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of the
26th Missouri Infantry

The history of the 26th Missouri was written by Benjamin Devor Dean, the second commanding colonel of the regiment.  This book was commissioned and written to be distributed at the 4th annual regimental reunion that took place in Pacific, Missouri, October 3, 1892.  The index from the book is shown below with links to each section listed.  Every section has been divided into the pages as numbered in the original book, with the exception of the last section, Roster of Survivors.  A PDF file is linked below the index for those who have Adobe Acrobat Reader and want to download and have a print out of the history.  A word of warning, the PDF file is over 800K in size and not compressed.  


Portrait of Col. B. D. Dean (1863) II
Portrait of Gen. G. B. Boomer III
Dedication and Note from Publisher IV
Portrait of Col. B. D. Dean (1890) Biographical Sketch V-VII
Organization and Early Service 1-7
Distinguished Mention at Battle of Iuka of Captains Welker, Rice, Dean, Robinson, Crowell, and Lieut’s Brown, Maupin, Denny, Crowe, Schirmer, Dennis and Shoenen 5-6
The Vicksburg Campaign 8-16
Battles of Missionary Ridge and Chattanooga 17-25
The March Southward 26-39
The March to the Sea 40-56
Surrender of Savannah 57-59
Capt. W. M. Robinson – Portrait and Biographical Sketch 61-64
Lieut. Col. T. M. Rice writes of the march "Through the Carolinas" 65-75
Commendatory Letters of Col. Dean 76-78
Memoir of Gen. Boomer, by his sister, Mrs. A. B. Stone of N. Y. City
  Early Life 75-85
Arrival in Missouri 86-92
  As a Business Man 93-109
The Patriot 110-129
  The Soldier 130-153
Death and Burial  154-161
  Testimonials  162-174
Major R. C. Crowell – Biographical Sketch 175-177
Capt. W. H. Mengel – Portrait and Biographical Sketch 178-180
Other Biographical Sketches 181-199
Serg’t W. M. Jones’ War Experiences 200-207
Map of Iuka Battlefield 208
Capt. J. T. Crowe – Portrait and Biographical Sketch 209-210
Lieut. C. P. Carman – Portrait and Sketch  211-229
Reunion Proceedings 230-242
Roster of Officers 243-249
Roster of Survivors 250-256
Index to History
PDF Formatted History