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14th Kentucky Veterans

1890 Veterans and Widows Census
Lawrence County, KY

* indicates that the veteran was deceased at the time the census was taken

Last name     First Name  Company  Residence      Comments / Notes of the Census Taker

Adkins John K Derifield 2 wrists broken and knee hurt Adkins Jonah K Derifield Hard of hearing Atkins Levi M. H Louisa Enrolled as "Adkins" by clerk's mistake Atkins Lewis Louisa Ball Greenville G Wilbur Rheumatism Bartram William H. H Clifford Captain Bates Nathaniel H Cherokee Wounded in hip by cars Bayes Joshua H. C Blaine Berry Reuben M. D Blaine Bevins David F Georges Creek Total blindness; $ 12 pension Bishop * David R. B Blaine Sgt.; Elizabeth, widow Boggs * James H. B Blaine Cpl.; Rebecca, widow Boggs John H. B Blaine Boggs Eliphus B Blaine Botner Oliver D. G Louisa Capt.; eyes, pile, rupture, lined lungs Bowe * James G Prosperity kidney trouble; Reasy B., widow Boyd James D Charley Elizabeth Boyd, widow Bradley William A. H Charley Nothing Burchett William H Louisa Diarrhea; $ 14 pension Burchett Drury J. Louisa Major; nothing Burchett Armstead K Louisa Rheumatism and hearing (got worse) Burgess John F. H Georges Creek Burton * Andrew B Blaine Died from ruptured[?] Nov.1888 Burton William J. B Blaine Burton W. Bennett B Webbville Caines Tom K Louisa Lung trouble; no pension Caldwell Martin F Bolts Fork Carr William D Prosperity Kidney Carter Thomas G Prosperity Lung and throat Carter William D Derifield Lungs and gunshot wound in back Carter James W. D Derifield Debility, rheumatism Cary William H Gallup Dislocation of left shoulder Casteel William B Blaine Castill James B Blaine Castill Simpson B Blaine Caudill Abner C. G Blaine Chapman George D Busseyville Deafness; information received from 2. Wife Chapman George R.B. Louisa 1.Lt.; Lung fever and piles Childers John C Peach Orchard Gunshot wound right leg; mounted infantry Church William A Buchanon Lung trouble, catarrh, side pleurasy Clevinger Mathias G Blaine Lung trouble Coburn Joe K Louisa Deafness, 76 years old, no pension Collins John H. C Charley Deafness, kidney disorder, no pension Cordial John B Blaine Cordial Ralph Blaine Cornutt John G Peach Orchard Rheumatism and pelsy Cox Bennett H Walbridge Shot in thigh; $ 6 pension Curnutte James Prosperity Eyes Daniels James J. G Charley Disease of legs; $ 8 pension Daniels Henry J. D Peach Orchard Derifield David D Derifield Piles, kidney disease Dixon James H. A Louisa Left eye; duty sergeant Dobbins William H. H Gallup Disease of eyes Edwards John J. G Charley Lung disease Endicott William C Clifford Taken rheumatism; Battalion C Endicott Samuel H Clifford Evans Henry C. B Blaine Heart disease, injury to back Evans George Olivill Discharge lost Ferguson * Meredith Blaine Cpl.; Rebecca, widow Frasher Oliver M. C Curnutt Captain; heart disease, rheumatism Fugitt * William G Busseyville Consumption, no pension; Pernelia, widow Gambill John J. B Martha Cpl.; Gambill Henry H. B Blaine POW in Andersonville/other prisons,8 mo. Gambill Nathan O. B Blaine Gambill Jesse B Martha Green * George W. B Blaine Dead for 2-3 years; Lucinda, widow Griffith George B Webbville Discharged May 14, 1865 for disability Griffith John J. B Charley Disease of eyes, $ 4 pension Hains William A. B Buchanon Lung disease from measles Hardwick * George H Clifford Evaline Hardwick, widow Hays Isaac G Wilbur Eyes, limbago; $ 16 pension Heston Zeblon A Louisa Eyes, caused by measles Heston Zeblon E Louisa Re-enlisted Veteran Infantry [see above] Hicks Elisha A Buchanon Wounded in foot Johnson George F. H Louisa Bone scurry; $ 4 pension Johnson Thomas G Charley Rheumatism and saddle hurt: $ 2 pension Johnson John F Derifield Rheumatism of breast; not discharged Johnson George F. H Louisa Lt., then Captain [see above] Johnson * Joe G Louisa Sore eyes, no pension, widow very poor Jonas Francis A. D Louisa Heart and lungs Jordan Robert D Irad Disease of eyes Jordan David G Louisa Hemorhoids, no pension Jordan Greenville M. D Derifield 1 rib broken on left side, examination.. Jourdan Jonas D Richardson Chron.bronchitis,stomach disease,kidney Justice Indicott H Gallup Gunshot wound left thigh,shoulder broken Kelley James B Prosperity Heart disease, epeleptic fits Kitchen Arthur B Derifield Chronic diarrhea and rheumatism Kitchen Levi B Webbville Lung disease Kitchen George W. B Cherokee Relapse of measles and yellow jaundice Kitchen * James B Blaine Lydia R. Kitchen, widow Lambert Peilimius F Bolts Fork Disease in head Large Samuel K Cherokee Rheumatism Lawson George W. G Derifield Rheumatism Lewis David B Webbville Stroke of parallisis Littrell James E Ratcliff Bursting of blood veins in leg Maynard Jesse H Clifford Wounded by falling shell McKinster Harrison D Adams Rheumatism and heart disease Miller James A. D Charley Disease of eyes, $ 24 pension Miller * James H. H Georges Creek Mary E. Miller, widow Moore John B. D Georges Creek Heart disease, lungs; $ 10 pension Moore Harvey G Busseyville Lung and kidney disease Moore Wesley D Adams Lung trouble Moore * Joe D Adams General debility; Nancy Moore, widow Morris Richard F. B Blaine Cpl.; re-enlisted Morris * David G Blaine Susan Morris, widow Muncy Adison W. K Louisa Chron.bronch., $17pension,Jennie,widow O'Brian James K Louisa Heart trouble from measles, no pension Osborn Edmund B Blaine Fistula Ano Pack Isaac D Charley Disease of eyes; $ 8 pension Paines John W. B Martha Parker Francis M. K Cherokee Alias Frank Parker Pennington* David Cherokee Malinda Pennington, widow Perkins Spencer B Webbville Chrodir[?],piles,heart,kidney,eyes Perkins Thomas I Webbville Eyes Perkins Henry C. B Webbville Right leg shot off, heart disease Pickelsheimer John G Busseyville Lung trouble, no pension Pigg Thomas K Louisa Rheumatism and lungs Poe James G Prosperity Right thigh Prichard Boyd G Richardson Right ? and knee injured by wagon run Rainey Franklin F Blaine Left leg shot through Rainey William B Blaine Rice Nelson T. B Blaine Rice Thomas B. H Georges Creek Hard of hearing Rice Robert B Blaine Rice * William B Blaine Elizabeth Green ,former widow Riedman Lewis B Blaine Roberts Reuben C. G Louisa Bronchitis; $ 4 pension Roberts George W. G Busseyville Cough after measles, poor, no pension Roberts Strother [G] Louisa None; no pension Robinson James W. H Clifford Right leg broken Robison Richard C Buchanon Piles,sunstruck,no correct.on discharge Salmons Jesse H Clifford Salyer William D Blaine Sanders Nathan P. B Blaine Gunshot wound left side of face Sanders Allen B Blaine Scarbury Thomas H Charley Disease of lungs; $ 8 pension Scarbury William G Charley Shannon James W. C Louisa Chronic rheumatism, no pension, Lt. Shannon George K Louisa Discharged at Washington Smith John Georges Creek Total blindness; $ 12 pension Snead Samuel Prosperity Abdominal trouble Sparks Levi J. B Martha Hospital Stewart Sparks Peter G Blaine Spencer * Thomas D Charley Chronic diarrhea, Rebecca, widow Stacy Adam H Stewart Alvin C Buchanon Stuart Albert R. F Bolts Fork Stuart William F Bolts Fork Thompson Wesley W. E Louisa Hemorhoids; $ 2 pension Thompson Samuel D Adams Private troubles (privaei ?) Thompson Lewis D Blaine Thompson Jackson D Adams Rheumatism Thompson William D Busseyville Travis John Jr. G Blaine Vanhoose * Thomas D Charley Died of scrofula, Bethina, widow Vinson * William Louisa None; no pension, Jane, widow Ward * James G. K Cherokee Francis Ward, widow Webb Richard G Adams Lung trouble Wheeler Stephen M. B Cherokee Heart disease Whitley Daniel J. B Busseyville None; no pension Wiley William H Charley Rheumat. + mashed from log;$6 pens. Williamson Solomon Louisa Piles, no pension Yates Strother J. Louisa Surgeon; He was sick andů? Young Robert F. G Charley Sore legs Young Abram D Peach Orchard Young Robert K Cherokee Young Marion F. G Lowmansville

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