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Gen. Gregory

[list of articles in the Galveston Daily News]
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[source: Galveston Daily News, 19 May 1866, page 2, column 2.]

GEN. GREGORY.--Our Houston correspondent, in his letter published yesterday, consigns General Gregory to a place beyond the limit of our jurisdiction, and certainly beyond that of our wishes for anybody. The General was very oppressive--used his authority to insult ladies, and to injure gentlemen, with a recklessness of feeling, such as could have been expected only in the essential enemy of humanity himself; still, we hope he may "tak' a thought and men';" for we are "wae to think upon yon den" to which our correspondent consigns him, even for his sake. Surely it were better to hope that the General might see his errors and renounce them, than to imitate his own example of bitterness and denunciation. For our own part, we have too poor an opinion of General Gregory even to wish him any harm.

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