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The unit roster was last updated August 24, 2005


Allen, Ross 

Hardin, A. 

Radford, Israel

Amado, Rius 

Hardin, Benjamin C.  3rd Lt.   

Randle, A. H. 

Antonio, Dick 

Harrison, Ira A., Sgt.

Richardson, James

Avant, James

Harrison, James, Cpl.  

Richardson, John

Avant, Lewis 

Hastings, E. D.

Richardson, Samuel R.

Bacon, Edward 

Herndon, Samuel T.  

Ricks, A.

Barrows, C.  

Hill, John, 1st Sgt.  

Ricks, Edward

Beal, M. 

Hobbs, Virgil  

Ricks, Henry

Beard, John 

Holcy, William  

Ricks, Richard

Beevers, C. V. 

Howard, Joseph V.  

Ricks, Wiley

Bell, Samuel 

Humphries, Thomas  

Robinson, Amos H.

Bennett, L. C., 2nd Lt.

Hunter, John B.  

Rosser, Benjamin 

Bolton, J. A.

Inglish, William K.  

Seely, Thomas H.

Bolton, Joseph E.

Jones, Calvin  

Shannon, John T.

Box, T. J.

Jones, J. H.  

Smyth, Patrick  

Burris, B. F.

Jones, J. K.  

Somerhalter, Valentine 

Butler, Albert

Keller, R. E.  

Somers, William B., Far.

Butler, Jasper

Kendrick, J. W., Cpl.   

Stansel, J. J.

Butler, Marion

Key, H. D.  

Stevenson, W. S., 1st Sgt.

Button, J. E.

Key, James O.  

Stringfield, Littleton

Button, M., Cpl.

Key, John W.   

Thomas, Mel

Carro, Jose M.

Lackey, L. K.  

Thompson, T. 

Cave, Milton

Land, W. F.  

Thornton, J. 

Chambers, John H.

Lansford, Josiah R.  

Tope, James

Coker, A., Sgt.  

Lawhorn, L. S., 1st Lt.   

Tullons, Richard

Conlin, James, Sgt.

Leazerar, James F.  

Turner, Martin

Coons, M. C., Sgt.

Leazear, John A.   

Valverthe, Francisco

Cooper, A. J.  

Leazear, William S.   

Van Pelt, William F. 

Crouch, Wiley

Little, James G.   

Walker, A., Sgt.

Crouch, William F., 1st Lt.

Mangum, David W., Sgt.  

Walker, Goldsmith, Capt

Cude, Alfred J., Cpl.

Mangum, J. Warren  

Walker, Samuel

Cude, Nathan

Martin, Emanuel, Sgt.  

Waller, Charles W., Cpl.

Cude, R. D., Sgt.

Martin, William  

Waltrink, Francis

Not Listed on Roster Cude, Tim J. Mathews, J. F.     Watkins, Benjamin F.  

Cude, Tobias A.

McCauley, William R.  

Watkins, Milton P.  

Cude, W.

McMill, M. E.

Westerman, Henry  

Cude, Willis F. 

McRea, Colin D. Capt.   

White, S. D.  

Curry, John T.

Mestez, Lassero

Williams, Joel G.  

Davilla, Francisco

Millhouse, D. S.

Williams, John, Cpl.  

Delaney, J. M., Sgt.

Millhouse, J. F. 

Williams, John K.  

Dickey, H. H.

Moore, J. M.  

Williams, Joseph H.  

Dockery, Alfred J. 

Moore, John, Cpl. 

Williams, Robert, 1st Lt.   

Dockery, Louis K.

Moore, William S., Cpl.    

Williams, Thomas   

Dolan, Thomas 

Morrissey, Morris  

Williams, Wiley  

Donelson, John, Maj. 

Morse, J. D.   

Winters, Alfred 

Doran, George H. Surg. 

Neeley, G. T.   

Winters, Daniel 

Duff, Marion J., Sgt.

O'Conner, Charles, Bugler   

Winters, J. S.

Edwards, Cullen W. Odum, Richard   Winters, Marion 

Edwards, H.

Pas, Cypriana 

Winters, R. D.

Edwards, John D.

Paterson, John 

Winters, Samuel, Sgt.   

Ervay, Charles H.

Payne, Henry, Cpl.  

Wittiman, Leonard, Sgt.

Frazer, George W.

Pell, Frederick   

Wood, T. T.  

Goundy, Sol

Pettitt, William M.    

Woodley, J. J.  

Graham, James

Poor, Frederick

Yarboro, David (Yarbrough)  

Green, Cas

Powell, Floyd  

Yarboro, Dow (Yarbrough)  

Green, Charles

Puckett, William B.


Gundy. F.




List of Killed, Wounded & Prisoners  from CO K.

  For more History about CO K and the civil war check out the History Page.

  Lafayette Butler letter to his wife Lizzie, dated March 8, 1865.  Gives some insight to the moral of the confederate soldier during the end of the war.


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Unit Roster Source

Texas Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865 Unit Roster Volume II, Edited by Janet B. Hewett, Arranged by Joyce Lawrence, Broadfoot Publishing Company, Wilmington, NC, 1977




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