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Howard's Detachment SC Militia

Aaron, George, Private
Aaron, William, Private
Abrahams, Levi J., Private
Ainslow, Joseph, Private
Airs, James, Private
Airs, Thomas, Matross
Anderson, Robert, Private
Artman, Mr., Private
Austin, James, Private
Baker, Noah D., Private
Ball, Thomas, Private
Barker, Aaron, Private
Barquet, I.P., Musician
Bartless, Henry, Sergeant
Bartless, John, Sergeant
Bartlett, Abner, Private
Bassaker, C., Private
Bell, David, Private
Benjamin, Samuel, Private
Bennett, Elias, Matross
Bennett, John A., Matross
Berry, Henry B., Private
Betterson, Samuel, Private
Bitterson, Samuel, Private
Bize, Daniel, Private
Blackler, John, Private
Blackmon, John, Private
Brailsford, Alexander M., Private
Brailsford, James, Private
Brailsford, William R., Private
Briant, John, Private
Bridie, Robert, Matross
Brodie, Robert, Private
Browenisy, Samuel, Private
Brown, Alexander, Corporal
Brown, Robert, Private
Brown, Samuel, Private
Brown, Thomas, Private
Brownlee, Joseph, Private
Bubeck, P.A., Private
Buchanan, Daniel, Private
Buckles, Anthony, Sergeant
Bulow, Charles, Private
Bunch, Granvel, Private
Bunch, James, Private
Bunch, James A., Private
Bunch, John, Private
Burbage, Arthur, Sergeant
Burbage, Daniel, Private
Burbage, John, Private
Burdill, John E., Matross
Burger, William, Private
Burn, G.A., Matross
Bushel, Thomas, Private
Butman, Ebenezed, Private
Byers, Robert, Private
Caldwell, Henry, Private
Carnes, Thomas M., Private
Carroll, John, Private
Caldwell, Henry, Private
Caldwell, John, Private
Cammer, Peter, Private
Campbell, William, Private
Canady, Lewis, Private
Canner, Petr, Private
Canty, Samuel, Private
Carnes, Thomas M., Private
Carnes, Thomas W., Private
Carr, Robert, Private
Carroll, John, Private
Cart, John Jr., 1st Lieut.
Cessions, Thomas, Private
Christian, Charles, Matross
Chub, William, Private
Clark, Demy, Corporal
Clark, John, Private
Clarkson, William Jr., Matross
Clayer, A.H., Sergeant
Clayton, James C., Gunner
Clinton, Thomas, Private
Cobia, Francis, Leiut.
Coit, Jonathan, Private
Colcock, Job, Private
Cole, Isaac, Sergeant
Cole, Richard, Matross
Collins, John, Matross
Commins, John, Private
Compton, Jesse, Private
Cooke, John, Sergeant
Coosac, Peter, Private
Cousins, Thomas, Private
Crafts, Thomas, Corporal
Creitz, Bungh, Private
Cripps, Octavius, Private
Croffts, H., Private
Cromer, Albert, Private
Cromer, George, Private
Crook, Samuel, Private
Crow, Edward, Matross
Cruckshanks, William, Matross
Cunningham, Richard, Captain
Dacosta, Aron, Private
Darby, Robert A., Private
Dart, Benjamin S., Private
Dawes, Hugh P., Sergeant
Deha,William, Private
Dennis, John, Private
Denoon, David, Sergeant
Deroche, Seraphin, Private
Desel, Samuel, Sergeant
Desle, Samuel, Sergeant
Devillers, Augustus, Matross
Dill, J., Private
Disher, William, Matross
Ditmore, John, Matross
Donneley, John, Private
Douglass, Joseph, Private
Dovley, Charles W., Sergeant
Dregers, Mathew, Private
Droze, Isaac, Private
Duboise, Peter, Private
Dupont, John, Private
Duncan, Alexander, Matross
Dupree, James, Private
Eager, George, Private
Eason, James, Private
Edwards, James, Private
Egbert, Lewis, Private
Elliott, Benjamin, Private
Ellis, Thomas, Private
Elsworth, Frederick, Private
Enslow, Joseph, Private
Evans, William, Sergeant
Faber, William, Private
Fernald, Dennis, Private
Ferrill, Joshua, Private
Fickling, Isaac, Private
Field, Andrew, Private
Fielding, John, Private
Fife, James, Private
Fitch, Mr., Private
Fitzsimmons, Charles, Matross
Fitsimons, Charles, Matross
Flemming, Thomas, Private
Flinn, John, Private
Floyd, James, Private
Folker, John A., Ensign
Folker, Thomas, Matross
Ford, Anthony, Private
Fordham, Joseph, Matross
Foster, Nathan, Private
Fox, William, Private
Fraser, Donald, Private
Fraser, William, Sergeant
Frean, William, Private
Frederic, Joseph, Private
Fults, William, Private
Furr, Jacob, Private
Gabbeau, Daniel, Private
Gaillard, John, Private
Gardner, Henry, Private
Garrald, Hugh P., Private
Gaskins, Richard, Private
Gelzor, Francis, Private
Gerald, R., Private
Gibbs, George, Private
Gibbs, Robert, Matross
Gibson, Gurdon, Private
Gideon, Casper, Private
Gilbert, Seth H., Sergeant
Gill, Isaac, Corporal
Given, John, Private
Givham, Jacob, 2nd Lieut.
Gladden, George, Private
Glen, John, Matross
Glen, John S., Matross
Gordon, William E., Private
Goude, P.M., Private
Gouslay, James, Private
Gray, Stephen, Private
Grisset, Joseph, Private
Grimes, Joseph, Corporal
Grumes, John H., 1st Lieut.
Guerin, John, Corporal
Guerin, Robert, Matross
Guilean, Samuel, Private
Guy, John, Private
Guy, Joseph, Matross
Haddock, Hugh, Private
Haddock, John, Private
Hahnbaum, George E., Sergeant
Hall, William, Private
Hamett, Benjamin, Matross
Hamilton, John, Private
Harberson, John, Private
Harrell, William, Private
Harrington, Samuel P., Private
Harris, Jacob Jr., Private
Harris, John, Private
Harrison, Francis, Private
Hart, David, Private
Hart, Richard, Private
Harth, William, Matross
Harveson, William, Private
Haselback, John, Private
Harvey, Thomas, Sergeant
Henry, Charles, Private
Hill, John, Sergeant
Hoff, John, Private
Hogans, John, Private
Hogarth, John, Private
Holmes, John V., Private
Holmes, William, Private
Homersotta, Bon, Private
Houseal, D.H., Corporal
Howard, John, Private
Howard, RichardF., Captain
Howe, Michael, Private
Howie, William, Private
Howland, William, Private
Hoy, James, Private
Hubbard, James, Private
Humbert, John, Matross
Hunt, Benjamin F., Lieut.
Hunt, Seprelete, Sergeant
Hutson, Enoch, Private
Hutts, John, Private
Isaac, Henry, Private
Jackson, Elisha, Private
Jacobs, Samuel, Corporal
Jeffry, Joseph, Private
Jenkins, William, Private
Johnson, Mathew, Private
Jones, Abraham, Matross
Jones, William, Private
Kennan, Hugh, Private
Kennedy, James B., Private
Kennedy, Peter, Captain
Kenny, Richard, Private
Ker, William, Private
King, Benjamin, Private
King, Mitchell, Matross
Kingsberry Amassa, Private
Kittleband John, Private
Knight, William, Privatge
Knights, T.J., Private
Knox, John F., Private
Kohler, Christopher, Private
Kohler, Frederick, Gunner
Kugley, George, Private
Kurtze, L H, Private
Laroche, John G ., Private
Larry, Peter, Matross
Law, Robert, Private
Lebby, William , Private
Lee, States, Private
Legg, Joseph, Gunner
Lequex, John, Matross
Levy, Hart, Private
Levy, Jacob C., Private 
Lewis, Valentine, Private
Ling, Phillip, Private
Liston, Andrew, Private
Livingston, Alexander, Private
Logan, Christian, Private
Long, Felix, Private
Lonquest, Magnus, Private
Lynes, Absolom, Private
Lynes, Edward , Private
Lynes, John, Private
Lynes, Richard, Private
Lynes, Zachariah, Private
Lynn, John, Private
Lyon, James S., Private
Maberry, Thomas R., Private
Mackey, Alexander, Private
Mallard, William, 1st Lieut.
Mallone, John, Private
Manie, Abraham , Private
Martin, Charles, Private
Martin, Elisha, Private
Martin, James, Private
Martin, Robert, Private
Mashbourn, Nicholas, Private
Mason, Thomas, Private
Maul, David, Private
Maxwell, James, Sergeant
Maxwell, William, Private
May, Charles S., Private
McCall, John, Private
McCormock, Abel, Private
McCue, James, Private
McDonale, John, Private
McDow, M., Private
McGumray, William, Private
McInfuss, George , Private
McKee, Abel, Private
McKinley, John, Private
McMillan, Samuel, Ensign
McOwen, Patrick, Private
McPherson, Peter, Private
Measles, Thomas, Private
Meek, Jacob, Private
Mey, Charles S., Private
Mikel, Joseph, Private
Millar, James, Private
Miller, David, Private
Miller, Samuel S., Private
Milling, Robert, Private
Minot, Benjamin, Private
Mintzer, Jacob F., 2nd Lieut.
Miott, Charles H., Private 
Moore, James, Matross
Moore, Thomas, Private
Morgan, Isaac C., Private
Morrell, Samuel, Corporal
Murdock, Archibald, Private
Murcodk, William, Private"
Myres, Michael, Private
Nzaer, Frederick, Matross
Neale, Robert, Private
Nelson, William, Private
Nettles, Malicha, Private
Nittles, Benjamin, Private
Nolen, James, Matross
Norris, James C., Sergeant
O'Deay, George, Private
O'Deay, George, Private
O'Harra, A., Private
O'Hearn, John, Private
O'Neale, James, Private
Osborne, Richard, Private
Oswald, James, Private
Owens, William, Private
Palmer, John, Private
Parris, Charles, Private
Patrick, William, Private
Parsons, Joseph, Private
Parsu, Andrew, Private
Patrick, William, Private
Payne, John N., Private
Pearse, Thomas S., Private
Pendarvis, George, Private
Pendarvis, Joseph, Private
Pendarvis, William, Private
Petrie, Edmund, Private
Petsch, Julius, Matross
Phillips, Benjamin, Private
Pillaus, John, Sergeant
Pillens, Robert T., Private
Pillons, John, Sergeant
Pillons, Robert T., Private
Pincell, William, Musician
Pinckney, Henry, Private
Platt, John, Sergeant
Powell, John C., Matross
Preacher, John, Private
Price, David, Private
Prince, John, Matross
Prioleau, John Cordes, Captain
Priolirau, John C., Captain
Pritchard, Paul, Jr., Matross
Quan, Robert, Matross
Quan, Thomas, Private
Quin, Thomas, Private
Ratcliff, I.W., Matross
Ratcliffe, John W., Matross
Rechon,Leevis, Corporal
Reed, James, Private
Remley, Henry, Corporal
Resher, Samuel, Private
Riggs, Moses, Corporal
Ring, David A., Matross
Rivers, George W., Private
Rivers, Joseph, Private
Rivers, Rowland, Private
Roderic, Antony, Private
Rodgers, John B., Matross
Rodgers, Lewis, Private
Rogers, John R., Corporal
Roper, Benjamin I., Private
Rose, Christopher, Private
Rosher, Shaderick, Corporal
Roulan, Robert, Gunner
Ruberry, John, Gunner
Rudd, Elias, Private
Rysken, D., Private
Ryley, Thomas, Private
Rutledge, Thomas, Private
Salter, Thomas R., Private
Sasporter, P., Private
Schutt, Lew H.C., Private
Seabert, Joseph, Private
Seamore, Isaac, Private
Sharp, John, Matross
Shidon, John, Private
Shirer, John, Matross
Shrewsbury, Stephen, Private
Shubar, John, Private
Shubrick, Thomas, Private
Shults, John, Private
Sifley, Henry, Sergeant
Sifley, John, Matross
Simmons, Denes, Sergeant
Simmons, James, Private
Simmons, Joseph, Private
Simmons, Morrice Jr., Private
Simmons, William, Private
Simons, Moses, Private
Simonton, Charles S., Private
Simpson, John, Matross
Slawson, Hamilton, Private
Slowman, Henry, Private
Smart, James, Private
Smith, Allen, Private
Smith, H., Private
Smith, Jacob, Corporal
Smith, John, Private
Smith, John Lind, Sergeant
Smith, Richard, Private
Smith, William, Sergeant
Snell, William, Private
Snowden, William E., Private
Somers, John N., Private
Spidle, Abraham, Private
Staggers, George, Private
Steedman, Charles John, Captain
Steel, John, Private
Stent, Robert, Private
Stephen, John, Private
Steveston, George, Cornet
Stewart, Abraham, Private
Stobo, M.W., Private
Stotomin, John, Private
Strong, Jacob, Private
Swift, MR, Private
Symonds, William, Private
Tene, Jacob, Private
Thayer, E., Private
Thomas, Emanuel, Sergeant
Thomas, Levia, Private
Thompson, John, Private
Thornley, James, Private
Timmons, George, Corporal
Toomer, Henry B., 1st Lieut.
Tovey, Henry, Gunner
Trescot, William, Ensign
Tucker, Charles S., Private
Tuck, Charles S., Private
Utsy, Daniel, Private
Vanripier, Semion, Private
Vaird, Francis, Private
Varner, John, Private
Venning, Robert, Private
Wagner, George Jr., Private
Waldon, Elisha, Private
Waldon, Reuben D., Private
Wallace, Robert, Gunner
Walstoff, Andrew, Private
Walters, Henry, Private
Walters, Mathew, Private
Walters, Moses, Private
Ward, John, Private
Watson, James F. Private
Way, Thomas, Private
Weingartner, Jacob, Private
Welsch, Thomas G., Private
Westbury, John, Private
Westbury, William, Private
Wharton, Samuel, Private
White, William, Corporal
Wight, William, Corporal
Wilkie, James, Sergeant
Willard, Jos, Private
Williams, West, Private
Wilson, John, Private
Wilson, Russell, Private
Winthrop, Joseph Jr., Matross
Wolfe, Jacob, Private
Wood, Johnathan, Private
Wood, Zachariah, Private
Wyatt, John, Private
Yates, Samuel Jr., Lieut.
Yeadon, Richard, Capt.
Zealy, Joseph, Matross

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