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This website is dedicated to the people of Thurmaston, Leicestershire, England, who served their country in two World Wars.

Can you help with details or images to improve the site.

The book 'Thurmaston and the Great War, 1914-1918' commemorates the contribution of the people of Thurmaston to the struggle that we know as the First World War.



The book of 178 glossy pages gives the details of over 320 people associated with the village that served during the war. The book is not restricted to those persons who gave their lives, but to those who rendered their services in some way or another.

Each person is represented by a small sympathetic biography, which is as full as the available written historical records will allow. If you wish to buy a copy of the illustrated book of almost 90,000 words, price £12.99, please download an order form by clicking on one of the following links - PDF Book Order Form or JPEG Book Order Form

The book is also available from:

Thurmaston Print Shop, 814, Melton Road, Thurmaston.


Gamble and Hollis, 1193, Melton Road, Syston.

If you wish to ask the author a question regarding the book please click on the following link

Thurmaston and the Great War, 1914-1918.


New Details Added 12th February 2017 - Click on the link to view.

Jack Hegginson

New Details Added 12th February 2017 - Click on the link to view.

James Edward Bree

New Details and Photograph Added 11th February 2017 - Click on the link to view.

Eric Foulds

New Details Added 9th July 2016 - Click on the link to view.

The Foulds Brothers

New Details and Photographs Added 11th June 2016 - Click on the link to view.

Howard Shaw

Photograph Added 25th January 2016 - Click on the link to view.

Hereward Chappell

Photograph Added 25th January 2016 - Click on the link to view.

Horatio Bedford

New Details Added 1st December 2015 - Click on the link to view.

James Souter


This site is constantly being updated, both in its form and content.
If you can help to improve the site by submitting information or pictures to the website
author please make contact by using one of the email links on the site.

Information is sought on any person from Thurmaston, male or female, that served in the armed
forces during either of the two wars. Information is accepted on people that served in the
Royal Navy, the British Army or the Royal Air Force. Details are also sought on any Thurmaston
people who fought or served with any Empire, Commonwealth or foreign forces.

The site also has details of those who served on the home front during the wars.
Therefore, information relating to anyone from Thurmaston that served as a Special Constable,
an Air Rid Precautions Officer, a Home Guard soldier, or a member of the
Women's Land Army is also requested.


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