floridian, we have lots of company so we don't do much traveling ourselves. We have annual passes to Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens in Tampa, and Cypress Gardens so we can accompany our guests on their trips to the parks.

If we ever have a reunion how about a 3, 4, or 7 day cruise of the Carribean or someplace. You all take care.

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