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Report of a speech by General Gregory

[list of articles in the Galveston Daily News]
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[source: Galveston Daily News 4 April 1866, page 3, column 2]

The La Grange New Era of the 30th says Gen. Gregory delivered an address in the Courthouse there on the Monday evening previous. "The drift of his remarks was to the effect that negroes must adhere to their contracts, and not let any one entice them from their present homes." This is good advice. Anything like it never could have caused any complaint. The white people, generally, know much better what is good for the negroes than they do themselves. Besides the whites really wish the negroes well, and are anxious to promote their interests. Complaints can arise, therefore, only upon such management on the part of the Bureau as would seem to assume an antagonism between the two races, and to induce the negroes to act accordingly under assurances of military protection. Speaking of the address alluded to above, the New Era adds: "Our cook was present, and on inquiring of her what he said, she replied that she only remembered two words, which were, that when they had made a contract to stay at a place, they must not listen to any one wishing them to leave, even if he should offer three dollars a month more than they were receiving." The same paper says the Bureau is not "encouraging the negro to play the fool."

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