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McWillie's 2nd Regiment SC Militia

Adams, Robert, Sergeant
Addams, Thomas, Private
Adkin, Canon, Private
Adkins, Ely, Corporal
Akison, William, Private
Alexander, George, Private
Alfred, Geheldred, Private
Allan, Stephen, Private
Allen, James, Private
Allen, John, Private
Alsbrook, Luton, Private
Anderson, William, Private
Arnet, Samuel, Private
Arnet, Thomas, Private
Arterberry, David, Private
Ash, James, Private
Ash, John, Private
Ash, William, Private
Ash, William B., Corporal
Ashcraft, John, Private
Ashley, George, Private
Atkinson, Benjamin, Private
Atkinson, Isaac, Private
Atkinson, Robert, Private
Atkison, Benjamin, Private
Atkison, Isaac, Private
Avant, Pleasant, Private
Avery, Ralph, Private
Bailey, James, Private
Bailey, John, Sergeant
Bailey, Johnathan, Private
Bailey, Kennedy, Muscian
Baker, John, Corporal
Baker, Robert, Private
Baker, Thomas, Private
Ballard, David, Private
Ballard, Devereaux, Private
Ballard, John, Private
Ballard, Thomas, Private
Barnes, Allen, Private
Barnes, James, Private
Barnes, William, Private
Barnet, James, Private
Barns, Allen, Private
Barns, James, Private
Barns, William, Private
Barr, Flefelien, Private
Barry, Samuel, Private
Bates, Jehu, Sgt. Major
Bates, Joseph, Private
Beam, Ezekiel, Private
Beard, John, Private
Beatty, Archibald, Ensign
Beaty, Archibald, Ensign
Beauford, John, Private
Beaver, John, Private
Beaver, Mathias, Private
Beaver, Thomas, Private
Beaverson, Williams, Private
Beard, John, Private
Becket, David, Sergeant
Beell, Nelson, Corporal
Bell, Benjamin T., Sergeant
Bell, Nelson, Corporal
Bell, Thomas, Private
Belvin, George, Private
Belvin, Willis, Ensign
Bennett, Henry, Sergeant
Bennett, James, Muscian
Bennett, James, Captain
Berry, Samuel, Private
Best, David, Private
Bever, Matthias, Private
Bird, Edward, 1st Lieut.
Bird, Henry C., Sergeant
Bird, Richard, Private
Birge, John, Private
Black, Isaac, Private
Black, James M., Private
Black, Joseph, Private
Black, Robert, Private
Blackman, Mathan, Private
Blackmon, Barel, Private
Blair, Thomas, Private
Blanchard, Absalom, Ensign
Blanchard, Henry, Private
Blanchard, William, Musician
Blankenship, Eli, Private
Blanshard, Absalom, Ensign
Blanshard, Henry, Private
Blanshard, William, Musician
Beatwright, David, Private
Bolton, Solomon, Private
Bowman, Peter, Lieut.
Boyd, Michael, Private
Boyenton, James, Private
Boyer, John, Private
Boykin, James, Private
Bradford, Charles, Private
Bradford, David, Private
Bradford, Monwood, Private
Bradford, Samuel, Private
Bradford, William, Private
Bradley, Thomas, Private
Brady, James, Private
Brannon, John, Chaplain
Bratton, Hugh, Corporal
Bratton, James, Private
Bratton, Thomas, Private
Bratton, William, Private
Brazil, Benjamin, Private
Brewer, Burrell, Private
Brewer, John, Corporal
Brice, James, Sergeant
Briley, John, Private
Briton, Alsbrook, Private
Brock, Laban, Private
Brogdon, John, Private
Brogdon, Malachi, Private
Brogdon, John, Private
Brown, Absalom, Private
Brown, Angus, Private
Brown, Clifford, Private
Brown, Hugh, Private
Brown, James, Private
Brown, Johnathan, Private
Brown, Parker, Private
Brown, Reuben E., Corporal
Brown, Simeon, Private
Brown, Thomas, Private
Brown, William, Private
Brunson, James, Private
Bryce, James, Sergeant
Bryd, Redden, Private
Buckolm, John, Private
Buford, John, Private
Bunt, Edmond, Private
Bund, Edward, Private
Burge, John, Private
Burns, James, Corporal
Burnsides, Joseph, Private
Busby, Robert, Private
Buskirk, Charles, Private
Byers, Joseph A., 3rd Lieut.
Byold, John, Private
Byrd, Redden, Private
Cain, Benjamin, Private
Cain, John, Private
Caldwell, Robert, Captain (Roster of Capt. Caldwell's Company)
Caldwell, Samuel, Private
Camel, James, Sergeant
Cameron, Joseph, Private
Camp, Alexander, Corporal
Campbell, James, Sergeant
Campbell, Richard, Private
Camron, Joseph, Private
Canady, John, Private
Cantzan, John, Private
Cantzan, John, Private
Capers, William H., Captain
Carns, William, Corporal
Carpenter, Samuel, Private
Carrell, Jacob J. Jr., Private
Carrell, Jacob S. Sr., Private
Carrell, John Jr., Private
Carrell, John Sr., Private
Carrell, Thomas, Private
Carrol, David, Private
Carrol, Thomas, Private
Carroll, David, Private
Carroll, Jacob Jr., Private
Carroll, Jacob S., Private
Carroll, John Jr., Private
Carroll, John Sr., Private
Carroll, Thomas, Private
Carson, David, Corporal
Carson, Enoch, Musician
Carson, Thomas, Private
Carter, Daniel, Private
Carter, James R., 1st Lieut.
Carter, Jesse, Private
Carter, Robert, Private
Carter, Samuel Jr., Private
Carter, William, Private
Caslam, Mark, Private
Castells, James, Private
Castells, John, Private
Castles, James, Private
Castles, John, Private
Cater, Obdadiah, Private
Cathcart, Robert, Private
Cato, William, C., Sergeant
Cator, Obadiah, Private
Cauthen, William, Sergeant
Cauthorn, William, Corporal
Cauthean, William, Sergeant
Cauthren, John, Private
Cauthron, Buck, Private
Cauthron, John, Private
Cayton, Henry, Private
Chambers, Alexander, Private
Champeon, Robert, Private
Champion, George, Private
Champion, Joseph, Private
Champion, Robert, Private
Champion, William, Corporal
Chani, Thomas, Private
Cheeks, John, Private
Chester, Jacob, Private
Childers, John, Private
China, Thomas, Private
Cites, Christian, Private
Cites, George, Private
Cites, Henry, Private
Citz, Christian, Private
Citz, George, Private
Citz, Henry, Private
Clampett, Matthias, Corporal
Clampitt, Ezekiel, Private
Clampitt, Mathias, Corporal
Clampitt, Victor, Private
Clanton, David, Private
Clanton, James, Private
Clanton, John, Private
Clanton, John Jr., Private
Clanton, John P., Private
Clark, Jesse, Private
Clark, John D., Private
Clarke, Jesse, Private
Clements, Malcolm, Private
Clements, William, Private
Cline, John, Private
Cockram, William, Private
Coffee, Hugh M., Sergeant
Coffey, Hugh M., Sergeant
Cole, William, Private
Coleman, Allen, Private
Coleman, David H., Private
Coleman, John, Private
Coleman, Jonathan, Private
Coleman, Robert Jr., Private
Coleman, Robert F., Sergeant
Coleman, Solomon, Private
Coleman, Wiley, Private
Collans, Daniel, Private
Collins, Daniel, Private
Collins, John, Private
Collins, Ransom M., Private
Collins, Robert, Private
Collins, Williamson, Private
Collins, Willie, Private
Combs, John, Private
Compty, John, Private
Conell, John, Private
Connell, John, Private
Conoly, Robert, Private
Cook, Eli, Private
Cook, John, Private
Coombs, John, Private
Coomes, John, Private
Cooper, Abraham, Private
Cooper, Andrew, Private
Cofely, Elias, Private
Copply, Elias, Private
Copply, Elias, Private
Corbett, William, Private
Corbil, William, Private
Cork, James, Private
Correll, David, Private
Couch, Moses, Private
Courtney, Benjamin, Private
Courtney, John, Private
Cousart, Richard, Private
Couse, William, Private
Cousert, James, Private
Cousert, Richard, Private
Cowsar, William, Private
Cowsart, William, Private
Cowsert, James, Private
Cowsert, Richard, Private
Cox, John F., Private
Cragg, Samuel, Private
Craig, Samuel, Private
Cranshaw, Micajah, Corporal
Crawford, John, Private
Crawford, Robert, Private
Creswell, Thomas, Private
Crim, Peter, Private
Crockett, Robert Jr., Private
Croslin, John, Private
Crosby, John, Private
Crosslam, John, Private
Crosslin, John, Private
Croxson, James, Private
Croxton, James, Private
Cubage, John, Private
Cubage, Thomas P., Private
Cubbage, John, Private
Cubbage, Thomas, Private
Curlee, John, Private
Cusack, Thomas, Corporal
Custon, Mark, Private
Custon, William, Private
Darnal, Moses, Private
Darnel, Moses, Private
Darwin, John B., Sergeant
Darwin, Robert, Private
Dankins, George, Private
David, Peter, Private
Davidson, John, Private
Davis, Hiekm, Private
Davis, Lummie, Private
Davis, Robert, Private
Dawkins, George, Private
Dawson, Isaac, Corporal
Dees, Arthur, Private
Dees, John, Private
Deflore, Charles, Private
Denham, John, Private
Dennis, Jeremiah, Private
Dennis, William, Private
Denton, Jam, Private
Dial, Jesse, Sergeant
Dickerson, William N., Private
Dickey, Wiseman, Private
Dickson, John, Private
Dickson, Wilson, Private
Dixon, John, Private
Dodds, Zachariah, Private
Dodson, Asaph, Private
Dodson, William, Private
Dotson, William, Private
Doughty, James, Surgeon
Douglas, James, Captain
Douglas, John, Private
Douglass, Ebenezer, Private
Douglass, James, Private
Doyal, Jesse, Sergeant
Draffer, William, Private
Draffin, William, Private
Draughon, Hampton, Private
Drennan, William, Private
Dubose, Abner, Private
Duggans, Richard, Private
Duggin, Richard, Private
Dukes, Charles, Private
Dukes, Joseph, Fifer
Duncan, Dabney, Private
Duncan, Fleming, Sergeant
Dunham, John, Private
Dunkin, Dabney, Private
Dunkin, Flemin, Sergeant
Dunlap, James, Private
Dunlap, John, 3rd Lieut.
Dunlap, William, Private
Dunn, John, Private
Duren, Jonathan, Private
Dwyer, James, Private
Elis, Ethelred, Private
Elis, Shadrach, Private
Elkins, David, Private
Elkins, James, Private
Elkins, Seion, Private
Ellice, Thomas S., Sergeant
Ellinwood, William, Private
Elliott, James, Private
Elliott, John, Private
Elliott, Thomas, Private
Elliott, William, Private
Ellis, Charles, Private
Ellis, Ethelred, Private
Ellis, John, Private
Ellis, Rolley, Private
Ellis, Shadrach, Private
Ellis, Thomas S., Sergeant
Emerson, James, Private
English, Joseph, Private
English, Joshua, 2nd Lieut.
Ewing, John, Private
Ewing, William, Private
Faulkner, Samuel, Sergeant
Fear, Edmund, Private
Feaster, Andrew, Corporal
Fergustrum, Nicholas, Private
Ferrel, Robert Jr., Sgt. Major
Ferrell, Matthew, Private
Ferrell, Robert, Private
Ferril, Jacob, Private
Ferril, James, Private
Ferril, Matthew, Private
Ferril, Robert, Private
Ferril, Robert J., Sgt. Major
Ferrol, Jacob, Private
Ferrol, James, Private
Fetner, Archy, Private
Fields, Gabriel, Private
Finch, Caleb, Private
Fincher, John, Private
Flageler, John, Sergt.
Flagler, John G., Sergt.
Fletcher, James, Private
Fletcher, William, Private
Forgason, Ellison, Private
Forgerson, Elison, Private
Forsyth, Robert, Corporal
Forsythe, Robert, Corporal
Fort, Wilie, Private
Fortenbury, Benjamin, Private
Fortenbury, William, Private
Foxworth, Alexander D., Private
Free, Nathan, Private
Freeman, Allen, Private
Freeman, Dennis, Private
Freeman, John, Private
Frierson, George, Private
Frierson, John L., Ensign
Frierson, John James, Ensign
Fulgem, Anthony, Private
Fulgim, Anthony, Private
Fulwood, James, Private
Funderberk, Abel, Private
Funderburk, Abel, Private
Furgistrum, Nicholas, Private
Furgustrum, Nicholas, Private
Furmace, Joseph, Corporal
Furness, Joseph, Corporal
Gadberry, William, Private
Gaffney, Patrick, Private
Gaines, Thomas, Private
Gains, Thomas, Private
Galliway, Abraham, Private
Galloway, Abraham, Private
Gamble, Andrew, Private
Gardner, James, Private
Gardner, Reuben, Private
Garris, William, Corporal
Gaskins, John, Private
Gayner, Thomas, Private
Geddis, James, Musician
Gelaspy, Alexander, Private
Gerald, Henry, Private
Gerrald, Henry, Private
Gibson, Abel, Private
Gibson, Canady, Private
Gibson, Gerocas, Private
Gibson, Jacob, Private
Gibson, Jarvis, Private
Gibson, Jervis, Private
Gibson, John, Private
Gibson, John R., Private
Gibson, Kennedy, Private
Gibson, William, Sergeant
Gibson, William, Qtr. Master Sergeant
Gillespie, Alexander, Private
Givens, Robert, Private
Givin, Minor, Private
Givins, Robert, Private
Gladden, Lacy, Private
Gladden, Middleton, Private
Gladney, Robert, Private
Gladney, Samuel, Private
Gladney, Samuel Jr., Private
Gladney, Samuel Sr., Private
Glaise, William, Private
Glaze, George, Private
Glaze, Thomas, Private
Glaze, William, Private
Glove, Absalom, Private
Goff, George, Private
Goff, Thomas, Private
Gofts, Thomas, Private
Gorden, Abraham, Private
Gorden, James, Private
Gordon, Abraham, Private
Gordon, James, Private
Gradick, Daniel, Private
Graham, Andrew, Private
Graham, Duren, 2nd Lieut.
Graham, George, Sergeant
Graham, James, Private
Graham, Matthew, Private
Graham, Thomas, Private
Grant, John, Private
Graves, James W., Private
Graves, John, Private
Graves, William, Private
Green, Goodwin, Private
Griffin, Deshmard, Private
Griffin, Ishmael, Private
Guinn, Minor, Private
Guinn, Richard, Private
Guise, Daniel, Private
Guyer, Nathaniel, Sergeant
Guyre, Nathaniel, Sergeant
Gwinn, Richard, Private
Hagans, Joseph, Private
Haggans, Joseph, Private
Haigood, Elijah, Private
Haigood, James, Corporal
Haigood, Lewis, Private
Hail, Dudley, Private
Haines, David, Private
Hair, Britain, Corporal
Haithcock, James, Private
Hall, Samuel, Private
Hambright, James, Private
Hambright, John, Private
Hambright, Josiah, Private
Hambright, Peter, Private
Hamilton, Arthur, Private
Hamilton, Daniel, Private
Hamilton, John, Private
Hamilton, Peter, Private
Hamilton, William, Private
Hancock, Harely, Private
Hancock, Henry, Private
Hancock, Howel, Private
Hanks, Elijah, Private
Hanna, Thomas, Private
Hannah, James, Private
Hannah, Thomas, Private
Harbin, Dennis, Private
Harden, Isaac, Corporal
Harper, William, Private
Harper, William, Sergeant
Harris, John, Private
Harris, John F., Private
Harris, Thomas, Private
Harrison, Francis, Private
Harrison, James, Private
Harrison, Thomas, Private
Harrison, William, Private
Hart, Joseph, Private
Harvin, Dennis, Private
Hassel, Samuel, Private
Hatcher, John Jr., Private
Hatcher, John Sr., Private
Hathaway, James, Private
Hathcock, James, Private
Hawkins, William, Private
Haygood, Elijah, Private
Haygood, Lewis, Private
Haynes, David, Private
Hays, Jesse, Private
Hays, William, Private
Henderson, Elihu, Private
Henry, Hugh, Corporal
Henry, James, Private
Herrington, William, Private
Herst, Jesse, Private
Hicks, Daniel, Private
Hill, Gustarus, Private
Hill, James, Private
Hill, Richard, Private
Hill, William, Private
Hill, William, Muscian
Hodge, James, Private
Hodge, John R., Private
Hogan, John, Private
Hogg, James, Private
Holaday, James, Private
Holaday, Peter R., Corporal
Holliday, James, Private
Holliday, Joseph, Private
Holliday, Peter, Private
Holliman, Willis, Private
Hollingshead, John, Private
Holoman, Willis, Private
Honnel, Peter, Private
Hood, Humphrey, Private
Hood, James, Corporal
Hood, Johnathan, Private
Hoofman, Alexnder, Private
Hoofman, John, Private
Hoop, Peter, James
Hoopaw, James, Private
Hope, John, Private
Hopkins, Thomas, Private
Horton, Hardy, Private
Horton, Jesse, Private
Horton, Johnathan, Private
Horton, Reuben, Private
Horton, William, Private
House, Jesse, Private
Houston, William, Private
Howell, Ethelrid, Private
Howell, Joseph, Private
Howell, Smith, Private
Hubbard, John, Private
Hubbard, William, Private
Hubbirt, John, Private
Hunt, James, Private
Hunt, Jesse, Private
Hunt, John, Private
Hunt, William, Private
Hunter, John, Private
Hurst, Jesse, Private
Hussey, Isaac, Private
Hutcherson, John, Private
Hutcheson, John, Private
Hutchison, John, Private
Hutson, James, Private
Hutson, William G., Privates
Ingram, Alexander, Private
Ingram, James, Private
Isome, James, Private
Isome, John, Private
Ivey, Zachariah, Private
Ivy, Zachariah, Private
Jackson, Henry, Private
Jackson, James, Private
Jackson, Samuel E., Private
Jackson, Stephen, Private
Jacobs, John, Private
James, Charnal, Private
James, Joseph, Private
James, William, Private
Jamison, David, Sergeant
Jenings, Thomas, Private
Jenkins, John, Private
Jenkins, Thomas, Private
Jennings, Thomas, Private
Johnson, Charles, Private
Johnson, Haley, Private
Johnson, Theophilus, Private
Johnson, William, Servant
Johnston, Charles, Private
Johnson, Haley, Private
Johnston, James, Private
Johnston, James Jr., Private
Johnston, James Sr., Private
Johnston, James I., Private
Johnston, Theophilus, Private
Johnson, William, Servant
Joiner, Absalom, Private
Joiner, Frederick, Private
Joiner, Middleton, Private
Joiner, Noah, Private
Joiner, William, Private
Jolley, John, Private
Jones, Allen, Private
Jones, James Jr., Private
Jones, James Sr., Corporal
Jones, Lewis, Private
Jones, Nathan, Private
Jones, Wiley, Private
Jones, William, Private
Joyner, Frederick, Private
Joyner, John, Private
Joyner, Joshua, Private
Joyner, Middleton, Private
Kelley, Daniel, Private
Kelly, Daniel, Private
Kelly, Elisha O., Private
Kelly, Timothy, Private
Kelough, William, Sergeant
Kenington, John, Private
Kennington, John, Private
Kerr, Daniel H., Sergeant
Kerr, John, Private
Kincaid, William, Captain
King, James, Private
Kingston, William, Sergant
Kinsler, Jeremiah, 2nd Lieut.
Kirk, James, Corporal
Kirk, John, Private
Kirk, Joshua, Private
Kirk, William, 2nd Lieut.
Kirkpatrick, Britton, Private
Kithcart, David, Private
Knox, John, Private
Knox, Joseph J., Private
Koon, John, Private
Lacey, James, Private
Landrom, John, Private
Landrum, John, Private
Lane, Samuel, Musicain
Langley, James, Private
Langley, John, Private
Lanier, James, Private
Lasley, John, Private
Lassly, John, Private
Lasstty, John, Private
Latham, John, Private
Latham, Moses, Private
Lathan, John, Private
Lathen, John, Private
Lathom, James, Private
Lathom, Moses, Private
Lathom, Richard, Private
Laugharn, Samuel, Private
Laughorn, Enoch, Private
Laughorn, Samuel, Private
Laws, Henry, Private
Laws, Jarod, Private
Lawson, William, Private
Lee, Eli, Private
Lee, Henry, Private
Lee, John, Private
Leech, Joseph, Private
Leightner, Christian, Private
Leightner, Jacob, Private
Lenear, John, Private
Lenoir, Hope K., Sergeant
Lenoir, Thomas I., Sergeant
Lesesne, Halliam, Private
Lessenby, James, Private
Levy, Chapman, Captain
Lewis, Jarod, Private
Lightner, Christian, Private
Lightner, Jacob,Private
Lightner, John, Private
Limbacker, Sinclair, Musician
Limbacker, Sinklar, Musician
Lisenbe, John, Private
Lisenby, John, Private
Little, James, Private
Lloyd, John, Private
Lloyd, William, Private
Logan, Peter, Private
Logan, Thomas, Private
Long, Darling, Private
Long, Henry, Private
Long, James, 1st Lieut.
Loring, Joseph, Private
Losson, William, Private
Lott, William, Private
Lougharn, Enoch, Private
Loughorn, Enoch, Private
Loughorn, Samuel, Private
Love, David, Private
Love, James, Private
Love, Robert, Private
Lowder, Jesse, Private
Lowry, Gideon, Private
Loyd, John, Private
Loyd, William, Private
Lyles, Arramanos, Ensign
Lyles, Silas W., Private
Lyons, Robert, Private
Lysenberry, James, Private
Lysenbey, James, Private
Mackaekin, Thomas, Private
Mackey, John, Private
Maddox, Daniel, Private
Magriff, John, Private
Manal, Edward, Private
Mancil, Edward, Private
Mann, James, Private
Mann, Nathaniel, Sergeant
Mann, Thomas, Private
Marable, Braxton, Private
Mariner, Henry, Private
Marler, Aminadab, Sergeant
Marrimer, Henry, Private
Marshal, Thomas, Private
Marshall, Alexander, Private
Marshall, Francis, Private
Marshall, John, Corporal
Marshel, Thomas, Private
Martal, Thomas, Private
Martial, Alexander, Private
Martin, Daniel, Private
Martin, Ebeneezer, Private
Martin, James, Private
Martin, James, Corporal
Martin, James Minor, Private
Martin, John, Private
Martin, Robert, Private
Mason, Benjamin, Sergeant
Mason, Reuben, Private
Mason, Turner, Private
Massey, Green, Private
Massey, Joseph, Private
Masters, James, Private
Mathies, Shadnach, Private
Mathis, Israel G., Sergeant
Mathis, Shadrach, Private
Mattox, Daniel, Private
Mauzy, William, Private
May, John, Private
Mayfield, Elisha, Private
Mayo, Thomas, Private
Mayrant, Rufus, Quarter Master
McAdams,  Hiram, Private
McAteer, Francis, Private
McBride, James, Corporal
McBride, William, Private
McCants, Samuel, Private
McCain, John, Private
McCain, William, Sergeant
McCants, Samuel, Private
McCardel, John, Private
McCardle, John, Private
McCartey, Middleton, Private
McCarty, Middleton, Private
McCaskill, John, Private
McCaskill, Malcom, Private
McCaskill, Taskill, Private
McChitten, Thomas, Private
McClellan, Thomas, Private
McClure, John, Private
McCollough, John, Private
McCollum, John, Private
McConnell, Pattrick, Private
McConnell, Sammuel, Sergeant
McCoory, Hugh, Musician
McCord, Russel P., Corporal
McCorkle, John, Private
McCorry, Hugh, Corporal
McCory, Hugh, Musician, Musician
McCoun, John, Private
McCoun, Samuel, Private
McCown, John, Private
McCown, Samuel, Private
McCoy, Benjamin, Sergeant
McCoy, John, Private
McCoy, Joseph, Private
McCoy, Samuel, Private
McCrackin, Thomas, Private
McCrary, Hugh, Corporal
McCreight, James, Private
McCreight, John, Private
McCreight, William, Captain
McCrorey, James, Private
McCrorey, William, Private
McCrory, Hugh, Musician
McCrory, Hugh, Corporal
McCrory, James, Private
McCrory, William, Private
McCullough, Samuel, Private
McDanell, David, Private
McDanell, Nathaniel, Private
McDaniel, David, Private
McDaniel, James, Sergeant
McDaniel, Nathaniel, Private
McDaniel, William, Private
McDonald, David, Private
McDowell, Hugh, Private
McDowell, John, Private
McDowell, Robert, Private
McFadden, Eli, 3rd Lieut.
McGarey, Barnard, Sergeant
McGarrah, Bernerd, Sergeant
McGarrah, George, Private
McGarrah, William, Sergeant
McGarrow, George, Private
McGill, John, Corporal
McGowen, Petigrew, Private
McGriff, John, Private
McGraw, Abraham, Private
McGraw, Charles, Private
McGraw, Marshall, Private
McGraw, William, Corporal
McGriff, John, Private
McHenry, George, Private
McIlvane, Isaac, Private
McKackin, Thomas, Private
McKinney, John, Private
McKinney, William, Private
McKnight, George, Private
McLellan, Thomas, Private
McLemore, Joel, Private
McLeod, Daniel, Private
McLoud, Daniel, Private
McManas, Alexander, Private
McMaster, John, Private
McMasters, John, Private
McMeans, James, Private
McMeekin, Andrew, Private
McMillan, Alexander, Private
McMorries, John, Corporal
McMorries, William, Private
McMorris, John, Corporal
McMorris, William, Private
McMurry, Andrew, Private
McNeel, John, 2nd Lieut.
Mcquime, William, Private
McWaters, Francis, Private
McWillie, Adam, Colonel
McWillie, William, Adjuant
Meadows, John, Private
Means, Samuel, Private
Medor, John, Private
Medow, John, Private
Meek, James, Private
Meeks, Wiley, Private
Michel, Nimrod, Private
Mickler, Andrew, Private
Millar, Robert S., Private
Miller, John, Corporal
Miller, Michael, 2nd Lieut.
Miles, John, Private
Minter, Samuel, Private
Minton, Douglass, Private
Mitchel, Nimrod, Private
Mobley, Isaiah, Private
Mobley, Joab, Private
Mobley, John, Private
Mobley, Larkin, Private
Mobly, Isaiah, Private
Mobly, Joab, Private
Mobly, John, Private
Mobly, Larkin, Private
Modershed, Isaac, Private
Modershed, Jesse, Private
Moke, Emanuel, Private
Monk, James, Private
Montgomery, Charles, Lieut.
Montgomery, Charles, Private
Montgomery, Hugh, Private
Montgomery, John, Private
Montgomery, John, Captain
Montgomery, Robert, Private
Montgomery, William, Corporal
Moody, Joseph, Private
Mooney, Francis, Corporal
Mooney, James, Private
Mooney, John, Private
Moor, Jesse, Private
Moore, Jessy, Private
Moore, John, Private
Mooty, Alexander, Private
Mooty, John, Private
Morgan, Crisphin, Private
Morgan, Edward, Private
Morgan, John, Private
Morris, Hugh, Private
Morris, John, Private
Morrow, Benjamin, 1st Lieut.
Moss, Joshua, Private
Mothershead, Isaac, Private
Mothershead, Jesse, Private
Mothershed, Jesse, Private
Mott, William, Private
Muckelduff, Thomas, Private
Muckelduff, Thomas, Private
Mullen, William L., Private
Murph, Courod, Private
Murphy, James, Private
Muse, Humphrey, Private
Muse, Joseph D., Sergeant
Naalton, Ephraim, Private
Naramore, Wm, Private
Narramore, William, Private
Neal, William, Private
Neely, John, Private
Neely, Victor, Private
Neeley, John, Private
Neeley, Richard, Private
Nelson, Able, Private
Nelson, Jared I., Private
Nelson, John, Private
Nelson, William, 1st Lieut.
Nesbeth, Joseph, Private
Nesbett, William, Private
Nesbit, William, Private
Nettels, George, Private
Nettles, George, Private
Nevet, Cornelius, Corporal
Nevitt, Cornelius, Corporal
Nevitt, William, Captain
Nighten, Ransom, Private
Nighton, Ransom, Private
Nisbet, Joseph, Private
Nolen, George, Private
Nolen, James, Private
Nolen, William, Private
Nolton, Ephraim, Private
Noris, James, Private
Norrace, James, Private
Norrass, James, Private
Norris, James, Private
Nott, William, Private
Ocain, William, Private
Odom, James, Sergeant
Odom, Richard, Private
Odum, James, Sergeant
Odum, Richard, Private
Oglesby, Benjamin, Private
ONeal, Presler, Private
Ooten, Jacob, Private
Ooton, Jacob, Private
Oquin, Daniel, Private
Owen, Samuel, Private
Owen, Thomas, Private
Owens, Daniel, Private
Owens, Joseph, Private
Owens, Samuel, Private
Owens, Sherod, Private
Owens, Thomas, Private
Owens, Whitman, Private
Page, Philip, Private
Paris, Joseph, Private
Paris, Nicholas, Private
Parish, Nicholas, Private
Parker, John, Sergeant
Parks, Joseph, Private
Parks, William, 2nd Lieut.
Patrick, Nathan, Private
Parrish, Nicholas, Private
Parrott, John, Private
Partin, Asa B., Private
Patterson, Benjamin, Private
Patterson, Matthew, Private
Patton, James, Sergeant
Paul, Achibald, Private
Paul, Samuel O., Private
Payne, John, Private
Payne, Jonathan, Private
Peebles, William, 2nd Lieut.
Pendergrass, Samuel, Corporal
Perry, Benjamin, Private
Perry, Burrel, Private
Perry, George, Private
Perry, Hugh, Private
Perry, James, Private
Perry, Joshua, Private
Perry, William, Private
Pettegrue, Robert, Private
Pettigrew, Robert, Private
Philips, Thomas, Private
Phillips, Thomas, Private
Picken, Marcus, Private
Pickens, Marcus, Private
Pickett, Thomas, Private
Pickins, Marcus, Private
Pilcher, James, Private
Pippen, Joseph, Private
Pitcher, James, Private
Player, Joshua, 1st Lieut.
Plowden, James, Corporal
Plyer, Martin, Private
Pobles, William, 2nd Lieut.
Poer, Green, Private
Polk, Thomas, Private
Ponds, Aaron, Private
Pool, Frederick, Private
Pool, Joseph, Private
Pool, Tafiley, Private
Poor, Green, Private
Porter, John, Corporal
Potter, Miles, Private
Potts, Samuel T., Sergeant
Pouns, Aaron, Private
Powell, David R., 3rd Lieut.
Powers,John, Private
Prater, Philip, Corporal
Prator, Philip, Corporal
Pratter, Philip, Corporal
Price, Enoch, Private
Price, John, Private
Prichard, Simon, Private
Prichard, Stephen, Private
Pritchell, Simon, Private
Pritchell, Stephen, Private
Price, Robert, Private
Purser, John, Private
Radford, Eli, Private
Raffield, William, Private
Rainey, William, Private
Ramsey, John, Private
Randol, William, Private
Rasberry, James, Private
Rawlinson, Nathan, Private
Rawlinson, Nathaniel, Private
Reed, John, Private
Reedy, William, Private
Reeves, John, Private
Reeves, Stephen, Private
Reid, John, Private
Reives, John, Private
Remmict, Nicholas, Private
Rhame, Reddew, Private
Rials, James, Private
Rials, John, Private
Richardson, John, Corporal
Richardson, Wiley, Private
Richbourgh, Joseph, Corporal
Ridggill, James, Private
Ridggill, Richard, Sergeant
Ridggill, Robert, Sergeant
Rieves, William, Private
Righters, John, Surgeon Mate
Rives, William, Private
Roach, William G., Private
Roach, William J., Private
Roberts, Alexander, Private
Robertson, Alexander Y., Private
Robertson, Benoni, Major
Robertson, John, Private
Robertson, John, 1st Lieut.
Robertson, Jonathan, Private
Robertson, Newman, Private
Robertson, Robert, Private
Robertson, Samuel, Private
Robertson, Soverign, Private
Robertson, Wilie, Private
Robertson, Willis, Private
Robertson, Zachariah, Private
Robertson, William Y, Private
Robinson, Benoni, Major
Robinson, James Y., Private
Robinson, John, Private
Robinson, Nathan, Private
Robinson, Nathaniel, Private
Robinson, Robert, Private
Robinson, Samuel, Private
Robinson, William, Private
Robison, John, Private
Robison, Samuel, Private
Rodgers, John, Private
Rodgers, John, Corporal
Rodgers, Shadrich, Private
Rodgers, William, Private
Rodyell, Richard, 1st Sergt.
Rogers, John, Corporal
Rogers, John, Private
Rogers, Shadrach, Private
Rogers, William, Private
Rollins, Benjamin, Private
Romanstine, John, Private
Ross, James, Sergeant
Rowan, Abram, Private
Rowan, Samuel, Private
Rowe, George, Private
Rudgell, Robert, Sergeant
Rugdey, Rowland, Private
Russel, Sterling, Private
Russell, Archibald, Private
Russell, David, Private
Russell, Thomas, Lieut.
Russell, William, Private
Sanders, George, Private
Sanders, Nathaniel, Private
Sangster, Peter, Musician
Saunders, Nathaniel, Private
Schooler, John, Private
Schrock, David, Paymaster
Scott, James, Private
Scott, John, Private
Scott, Joseph, Corporal
Scott, Stephen, Private
Scott, William D., Private
Seales, Charles, Private
Seales, James, Private
Seals, Charles, Private
Seals, James, Private
Sellers, George, Private
Sellers, Samuel, Private
Sent, Brown, Private
Shannon, David, 3rd Lieut.
Shaver, George, Private
Shewbird, John, Private
Shewburd, John, Private
Shiver, Daniel, Private
Shiver, Elisha, Private
Shoot, Henry, Private
Shroek, David, 1st Lieut. & Paymaster
Shute, Henry, Private
Shy, William, Private
Simington, Robert, Private
Simington, William, Private
Simmons, Henry, Private
Simonton, Robert, Private
Simonton, William, Private
Sims, John, 3rd Lieut.
Singletary, Arthur, Private
Singleton, Robert, 1st Lieut.
Sloan, John, Corporal
Sloan, Samuel, Private
Slone, John, Corporal
Small, Frederick, Private
Smith, Elias, Private
Smith, George, Private
Smith, Lenis, Muscian
Smith, Robert, Private
Smith, Samuel, Sergeant
Smith, Thomas, Private
Smith, William H., Private
Smyry, Thomas, Corporal
Snawden, James, Private
Snawden, John, Private
Snawdon, James, Private
Snawdon, John, Private
Snowden, James, Private
Snowden, John, Private
Spaun, John, Private
Spigner, Samuel, Private
Spradley, Brant, Private
Sprayberry, John, Private
Sprayberry, Lewis, Private
Spraybery, John, Private
Spraybery, Lewis, Private
Spraybury, John, Private
Spraybury, Lewis, Private
Spring, Cornelius D., Private
Stafford, Abel, Private
Stafford, Lanford C., Private
Steel, James, Corporal
Steel, Joseph, Private
Steel, Robert, Private
Steel, William, Private
Stevens, James, Private
Stevens, Thomas, Sergeant
Stephenson, John, Private
Stephenson, William, Private
Stevens, James, Private
Stevens, Joab Jr., Private
Stevens, Thomas, Sergeant
Stevenson, John, Private
Stinson, Elijah, Corporal
Stokes, Frederick R., Private
Stokes, John, Private
Strain, David, Private
Strain, Joseph, Private
Strange, James T., Private
Stone, William, Private
Strickling, Jacob, Private
Stringer, John, Private
Talbert, James, Private
Talbert, John, Private
Talbirt, James, Private
Tally, Hugh, Private
Tann, Jonathan, Private
Tayler, Burrel, Corporal
Tayler, John, Private
Taylor, Burell, Corporal
Taylor, John,Private
Taylor, William Jr., Captain
Team, John, Corporal
Teasdal, Serwood, Private
Teem, John, Corporal
Teem, Lewis, Private
Teenis, Lewis, Private
Terral, Edward, Private
Terral, John, Private
Terrel, Joseph, Private
Terrell, Edward, Private
Terrell, John, Private
Terril, Joseph, Private
Terrill, Edward, Private
Terrill, John, Private
Thomas, John L., Private
Thompson, Hugh, Private
Thompson, Isaiah, Private
Thompson, James, Private
Thompson, James D., Private
Thompson, John, Private
Thompson, William, Private
Thomson, Hugh, Private
Thomson, William, Private
Ticer, Thomas, Private
Ticer, William, Private
Tier, Thomas, Private
Tier, William, Private
Tisdal, Sherwood, Private
Tisdale, Sherwood, Private
Tisdol, Sherwood, Private
Tobias, Robert, Private
Todd, Mackey H., Private
Todd, Richard, Private
Tomlinson, Littleberry, Private
Trewhitt, James, Private
Treivitt, James, Private
Trimbnal, Benjamin, Private
Timnal, Benjamin, Private
Truitt, James, Private
Trulock, John, Private
Truluck, John, Private
Tucker, Joel, Private
Turker, Asa, Private
Turley, James, Private
Turner, George, Private
Turner, Joseph, Cororal
Turnipseed, Jacob, Private
Tyner, John, Private
Unger, Zachariah, Private
Vail, Jeremiah, Private
Vanlandingham, John, Private
Vaughan, Richard, Corporal
Vaughan, Willy, Pay Master
Veal, Thomas L., Sergeant
Veale, Thomas L., Sergeant
Vichus, James, Private
Vickas, James, Private
Vickers, James, Private
Vickers, John, Private
Vickery, James, Private
Vickery, John, Private
Vickory, James, Private
Vickry, James, Private
Vicus, James, Private
Wade, George, Private
Wade, John, Privaate
Walker, Sion, Private
Waller, James, Private
Walsh, Thomas I. Corporal
Ward, Creighton, Private
Ware, Jacob, Private
Warrick, Allen, Private
Warwick, Allen, Private
Watson, Ephraim, Private
Watson, Hardiway, Private
Watson, James, Private
Watson, Matthew, Private
Watson, Richardson W., Private
Watson, William A., Private
Watt, James, Private
Watt, John, Private
Watts, James, Private
Watts, William, Private
Wear, Jacob, Private
Wear, James, Private
Weathers, Jeptha, Private
Webb, John, Private
Webb, Joseph, Private
Weir, James, Private
Welch, Daniel, Private
Welch, John, Private
Welch, Josiah, Private
Wells, William, Corporal
West, Wilson, Private
Weston, Malachi, Private
Wills, William, Corporal
Whealing, William, Private
Wheeland, William, Private
Wheeler, William, Private
Whelan, William, Private
Wherry, William, Private
Whisonant, John, Private
Whisonant, Joseph, Ensign
White, Dempsey, Private
White, Henry, Private
White, Richard, Private
White, Robert, Corporal
White, William, Private
White, William F., Sergeant
Whitley, Stephen, Private
Whitley, William, Private
Widener, Abraham, Private
Widener, Samuel, Private
Widner, Abraham, Private
Widner, Samuel, Private
Wiley, Joseph, Private
Williams, Benjamin, Private
Williams, George, Private
Williams, James, Corporal
Williams, Laban, Private
Williams, Thomas, Private
Williams, William, Private
Williams, Willis, Private
Wills, William, Corporal
Willson, Joel, Private
Willson, Theophilas, Private
Wilson, Henry, Private
Wilson, Joel, Private
Wilson, John, Private
Wilson, Samuel, Private
Wilson, Theohilas, Private
Wilson, William, Private
Windham, Charles, Private
Windom, Chapman, Private
Winkles, Matthias, Private
Wisonant, John, Private
Withers, Jeptha, Private
Wood, Sampson, Private
Woods, John, Private
Woodward, Joshua, Private
Woodward, Lewellin, Private
Wootan, Moses, Private
Workman, John, Corporal
Wright, James, Sergeant
Wright, James, Private
Wright, John, Private
Wydnet, Samuel, Private
Wylie, Joseph, Private
Yarborough, Edward, Private
Yarborough, William, Private
Yarborough, Zachirah, Private
Yarbrough, Edward, Private
Yarbrough, William, Private
Yarbrough, Zachariah
Young, Philip, Private

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