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Gamble, William Leonard


36, Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston.


Garner, Charles


268, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Garner, Frederick Stanley

Stan Garner


Although Frederick Stanley Garner was born in Leicester in 1906 his family were part of a long line of Garners that were from Thurmaston. He was the son of Frederick Garner and his wife Elizabeth, nee Hall; she came from Syston. Stan Garner, as he was usually called, spent his younger years at Syston, but on marrying moved to rented accommodation at 75, Checkland Road, Thurmaston. His early working life was spent with his father in the cane trade, but later he moved into the shoe trade and thereafter spent the rest of his career working for the Wilford family.

During the early part of the 1939-45 War he was a volunteer air raid warden in Thurmaston, but was called-up into the Royal Air Force in 1942. He initially carried out home service, but was later posted to Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. There, as Corporal Garner, he ran a supply depot. He remained in Sierra Leone for the remainder of the war.

Stan Garner died in 1968 leaving his wife Violet, who died in 2000, aged 91. The three children from their marriage live in Syston, Leicestershire; Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands; and London.


Gee, Percy


218, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Gibbons, Colin Oswald, D.F.M.

Collin Gibbons

Colin Oswald Gibbons the only son of Mr. Cecil Harold Gibbons and his wife Clara, nee Hill. In 1928 the Gibbons family lived at a house called Iredale, in Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston.

Flight Sergeant, 1490461, Colin Oswald Gibbons, R.A.F.V.R. moved to Poynton, Cheshire. During 1944 he was posted as missing. He was held as a prisoner of war in Germany.

To see a larger image of Flight Sergeant Gibbons click on the link below

Colin Oswald Gibbons

To see full details about Colin Oswald Gibbons click on the link

Sergeant Gibbons, D.F.M.

Godwin, Robert Wilding


Robert Wilding Godwin was born in the Lambeth district of London during 1916.

Sergeant, 2590507, Robert Wilding Godwin, Royal Corps of Signals died on the 10th September 1943, age 26 years.

He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Gooch, Kenneth Reginald


Kenneth Reginald Gooch was born in Essex on the 26th September 1916.

In late 1945 Kenneth R.Gooch was serving with His Majesty's Forces. At that time his home address was 14, Colby Road, Thurmaston. In later life, and until his death in 1982, he lived at 270, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Goodacre, Leslie Edward


Leslie Edward Goodacre was born in Leicestershire on the 28th April 1912. He was the son of Fred Goodacre and his wife Rose Goodacre, nee Montgomery.

Leslie Edward Goodacre and his wife Frances Eleanor, nee Hawley, lived at 8, Alexandra Street, Thurmaston.

In 1945 Les Goodacre, as he was known, was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces.

In about the late 1970's Les and Frances Goodacre retired to Weston-super-mare. He died there in about 2001, his wife died during 2002.


Goodridge, Kenneth John Mawby


Kenneth John Mawby Goodridge was born in Leicestershire on the 15th January 1924. He was the son of Richard E. Goodridge and his wife Mrs. Ethel A. Goodridge, nee Mawby. Kenneth J.M. Goodridge was serving with His Majesty's Forces in late 1945. At that time his home address was 3, Westdown Drive, Thurmaston.

Kenneth John Mawby Goodridge died in Leicestershire during 1992.


Gorman, John


Manor Hotel, Leicester Road, Thurmaston.


Granger, Donald Arthur William


308, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Grant, Alfred


Able Seaman (Radar), Alfred Grant, C/JX 409108, died 20/07/1944 aboard HMS Isis. He was 20 years old. Alfred was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Grant, 2, Silverdale Drive, Thurmaston, Leicestershire. He is commemorated on the Chatham War Memorial, Chatham, Kent, England. Panel 75,2. Pre-war he was employed by Frigidaire Limited, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire.

He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Greasley, Robert Ernest

Robert Ernest Greasley was born in Birstall, Leicestershire, on the 10th August 1904. He was the son of Arthur & Mary Ann Greasley.

In 1945 Robert Ernest Greasley of 409, Syston Road, Thurmaston, was serving in His Majesty's Forces.

He was married to Doris Elsie Toon of Thurmaston. Robert Ernest Greasley passed away during 1970.

Greaves, Norman Harold


17, Winster Drive, Thurmaston.


Green, Dennis Braithwaite


Lance Corporal, 14510407, Dennis Braithwaite Green, 2/5th Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) died on the 10th September 1944, age 24 years. Lance Corporal Green lived at 429, Syston Road, Thurmaston.

He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Green, Eric

Eric Green RASC


Driver, 138320, Eric Green, Royal Army Service Corps (R.A.S.C.)..

To see a larger image of Eric Green click on the link below

Driver Eric Green

Green, James Frederick


James Frederick Green was born in 1906, in the parish of Birstall, Leicestershire. He was the 5th child and second son of Ernest Harry Green and his wife Rebecca, nee Bell. When James Frederick was around one year old the Green family moved to Thurmaston, and set-up home at 6, Havelock Cottages. James Frederick Green's father, who had been born in Lichfield, in about 1868, worked a cowman on a farm.

Private, 1680079, James Fred Green, Pioneer Corps died on the 21st May 1943, age 36 years. He left a widow, Dora Green.

He is buried in Thurmaston Cemetery (Section C, Grave 796) and is also commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Green, Owen Ernest


In 1939 Owen Ernest Green of 429, Syston Road, Thurmaston, was serving in the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.). He was serving as A.C.2., 627021, O.E. Green, at No. 2. R.A.F. Depot, Cardington, Bedfordshire.

Owen Ernest Green of Noblethorpe, Melton Road, Thurmaston, was still serving with the R.A.F. in 1942.


Green, Stanley Leonard


Stanley Leonard Green of 429, Syston Road, Thurmaston, was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces from at least 1945 until late 1947.


Green, William

William Green


William Green.


Green, Thelma Edna Mavis


Thelma Edna Mavis Green was born on the 1st December 1916.

In 1945 Thelma Edna Mavis Green of 28, Melton Avenue, Thurmaston, was serving in His Majesty's Forces..

Thelma Edna Mavis Green passed away during 2004.


Grundy, Thomas Whyman


Thomas Whyman Grundy was serving with His Majesty's Forces between 1942 and 1945. He and his wife, Kathleen, lived at 130, Colby Drive, Thurmaston. He became a widower on the 19th October 1973. He died on the 27th August 1990, aged 80 years. Thomas Whyman Grundy and his wife Kathleen are interred in Thurmaston Cemetery.


Hall, George Edward


Cherry Dene Cottages, Barkby Thorpe Road, Thurmaston.


Hardman, Arthur


Colby Drive, Thurmaston.


Harrall, Eric Richard


7A, Church Hill Road Extension, Thurmaston.


Harris, Eric


35, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Harris, George Caress


George Caress Harris was born in Leicestershire on the 8th January 1914.

George Caress Harris was serving in His Majesty's Forces in late 1945, until at least 1947. He resided at 10, Colby Drive, Thurmaston.

George Caress Harris died in Leicestershire during 1985.


Harrison, John Shirley


24, Oakland Avenue, Thurmaston.


Hartshorn, Alan


Alan Hartshorn of 93, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston, was serving with the forces in 1945, and remained with them until late 1947.

During the war Alan Hartshorn married Jessie Enid Josephine Chandler.

In 1945 Mrs. Jessie Enid Josephine Hartshorn (q.v.) was also serving with the forces.


Hartshorn, Frank William


Frank William Hartshorn was serving as an army signalman in 1940-1941. He lived with his wife, Ida, at 76, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Hartshorn, Jessie Enid Josephine


Jessie Enid Josephine Chandler was born in Leicestershire during 1924, the daughter of Alfred J. Chandler and his wife Florence, nee Rayns.

During the war she became the wife of Alan Hartshorn (q.v.). In 1945 she was serving in His Majesty's Forces.

At the end of the war her home address, and that of her husband, was 93, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Hartshorn, Jimmy

Jimmy Hartshorn


Jimmy Hartshorn


Hartshorn, John Charles


291, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Hartshorn, Kenneth


Able Seaman Kenneth Hartshorn of 38, Main Street, Thurmaston, served in the Middle East.


Hartshorn, Owen William

Owen Hartshorn


Owen William Hartshorn was born on the 22nd April 1921 and was baptised at Thurmaston parish church on the 2nd October that same year. He was the son of Frank Hartshorn, a gardener, and his wife Alice Mabel.

Lance Sergeant, 4868440, Owen William Hartshorn, 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment, died on the 10th May 1945, age 24 years. He and 12 others were killed in an ammunition dump explosion whilst they were involved in disarming German troops of the Hermann Göring Parachute Division, at Baarn, near Hilversum, in the Netherlands.

To see a larger image of Owen Hartshorn click on the link below

Lance Sergeant Owen Hartshorn

Owen William Hatrshorn is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Harty, Timothy Joseph


23, Methuen Avenue, Thurmaston.


Haseldine, Thomas James


In 1945 Thomas James Haseldine, who was then serving in His Majesty's Forces, was resident at 38, Hill Rise, Thurmaston. The house was also home to his wife Gertrude E. Haseldine, nee Allsopp.


Heathcote, Edwin


Edwin Heathcote was born in Thurmaston in the year 1906, the son of Alfred Heathcote, a shoefinisher, and his wife Olive. His family are believed to have been resident in Canal Street. As a child Edwin attended Thurmaston National School. During the 1939-45 War Edwin Heathcote served with a unit that was part of the 8th Army. He died on the 30th August 1978 and is interred in Thurmaston Cemetery along with his wife Minnie.


Hegginson, John


39, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Herbert, Walter Raymond


1, Garden Street, Thurmaston.


Hewing, Alan


Alan Hewing was born in Thurmaston in 1924, the son of James Henry and Hannah Hewing. He was the couple's third child. In 1928 the Hewing family lived at 15, Brook Street, Thurmaston.

During the 1939-45 war Alan Hewing served in the Royal Navy. After the war he and his wife, Winifred Vera, lived at a house in Brook Street, Thurmaston.

His elder brother, James Hewing (q.v.), served with the 153rd (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.


Hewing, James Jim

Jim Hewing

1939-1945 Star France & Germany Star Defence Medal British War Medal


James Hewing, Jim as he was known, was born in Warwickshire on the 21st December 1915. He was the son of James Henry Hewing, a bricklayer, and his wife Hannah, nee Black. In 1928 the Hewing family lived at 15, Brook Street, Thurmaston.

Twenty four years' old Jim Hewing joined the army on the 30th May 1940. He was enlisted into the 153rd (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, at Leicester.

At the beginning of the war the Leicestershire Yeomanry had been a cavalry unit, however, in November 1939 it had been converted into the 153rd and 154th Field Regiments of the Royal Artillery. When Jim Hewing joined the 153rd (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, it operated with the 154th. However, in April 1940 the two regiments parted, each would go on to serve in different theatres of war - for Jim Hewing there would be much training for things to come.

On the 28th June 1944 the 153rd (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment's 25 pounder guns, each mounted on a Sherman tank chassis, were embarked at Southampton for war service in France. Jim fought with the Regiment as the allied armies pushed back German troops through France, Belgium, Holland and on into the Reich.

Gunner, 986484, James Hewing was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, the France and Germany Star, the Defence Medal and the British War Medal for his services. He and his wife, Charlotte, nee Harrison, lived at 197, Main Street, Thurmaston.

To see a larger image of Jim Hewing click on the link below

Gunner James Hewing

Jim Hewing's younger brother, Alan Hewing (q.v.) served in the Royal Navy during the war.

James Hewing died in Leicestershire on the 28th August 1988.


Hill, Harry


Peacehaven, Manor Road, Thurmaston.


Hill, John


34, Unicorn Street, Thurmaston.


Hill, Leonard


1, Brook Street, Thurmaston.


Hinde, Alfred William


412, Melton Road, Thurmaston.


Hine, Albert Burnley


Albert Burnley Hine was born on the 25th April 1914 in the Lewisham district of London. He was the son of Albert William Hine, a house painter, and his wife Esther, nee Withrington.

Prior to Albert's birth his parents were living at 43, Glenwood Road, Lewisham, there they lived with their daughter Winifred Elizabeth Hine, who, like her father, had been born in Catford. Mrs. Hine had been born in Poplar.

In 1939 Albert Burnley Hine married Marjorie Mason in Leicestershire.

During the war he served with His Majesty's Forces, and was still serving in 1945

In 1945 Albert B. and Marjorie Hine's home address was 159, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.

Albert Burnley Hine died during 2002.


Hinman, William Francis


260, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Hodson, William


Lived Maple Road and Manor Road, Thurmaston.


Hollis, George Frederick


340, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Hopewell, Albert Ernest


Albert Ernest Hopewell was serving with His Majesty's Forces in 1944. He and his wife, Josephine, lived at Windermere, Church Hill Road Extension, Thurmaston.


Horsfall, Frederick Joseph


Frederick Joseph Horsfall was serving with His Majesty's Forces in 1945, at that time his home address was 32, Main Street, Thurmaston.

Frederick Joseph Horsfall was born in Leicestershire during 1923.


Howe, Albert Henry


256, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Hughes, Thomas Edmund

Eddy Hughes


Thomas Edmund Hughes was born in Thurmaston on the 23rd October 1919.

During 1941 Gunner Eddie Hughes, Royal Artillery, of 9, Alexandra Street, Thurmaston, was captured whilst serving in the Middle East. He was held as a prisoner of war in Italy. He was liberated from captivity in 1945. Prior to the war he worked for the firm of Eatoughs, Syston, Leicestershire.

In 1945, having returned home, he married Margaret B. Betty Buck. After their marriage they lived out their lives at Ashby de la Zouch. Eddie worked throughout his life as a gardener for the National Coal Board. He died in about 1991 and is buried at Ashby de la Zouch.

His younger brother, Ronald Hughes (q.v.) served in His Majesty's Forces during the 1939-1945 war.


Hughes, Ronald

LS R Hughes 1939-1945 StarAtlantic StarAfrica StarItaly StarEar Medal with MID Soviet Arctic Convoy Medal


Ronald Hughes was born in Thurmaston on the 9th March 1922.

In 1941 he joined the Royal Navy, and carried out training as a seaman at HMS Royal Arthur, the requisitioned Butlin's camp at Skegness. In August 1942, on completion of his training, Ronald Hughes joined the ship's company of the 'M' Class destroyer HMS Meteor, and remained with her until November 1945.

During his time with the ship, between September 1942 and September 1944, Ronald Hughes served in 16 Russian convoys. His ship was involved in the Battle of North Cape on Boxing Day 1943, when the German battleship Scharnhorst was sunk.

He also served aboard HMS Meteor during the allied landings in North Africa - Operation Torch - and the naval action to cover the D-Day landings in Normandy on the 6th June 1944. HMS Meteor was also involved in the Battle of the Ligurian Sea, off Italy, during March 1945.

From November 1945 Ronald Hughes served aboard the fleet minesweeper HMS Albacore, which was tasked for mine clearance operations in the Mediterranean Sea until February 1946. After the war he was awarded the 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and War Medal, he was also awarded an oak leaf emblem, in recognition of being mentioned in a naval despatch.

Petty Officer Steward, D/LX28441, Ronald Hughes left the Royal Navy during November 1946, and returned to the family home at 9, Alexandra Street, Thurmaston. On returning to civilian life he was employed by the confectioners MacIntoshes of Syston. In 1949 Ronald Hughes married Audrey Mahala Moore; the couple lived in Alexandra Street, and had a family. In 1961 the Hughes family moved to a house in Margaret Close, Thurmaston. For most of his working life Ronald Hughes worked for Wadkins, woodworking machinery engineers of Green Lane Road, Leicester.

Mrs. Audrey Hughes passed away during 1991, aged 63 years old. In 1994 H.M. the Queen approved for wear a Soviet commemorative medal, of which Ronald Hughes had been a recipient; the medal, awarded by the Government of the U.S.S.R., was an acknowledgement of the role played by Arctic convoy veterans during the war. Mr. Ronald Hughes died during 2011.

Ronald Hughes elder brother, Thomas Edmund Hughes (q.v.) served in the army during the 1939-1945 war.

Information courtesy of Mr. Neil Hughes, son of Ronald and Audrey Hughes.


Hull, Thomas Harold


2, Red Hill Lane, Thurmaston.


Hyam, Edward


432, Melton Road, Thurmaston.


Hyman, Jack

Jack Hyman

1939-1945 StarAfrica Star with 8th Army barBritish War Medal


Jack Hyman was born at Rotherby, Leicestershire, in the year 1910 and grew up in nearby Thrussington. Serving with the Leicestershire Regiment as Private, 4867491, J. Hyman, he fought in North Africa. After the battle of El Alamein he was reported missing, presumed killed. Severely wounded, he was taken to South Africa and, following treatments in hospitals in Johannesburg and Cape Town, would later return to England. The following link will open a picture taken in South Africa.

Following his return to Southampton he received further treatment at Netley Military Hospital. His final treatment was carried out at Leicester Infirmary.

On returning to his wife and family he lived out most of the rest of his life at Thurmaston, until his death on the 13th March 1997. Although he suffered disability as a result of his wartime wounds he enjoyed a full and active life. Prior to the war Jack and his wife Gertrude Lillian Lily (nee Smith) lived at Glenfield, Leicestershire. She moved back to Thurmaston during the war to gain the support of her family who lived in the village.

Jack Hyman is interred in Thurmaston Cemetery along with his wife. She died on the 17th January 1996, aged 83 years. A photograph of two of the children of Jack and Lily Hyman can be seen by clicking on the following link - Brook Street VE-Day Party

Iliffe, Margaret Ellen


Margaret Ellen Iliffe of Sunny Slope, Syston Road, Thurmaston, was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces in late 1945 until at least 1947. She lived at the same address as William Henry Iliffe (qv).


Iliffe, William Harry

Bill Iliffe 1939-1945 Star France & Germany StarDefence Medal British War Medal


Lance Sergeant, 326674, Bill Iliffe, 153 (The Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery died on the 21st November 1945, age 24 years. He was the son of Jack Cleveland and Ada Goode Iliffe of Sunny Slope, Syston Road, Thurmaston. Also at his parent's home address was Margaret Ellen Iliffe (qv).

He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Jacques, Tom Harold


Tom Harold Jacques was born in Leicester during 1904. He was the son of Tom Jacques, a chimney sweep, and his wife Eliza Ann, nee Riley.

When Tom Harold Jacques was a small boy he lived with his parents and two sisters, Ivy Harriett and Hilda, at 1, Wilton Street, Leicester. Tom Harold attended Bow Street School, Leicester.

In 1945 Tom Harold Jacques was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces; and at that time his home address was 416, Melton Road, Thurmaston.

It is believed that Tom Harold Jacques died in Leicestershire during 1954.


James, Walter Edward

Walter Edward James


Walter Edward James was born in Leicestershire during 1924, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. James of Thurmaston.

On the 30th November 1944, Private James was in a platoon of 'C' Company, 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry (DLI). The commander of Private James' unit, Lieutenant Frank Walker, was an officer in the Green Howards, on attachment to the DLI. Lieutenant Walker and his men were tasked with an objective, the taking of the hamlet of La Capanna, which was occupied by German forces - this was part of the final phase of the fight for the Montone River bridgehead, which had begun on the 24th November 1944.

During the unit's advance towards their objective a concealed German sniper shot dead Lieutenant Walker and three other soldiers, a fourth soldier was wounded in the advance, and he too died on the 30th November 1944. Private James was amongst those that were killed.

Private, 14647782, Walter Edward James, 1st Battalion, DLI was 20 years' old. He was buried in the Forli War Cemetery, Italy (Section V, Row D, Grave 18) . He lies with his comrades who died that day.

He is commemorated on the War Memorial at Thurmaston.


Jarvis, George Theodore


George Theodore Jarvis of 17, Westdown Drive, Thurmaston, was a serving member of the armed forces in late 1945 until at least 1947.


Jennett, Leo Michael


Leo Michael Jennett was born in Leicestershire in 1925. His father was John Jennett and his mother was Kate Jennett, nee Foreman.

In 1945 Leo M. Jennett was a serving member of the armed forces, and remained so until at least 1947. On leaving the forces he returned home to his parents house at 65, Highway Road, Thurmaston.


Johnson, Wilfred


116, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Johnstone, Hector James Macdonald


255, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Jones, John Arthur

John Jones

1939-1945 Star France & Germany Star Defence MedalBritish War Medal Loyal Service Badge


John Jones was born on the 16th December 1918, the son of Walter Henry and Nellie Jones. He came to reside in Thurmaston in 1939. In 1943 his younger brother, Private, 283839, William Jones, was killed in action in North Africa, whilst serving with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

John Jones joined the Leicestershire Regiment. By 1944 he had been promoted to Sergeant. He fought with C Company, 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment in Northern France, after it had arrived at Courcelles on the night of the 3rd-4th July, 1944. During September 1944 he was wounded and returned to England.

He was married to Marjorie Elizabeth Foster and was the father of two children, Michael and Valerie Jones.

He died on the 17th April 1998 and is buried in Thurmaston Cemetery.

Jones, Leslie Ernest


Leslie Ernest Jones was serving with His Majesty's Forces during 1944-1945. He and his wife, Phyllis Irene, lived at 76, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Jordan, John


23, Westdown Drive, Thurmaston.


Keeling, Dennis


Dennis Keeling was born in 1920, he was the son of Dan Keeling and his wife Hilda, nee Smith.

During the 1939-1945 war Dennis Keeling served in the Royal Navy.

In 1945 he married Velma Lillian Strong the daughter of Walter Strong and his wife Lillian Mary, nee Wright.

In 1945 Dennis Keeling's home address was 324, Main Street, Thurmaston.

Dennis Keeling died on the 2nd February 1996, and was interred in Thurmaston Cemetery. His widow, Mrs. Velma Lillian Keeling, died on the 14th June 2008.


Keith, Lewis


157, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston.


Kershaw, Jesse Jack


Sub-Lieutenant Jack Kershaw, served with the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. Jack and his wife Joan lived at 40, Highway Road, Thurmaston. Jack Kershaw was still serving in the navy at the war's end.


Ketteringham, Leslie William


Leslie William Ketteringham was serving with His Majesty's Forces in 1945, at that time his home address was at 26, Church Hill Road, Thurmaston.

Leslie William Ketteringham was born in Lincolnshire during 1922. He died in Leicestershire during 1951.


Kettlewell, Elsie May


Elsie May Kettlewell was born in Yorkshire during 1921, the daughter of Robert William Kettlewell. In 1942 she lived at 35, Hillcroft Close, Checkland Avenue, Thurmaston. At that time she was serving as Private W/221703, in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). Elsie May Kettlewell married Ronald Frederick Baldwin (q.v.).


Kirkman, John Arthur


2, Rookery Lane, Thurmaston.


Kirton, John Frank


John Frank Kirton and his twin sister Florence M. Kirton were born in the Grantham District of Lincolnshire in 1919. They were the children of Isaac George Kirton (1886-1968) and his wife Elizabeth Kirton, nee Cooper. During his early married life Isaac George Kirton worked as a farm labourer in and around Nottinghamshire. The couple had several children prior to the birth of their twins.

In 1945 Isaac George and Elizabeth Kirton were resident at 25, Roundway Road, Thurmaston, where they lived with their younger daughters, Florence and Kathleen, and sons John Frank, and Frederick.

In 1945 John Frank Kirton was a serving member of His Majesty's Forces. After the war John Frank Kirton married and he and his wife lived and had a family in Leicestershire.

John Frank Kirton passed away on the 7th March 2010. His body was interred in Thurmaston Cemetery on the 18th March 2010.


Knight, Cliff


247, Main Street, Thurmaston.


Knight, George Harry


George Harry Knight was serving with His Majesty's Forces during 1943-1945. He and his wife, Myrtle, lived at 56, Sandiacre Drive, Thurmaston.


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