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Nash's Regiment SC Volunteers

D. D. Wallace's SOUTH CAROLINA: A SHORT HISTORY:  "Peace came to a South Carolina that held a very creditble record. Colonel Nash's regiment of South Carolina volunteers suffered great hardships in the Creek war phase of the conflict. The President appointed a sixth of hs new generals from South Caolina. Major-General Thomas Pinckney commanded the Sixth Military District. George Izard of the regulars served under Major-General Wade Hampton on the Canadain front and in March, 1814, was made brgadier to command around Lake Champlain. Major Arthur P. Hayne fought under General Jackson. The gallant Colnel Fenwick was severelywounded at Queenstown. Lieutenant John Templar Shubrick, who later distinguished himself against Algiers, was awarded a handsome sword by the South Carolina legislature for his gallantry against the Guerriere, the Java and the Peacock. Thus South Carolina, patriotic and nationalistic, came through the War of 1812."

"Dr. Wallace could have added that Gen. Andrew Jackson, a South Carolina native, won the Battle of New Orleans, which even though the war had ended propelled Jackson to the ultimate prize, the White House." - Donated by Louise Pettus.

Abney, Lark, Private
Adams, Frances, Private
Adams, James, Private
Adams, John, Private
Adams, John, Ensign
Adams, Peter, Muscian
Adams, Samuel, Private
Adams, William, Private
Adams, William, Private
Abernathy, George, Private
Abernathy, Thomas, Private
Abney, Lark, Private
Adear, Walter S., Ensign Quarter Master
Aikins, John, Private
Akin, Peter, Private
Akins, John, Private
Akins, Peter, Private
Albetton, Mathew, Corporal
Albriton, David, Private
Albritton, Matthew, Corporal
Alewine, Daniel, Private
Alewine, Henry, Private
Alewine, Joseph, Private
Alexander, Robert, Private
Aleywine, Joseph, Private
Allen, John, 4th Sgt.
Alston, John W., Private
Anders, Frederick, Private
Anders, William, 2nd Corporal
Anderson, Reuben G., 1st Corporal
Anderson, Samuel, Private
Andrews, Terrell, Private
Andrews, William, Sr. Master Sgt.
Armstrong, James, Private
Armstrong, John, Private
Atkins, John, Private
Atteway, John, Private
Ausbourn, James, Private
Ausbourn, Reps, Private
Austin, Amon, Private
Avery, Charles, Private
Babb, James, Private
Babb, William, Private
Bagwell, Burkley, Private
Bagwell, Redmond, Private
Bailey, William, Private
Baily, Edward, Private
Bain, Richard, Private
Baity, Edward, Private
Baker, William, Private
Balentin, George, Private
Balentine, George, Private
Ballintine, George, Private
Banks, Joan, Private
Barker, Jesse, Private
Barkley, John, Private
Barkley, William, Private
Barnett, James, Private
Barret, Arthur, Private
Barrett, Arthur, Private
Bartee, John, Private
Barton, James, Private
Barton, Thomas, Sergeant
Beam, Jeremiah, Private
Bear, John, Private
Beare, John, Private
Beaty, George, Private
Beckly, James, Private
Bell, George, Corporal
Bell, James, Private
Bell, Joseph F., Private
Bendrick, Nicles, Private
Benjamin, Wolf, Private
Bennett, Solomon, Private
Bennett, Stephen, Private
Bethany, John, Private
Bevis, Thomas, Private
Black, Peter, Private
Black, Robert, Private
Blackburn, James, Private
Blackeston, Thomas, Private
Blackstone, Thoms, Private
Blackstun, Thomas, Private
Blair, John, Private
Blakley, William, Private
Bledsoa, Warren, Private
Blith, John, Private
Blithe, John, Private
Blythe, John, Private
Boggs, David H., Corporal
Boggs, John, Private
Boid, Robert, Corporal
Boles, William, Private
Bolton, William, Private
Bonner, Thomas, Ensign
Boswell, John, Private
Bouydstum, Jesse, Private
Bouydstum, Jesse, Private
Bowen, George, Captain
Bowen, Lacy, Corporal
Bowen, Samuel, Private
Bowie, Samuel, Private
Bowland, John, Private
Bowles, Alexander, Private
Bowles, Alexander, Private
Bowles, William, Privae
Bowman, John, Sergeant
Boyd, James C., Private
Boyd, John, Private
Boyd, Robert, Corporal
Boydston, Jesse, Private
Bradley, James, Private
Brantley, Thomas, Private
Brasher, Thomas, Private
Brasswell, Valentine, Private
Braswell, Valentine, Private
Brewer, Benjamin, Private
Brewer, Sterling, Private
Briant, John, Private
Bridges, Lewis, Private
Bridges, William, Private
Brock, Henry, Private
Brock, John, Private
Brockman, John, Private
Broning, William, Private
Brooks, Bluford, Corporal
Broom, John, Private
Broswell, Valentine, Private
Brown, Cornelius, Private
Brown, Daniel, Private
Brown, Johnathan, Private
Brown, Joshua, Private
Brown, Walter, Private
Brown, William, 5th Sergeant
Brown, William, Artificer
Brown, Willis, Sergeant
Browne, Walter, Private
Browning, William, Private
Brownlee, George, Corporal
Brownlee, Thomas, Private
Brownlowe, James, Private
Broyles, Jacob, Private
Bruce, George, Corporal
Bruce, James, Privatess
Bruce, John, Private
Bruce, Jonathan, Private
Bruister, Downs, Private
Brumit, Francis L., Private
Bruster, Downs, Private
Bruster, John, Private
Bruton, David, Private
Bruton, Enoch, Private
Bruton, Joab, Private
Bryan, James, Private
Bryant, John, Private
Bryson, James, Private
Buckman, Oliver, Sergeant
Bumpass, Robert, Private
Bunduch, Nicholas, Private
Burn, Thomas, Private
Burnes, Henry C., Private
Burnes, Jeremiah, Private
Burnes, Samuel, Private
Burns, Tarrant, Private
Burnett, Pleasant, Private
Burnett, Samuel, Private
Burnett, Thomas, Sergent
Burns, Henry C., Private
Burns, Jeremiah, Private
Burns, John, Private
Burns, Samuel, Private
Burns, Tarrant, Private
Burns, Thomas, Private
Burton, Smallwood, Private
Butler, Benjamin, Private
Butler, Edward, Private
Butler, William, Private
Buzby, Dampsey, Private
Cahoon, James, Private
Caldwell, George, Sergeant
Caldwell, John, Privates
Caldwell, Robert, Private
Calhoon, Alexander, Private
Calhoon, James, Private
Calhoon, Joseph, Private
Calhoon, William, Private
Calhoun, Alexander, Priate
Calhoun, James, Private
Calhoun, Joseph, Private
Calhoun, William, Corporal
Callahan, Nathaniel, Private
Callehan, Nathaniel, Private
Callihan, Samuel, Private
Calloway, James, Private
Camel, William, Private
Cammel, William, Corporal
Camp, Joseph, Private
Camp, William, Private
Campbell, William, Private
Cannon, John, Private
Cannon, William, Captain
Cantrell, James, Private
Cantril, James, Private
Cantrill, James, Private
Car, Robert, Private
Car, William, Private
Carey, William, Private
Carnes, James, Privates
Carodine, William, 1st Corporal
Carson, Samuel, Private
Carson, William, Private
Carter, James, Private
Carter, Joel, Private
Carter, Joel, Sergeant
Cary, John, Private
Cary, William, Private
Case, Thomas, Private
Cason, Joseph, Private
Castles, William, Private
Castly, William, Private
Cater, Jesse, Private
Cearnes, James, Private
Chalmsbers, Samuel, Private
Chalmsbers, William, Private
Chambers, John, Private
Chambers, Samuel, Private
Chambers, William, Private
Chandler, Bailey, Private
Chandler, Jeremiah, Sergeant
Chandler, Joel, Private
Chapel, John, Private
Chapman, Elisha, Sadler
Chappel, John, Private
Chappell, Thomas, Private
Chastain, Ariel, Private
Chastain, John, Private
Chastean, Aveael, Private
Chastean, John, Private
Cheek, James, Private
Cheek, Randolph, Private
Cheek, William, Private
Cherry, Samuel T., Sergeant
Cheshier, Hezekiah, Private
Cheves, John, Private
Childers, John, Private
Chiles, John, 1st Lieutenant
Chism, James, Private
Choice, Fully, 2nd Corporal
Christian, James, Private
Clardy, Jesee E., Private
Clark, Alexander, Private
Clark, David, Private
Clark, John, Private
Clark, Joseph, Private
Clark, Micajah, Sergeant
Clarke, James, Leiut.
Cleland, David, Private
Cleland, William, Private
Cleveland, Benjamin, Private
Coates, Jesse, Private
Coats, Jesse, Private
Cobben, John, Private
Cockram, Daniel, Private
Cockram, John, Private
Cochran, Senan, Corporal
Cochran, John, Private
Cockran, Hiram, Corporal
Coker, James, Private
Coker, William, Private
Cole, John, Private
Coleman, Thornton, Private
Comb, Francis, Sergeant
Comer, Anderson, Private
Comer, Joseph, Private
Conwell, Samuel Jr., Ensign
Conwell, John, Private
Cook, Elias, Private
Cook, George, Private
Cook, John, Private
Cook, William, Private
Cooley, Josiah, Private
Cooley, Josiah, Private
Cooper, Charles, Private
Cooper, David, 1st Surgeon's Mate
Copeland, William, Private
Corben, James, Private
Corben, Jesse, Private
Corbin, James, Private
Corbin, Jesse, Private
Corley, James, Private
Couch, George, Private
Couch, Gerry, Private
Couch, James, Private
Couch, Jerry, Private
Couch, Sylvanus, Private
Cowie, James, Private
Cox, Beverly, Private
Cox, Isaac, Private
Cox, Isaiah, Private
Cox, William, Private
Cox, Zachariah, Private
Craddock, Aechalus, Sergeant
Craddock, Edmond, Sergeant
Crafford, Thomas A., Private
Crafford, Thomas A., Private
Crawford, John, 4th Sergt.
Crawford, Thomas A., Private
Creson, John, Private
Criston, John, Private
Crocker, James, Ensign
Crompton, Jonas, Private
Crompton, Jones, Private
Crooks, Hugh, Private
Cross, Thomas, Corporal
Crossen, Hugh, Private
Crossin, Hugh, Private
Crowder, Stephen, Private
Crowther, Stephen, Private
Crumton, Jonas, Private
Culbertson, Porter, Private
Cumalander, Jacob, Private
Cumalsander, Daniel, Private
Cumelander, Daniel, Private
Cumelander, Jacob, Private
Cumelander, John, Private
Cunningham, Thomas, Private
Curry, Nathan, Private
Cutberson, Porter, Private
Darby, Thomas, Private
Darratt, Plessant, Private
Davenport, John, Private
Davenport, Richard, 1st Sergeant
Davenport, Samuel, Corporal
Daves, Chisley, Private
Daves, John, Corporal
Daves, Van, Corporal
Daves, William, Private
Davice, Thomas, Private
Davidson, Alexander, Private
Davidson, Samuel, Private
Davinport, John, Private
Davis, Chesley, Private
Davis, Jesse, Private
Davis, John, Corporal
Davis, John, Private
Davis, Jonathan R., Private
Davis, Mark, Private
Davis, Mason, Private
Davis, Nathaniel, Sergeant
Davis, Robert, Corporal
Davis, Thomas, Private
Davis, Van, Corporal
Davis, William, Private
Davison, Alexander, Private
Dawkins, Ephraim, Private
Deloach, Charles, Private
Dennington, William, Private
Derham, Allen, Corporal
Derham, Daniel, Privates
Derrick, Jacob, Private
Decarl, John, Private
Deccason, Thomas, Private
Decas, Thomas, Private
Dickarl, John, Private
Dickerson, John, 2nd Sergeant
Dickerson, Nelson, Private
Dickerson, Thomas, Private
Dickson, Isaac, Private
Dickson, James, Private
Dickson, James, Corporal
Dickson, Matthew, Private
Dickson, Walter C., Private
Dillard, George, Private
Dillard, John, Private
Dixon, James, Private
Dixon, John, Private
Dodd, James, Private
Dodd, William, Private
Donelson, James, Private
Donelson, Thomas, Private
Doran, Campbell, Private
Dowdle, Allen, Private
Dowdle, Samuel, Private
Downing, Thomas, Private
Downs, Samuel, Sergeant
Doyle, Joseph, Private
Dozier, James, Private
Dozier, John, Private
Drake, John, Private
Duckett, Josiah, Private
Dugan, George, Sergeant
Dunbar, Joseph, Private
Duncan, Hugh, Private
Duncan, John, Private
Duncan, Robert, Private
Dunlap, Robert, Private
Dupee, William, Private
Dunkin, Jonathan, Private
Dunlap, Robert, Private
Dupee, William, Private
Durham, Allen, Corporal
Durham, Daniel, Private
Duritt, William, Privates
Durrit, William, Private
Dyson, Thomas, Private
Eaks, Alfred, Private
Earl, John, Lieut.
Earle, John T., Lieut.
Eaton, Surry, Private
Edmondson, John, Private
Edmondson, Samuel, Private
Edmonson, John, Private
Edmonson, Joseph, Private
Edmundson, Joseph, Private
Edwards, Daniel, Private
Edwards, Lamech, Private
Edwards, Samuel, Private
Edwards, Thomas, Private
Elkin, Alfred E., Private
Elrod, James, Private
Elrod, William, Private
English, Ephriam, Private
Ensley, John, Private
Entrican, James, Private
Entrickin, James, Private
Entricken, James, Private
Epps, William, Private
Eptin, John, Private
Erskin, William, Ensign
Erskine, William, Ensign
Evans, John, Private
Evatt, Hundley, Private
Evitt, KKundley, Private
Felton, Gary, Private
Fifer, Samuel, Private
Figgans, William, Private
Flinn, William, Private
Fleming, James, Private
Fleming, Thomas, Private
Flemming, James, Private
Flemming, Thomas, Private
Flinn, William, Private
Forbes, Samuel, Private
Forbes, William W., Private
Ford, Isaac, Private
Ford, James, Private
Ford, John, Private
Ford, William, Sergeant
Forest, Thomas, Private
Forgie, Manoah, Private
Fountian, John, Private
French, John, Private
Fretwell, Lewis, Private
Fretwell, William, Privates
Frost, John, Private
Frost, William, Private
Fry, Michael, Private
Fuller, Jacob, Private
Fuller, John, Sergeant
Fuller, Jones, Private
Fuller, Thomas, Private
Gaines, John, Private
Gains, Henry S., Private
Gains, James, Private
Gains, John, Private
Gains, Richard, Private
Gains, Thomas, Private
Galbreath, James H., Private
Gamble, Davids, Sergeant
Gamble, James, Corporal
Ganes, James, Private
Ganes, Richard, Private
Gant, John, Private
Garman, Adam, Private
Garner, Benjamin, Corporal
Garrett, Henry, Private
Garrett, Joseph, Private
Garry, John, Privates
Gates, Daniel, Private
Gates, Josiah, Private
Gates, Richards, Private
Gates, William, 1st Sergeant
Gennings, Henry, Sergeant
Gennins, Henry, Sergeant
Gentry, John, Private
Geurin, Jacob, Ensign
Gibson, Jacob, Private
Gibson, Luke, Private
Gillam, John, Corporal
Gillaspie, William, Private
Gilliam, John, Corporal
Gilreath, James H., Private
Ginnings, Henry, Sergeant
Ginnings, Miles, Private
Glasgow, Miles, Private
Glence, Andrew, Private
Glenn, Duke, W., Private
Glentz, Andrew, Private
Goggans, Alexander, Private
Goggins, Cary, Corporal
Cobbins, Abraham, Private
Goggins, Johnston, Private
Gogins, Alexanders, Private
Golden, John, Privates
Golding, John, Private
Golding, Richard, Private
Goodlett, David, Private
Goodlett, Hiram, Lieutant
Goodlett, James, Ensign
Goodlett, Richard, Private
Goodwin, Theophilus, Private
Gordon, Henry, Private
Gordon, John, Private
Goss, Mathew, Private
Graden, William, Sergeant
Graves, Lewis, Private
Gray, Arthur, Private
Gray, Joshua, Private
Gray, William, Private
Green, Joseph, Private
Green, Leroy, Private
Griffin, Christopher, Private
Guess, William, Private
Guilliam, John, Corporal
Gunnels, Benjamin, Private
Gunnels, Nicholas, Private
Guthery, Robert, Private
Gutry, Benjamin, Private
Gutry, Dudley, Private
Guttery, Benjamin, Private
Hall, Christopher, Private
Hall, Humphrey, Corporal
Hall, John, Private
Hall, Samuel, Private
Hall, Thomas, Corporal
Ham, Daniel, Private
Hambleton, William, Private
Hamby, John, Corporal
Hamby, Samuel, Private
Hamilton, Andrew, Private
Hamilton, Dav K., Private
Hamilton, David W., Private
Hamilton, Ealey, Private
Hamilton, James C., Private
Hamilton, John, Private
Hamilton, William, Private
Hannah, Reuben, Private
Hanah, Thomas, Private
Haney, Brigg R., Private
Haney, Henry, Private
Haney, John, Private
Hanna, William, Ensign
Hannah, James, Private
Hannah, Reuben, Private
Hannah, Thomas, Private
Hannah, William, Ensign
Hanner, James, Private
Hany, Brigg R., Private
Hany, Henry, Private
Hany, John, Private
Harris, Larkin, Private
Harris, Thomas, Private
Harris, William, Private
Harrrison, Isham, Private
Harrison, Richard, 3rd Lieut.
Hatcher, Felts, Private
Hawkins, William, Private
Head, Abner, Private
Herring, Francis, Private
Hence, Michael, Corporal
Henderson, James, Private
Henderson, Samuel, Captain
Hendrick, Hans, Private
Hendricks, Garrel, Private
Hendrix, Garres, Private
Hendrix, Garres, Private
Hendrix, James, Private
Hendrix, Nathan, Private
Hensley, Asahel, Corporal
Henson, Sazurus, Private
Henson, Perrel, Private
Henson, William, Private
Hicks, Samuel, Private
Higgins, James, Private
Hill, Abel, Private
Hill, Thomas, Private
Hill, William, Private
Hillhouse, John, Private
Hinson, Lazanes, Private
Hinson, Terrel, Private
Hiot, Goerge, Trumpeter
Hix, Samuel, Private
Hodge, Thomas, Sergeant
Hodges, John, Captain
Hodges, Thoms, Sergeant
Hogan, Ridgeway, Sergeant
Hogg, John, Private
Holcom, Thoms, Private
Holcombe, Elias, Private
Holcum, Thomas, Private
Holems, Jacob, Private
Holingsworth, Elias, Private
Holingsworth, William, Private
Hollan, John, Private
Holland, Abraham, Lieut.
Holland, John, Private
Hollandshead, John, Private
Hollingshead, John, Private
Hollingsworth, Elias, Private
Hollingsworth, William, Private
Hollum, Aaron, Private
Holt, Archibald, Private
Holt, Benjamin, Sergeant
Holt, Israel, Private
Honey, Abner, Private
Honey, William, Private
Hood, Morgan, Private
Hood, William, Private
Horton, John, Private
Houston, John, Private
Howard, Isaac, Sergeant
Howard, James, Private
Howard, James, Private
Howell, John, Lieut.
Howk, Thomas, Private
Humperyes, John T., Private
Humpherys, John T., Private
Humphreys, John F., Private
Hunt, Esley, Private
Hunt, Hellum, Private
Hunt, William, Private
Ingram, Joshua, Captain
Isbell, Daniel, Private
Jackson, George, Private
Jackson, James, Private
Jackson, John, Private
Jackson, John, Private
Jackson, Little B., Private
Jackson, Littleberry B., Private
James, Henry, Private
Jarrel, James, Private
Jarret, Joseph, Private
Jarry, John, Private
Jeffres, Mathan, Sgt. Major
Jeffries, Nathan, Sergeant Major
Jennings, Henry, Sergeant
Johnson, Allen, Private
Johnson, Davis, Private
Johnson, John, Private
Johnson, Joseph, Private
Johnston, Edward, Private
Johnston, Joel, Private
Johnston, Levi, Private
Johnston, William, Private
Jolly, John, Private
Jones, George, Private
Jones, Henry, Private
Jones, Joel, Private
Jones, Joseph, Private
Jones, Lewis, Private
Jones, Miles, Private
Jones, William, Private
Jones, Wilmouth, Private
Jordan, Felix, Corporal
Jordan, Reuben, Sergeant
Jordon, Felix, Corporal
Jordon, Reuben, Sergeant
Justice, John, Private
Keaton, Andrew, Private
Keaton, Archibald, Private
Keaton, Jesse, Private
Kell, William, Private
Keller, George, Private
Kelly, Edmond, Private
Kelly, Moses, Captain
Kelly, Wiley, Private
Kelly, William, Private
Kemp, Daniel, Private
Kemp, William, Private
Kennedy, James, Lieut.
Kinard, Andrew, Private
Kinard, Christopher, Private
Kinard, James, Private
Kinard, Samuel, Private
King, Stephen, Private
Kinman, Samuel, Corporal
Kirkpatrick, James, Private
Knight, Decent, Private
Land, Benjamin, Private
Land, Moses, Private
Landers, John, Private
Landers, Matthew, Private
Langford, John, Private
Langford, Leander, Private
Langston, James, Private
Lattey, Alexander, Private
Lattee, Alexander, Private
Lattey, Alexander, Private
Lawrence, Elisha, Private
Leach, Matthew, Private
Leafor, John, Private
League, James, Private
Leard, James R., Private
Leaster, Thomas, Corporal
Leavell, Richard, Private
Lee, Frederick, Private
Lee, John, Private
Lefo, John, Private
Lefoe, John, Private
Legan, John P., Private
Legan, Masteal, Private
Leggan, Martial, Private
Legon, John, Corporal
Legon, John T., Sergeant
Legue, James, Private
Lemon, James, Private
Leonard, Samuel, Private
Lester, Abner, Private
Lester, James, Ensign
Levell, Richard, Private
Levingston, David, Private
Levingston, Martin, Sergeant
Lewers, Samuel B., Private
Lewis, Amos, Private
Lewis, Jesse P., Private
Lewis, John, Sergeant
Liddeel, George, Sergeant
Liddeel, James S., Corporal
Liddell, George, Sergeant
Liddell, James S., Corporal
Ligon, John, Corporal
Ligon, John J., Sergeant
Liles, Charles, Private
Liles, James, Private
Lindsey, Thomas, Private
Lister, Thomas, Private
Livingston, David, Private
Livingston, Martin, Sergeant
Lofton, Andrew H., Private
Looney, Hugh, Private
Looney, Peter, Artificer
Looney, Robert, Private
Lowry, James H., Private
Lumpkins, John, Private
Luny, Peter, Artificer
Lyles, John, Private
Lynch, John, Private
Mabry, Jesse, Ensign
Machan, Edward, Private
Machan, Francis, Private
Machan, John, Private
Machan, John,Sergeant
Machan, Thomas, Private
Machen, Edward, Private
Machen, Francis, Private
Machen, John, Private
Machen, John, Sergeant
Machen, Thomas, Private
Macnight, Robert, Private
Madden, Jacob, Sergeant
Magers, James, Private
Magons, James, Private
Malden, Wesly, Artificer
Maloney, William, Private
Manes, Henry, Private
Mangram, William, Private
Marrs, John, Private
Mars, John, Private
Marshall, Joseph, Ensign
Marten, James, Private
Marten, John, Private
Martin, Absolom, Private
Martin, George, Private
Martin, John, Private
Martin, N.T., Captain
Martin, Owen, Private
Mason, John, Private
Massa, Braddock, Private
Massey, Philip, Private
Massey, Robert, Private
Massey, Samuel, Private
Massy, Bradock, Private
Massy, Philip, Private
Massy, Samuel, Private
Masters, Jacob, Private
Mathes, Samuel, Private
Mathewes, Isaac, Private
Mathis, Isaac, Private
Mathis, John, Private
Mathis, Samuel, Private
Matison, Olley, Private
Matison, William, Private
Mattison, Olley, Private
Mattison, William, Private
Matthews, John, Privae
Mauden, Wesly, Artificer
Maulden, James, Private
Maulden, Joab, Corporal
Maulden, Westly, Artificer
Mauldin, James, Private
Mauldin, Joab, Corporal
Mauldin, Westly, Artificer
Mawldin, Wesley, Artificer
Maxwell, John, Private
May, Coleman, Private
May, Edmond, Private
May, William, Private
Maybin, Jesse, Lieutenant
Maybin, Robert, Private
Maybon, Robert, Private
Mayfield, Archibald, Private
Maynes, Henry, Private
Maynor, Henry, Private
McAlester, Nathaniel, Sergeant
McAlister, Nathan, Sergeant
McAtear, William, Private
McAtier, William, Private
McCall, Andrew, Sergeant
McCallaster, Nathan, Sergeant
McCarley, David, Private
McCarley, William, Private
McCarley, William G., Private
McCay, Hugh, Private
McCelvy, Henry, Private
McClure, Charles, Private
McClure, Elijah, Private
McClure, Jesse, Private
McClure, John, Private
McClure, William, Private
McCollaster, Nathan, Sergeant
McCollough, Robert, Private
McCollough, William, Private
McCoy, William, Private
McCullough, Robert, Private
McCullough, William, Private
McCollum, Daniel, Privates
McColough, Robert, Private
McColough, William, Private
McComb, William, Private
McCrackin, Isaac, Corporal
McCrackin, James, Private
McCullouch, Isaac, Private
McCullouch, Samuel, Private
McCullough, Robert, Private
McCullough, William, Private
McCurley, David, Private
McCurley, William G., Private
McDaniel, James, Private
McDaniel, Mathis, Private
McDavid, Patrick, Corporal
McDonnald, Mathis, Private
McDow, William L., Sergeant
McEnstry, John, Private
McGahee, Benjamin, Private
McGhee, Willis, Private
McGill, John, Private
McGill, William, Private
McJunkin, John, Private
McJunkin, William, Private
McKay, Hugh, Private
McKelvy, Henry, Private
McKensley, John, Private
McKenzie, Jeremiah, Private
McKinney, James, Private
McKinney, Joseph, Private
McKinsy, James, Sergeant
McKinsy, Jereniah, Private
McKnight, Robert, Private
McMielin, John, Major
McMillan, John, Major
McMillean, Lemuel G., Private
McMillen, John, Major
McMillion, Lemuel G., Private
McRaching, Isaac, Corporal
McRaching, James,Private
Meadows, William, Private
Mears, William, Private
Medley, James, Private
Megee, Millis, Private
Merritt, Wheaton, Private
Merridy, Nelson, Private
Merritt, Wheaton, Private
Meynor, Henry, Private
Milford, Robert S., Artificer
Miller, Andrew, Ensign
Miller, Benjamin S., Private
Miller, Hayman, Private
Miller, John, Sergeant
Miller, John H., Surgeon
Miller, William, Corporal
Millinder, William, Private
Mills, Joseph, Private
Mills, Robert, Private
Millwee, Ambroes, Private
Millwee, William A., Private
Milner, John, 2nd Major
Milner, William, Private
Milwee, Ambroze, Private
Milwee, William A., Private
Mitchell, Banister, Corporal
Mitchell, John, Private
Mitchell, Reuben, Corporal
Mitchell, William, Private
Moore, James, Private
Moore, James B., Private
Moore, Jesse M., Private
Moore, Samuel, Private
Moore, William, Private
Moore, Wiseman, Private
Morgan, Manes, Private
Morgan, Thomas, Private
Morgan, Wiley D., Private
Morton, James, Private
Morton, Joel, Private
Morton, John, Private
Morton, Marshal, Private
Morton,William, Private
Mosely, Buckner, Private
Mosely, George, Private
Mosely, Greenberry, Private
Motes, Gary, Private
Motley, James, Corporal
Motlow, James, Corporal
Mullen, Hosey, Private
Mullinax, John, Private
Mulligan, James, Corporal
Mullins, Hosea, Private
Munson, Lemuel, Private
Murdock, James, Private
Murphey, Ephraim, Private
Murphy, Aaron, Musician
Murphy, Ephraim, Private
Murry, George, Private
Mussy, Robert, Private
Nash, John F., Surgeon Mate
Nash, Reuben, Lieut. Colonel
Nates, Andrew, Private
Natz, Abram, Private
Nees, Drury, Private
Neighbours, Thomas, Private
Nelson, John, Private
Nelson, John J., Private
Nelson, John S., Private
Nelson, Mark, Private
Newberey, Joshua, H., Private
Newbery, Joshua H., Private
Nisbitte, James, Private
Nixon, Absolom, Private
Noble, James, 2nd Lieut.
Noble, James, Private
Nobles, James, 2nd Leiut.
Norral, James, Private
Norrel, James, Private
Norrell, James, Private
Norris, Andrew, Sergeant
Norris, Edward, Private
Norris, John, Private
Nugent, John, Private
Nugut, John, Private
O'Dear, Robert, Private
O'Dell, James, Private
O'Dell, Thomas, Private
O'Lephant, Aaron,Private
Oliver, Andrew, Private
Oliver, James, Private
Oliver, Peter M., Corporal
Oliver, William, Private
Osborn, William, Private
Osburn, William, Private
Overby, Nimrod, Sergeant
Owens, William, Private
Padget, Harrel, Private
Pain, Isaac, Private
Pain, William, Private
Paine, Isaac, Private
Park, Robert, Private
Parkins, Allen R., Private
Parks, James, Private
Parks, Nathaniel, Lieut.
Parks, Robert, Private
Parriss, Henry, Private
Parriss, John, Private
Parsons, Hampton, Private
Parsons, John, Private
Parsons, Josiah, Private
Pasley, Robert, Private
Patterson, George, Private
Patterson, Joseph, Private
Payne, John, Private
Pearson, Samuel, Private
Peaster, Michael, Private
Peden, David, Musician
Peden, John T., Private
Peden, William, Corporal
Peper, Jesse, Private
Pepper, Jesse, Private
Perkins, Allen R., Private
Perry, Benjamin F., Ensign
Perry, Thoms, Private
Person, Samuel, Private
Pester, Michael, Private
Peters, Henry, Private
Peterson, John, Private
Pettegrew, Robert, Private
Pettigrew, Robert, Private
Pew, Henry, Private
Philips, Robert, Private
Phillips, Edmond, Private
Phillips, Edward D., Private
Phillips, Robert, Private
Phinchev, Josiah, Private
Pilgram, Elijah, Private
Pilgrim, Elijah, Private
Pitts, James, Private
Pitts, Joshua, Corporal
Pitts, Obadiah, Private
Plant, Samuel, Private
Pogue, John, Private
Pollard, Benjamin, Private
Pollard, Hezekiah, Private
Pollard, James, Private
Pollard, Marshall, Ensign
Pool, William P., Private
Potts, Joshua, Private
Porter, William, Private
Powers, Alexander, Private
Powers, Joseph, Private
Price, Penuel, Private
Price, William, Private
Prince, Andrew, Private
Prince, Henry, 1st Lieut.
Pringle, James, Private
Pritchard, Henry, Private
Pritchard, Philip, Private
Proctor, William, Private
Pruet, Charles, Private
Pruit, Charles, Private
Puckett, Robert, Private
Pugh, James, Private
Putnam, Jehu, Private
Putnam, Joseph, Corporal
Qualls, Robert, Private
Quarles, Robert, Private
Rader, William, Corporal
Ragsdale, Thomas, Private
Rainy, Isaac, Private
Rainwater, John, Private
Rainwaters, Joshua, Private
Raisner, Isaac, Private
Ramsey, Andrew, Private
Ramsey, James, Private
Ramy, Isaac, Private
Rankin, James H., Sergeant
Raper, Jacob, Private
Ray, William C., Corporal
Raymond, Nap, Private
Read, Abner, Private
Read, John Jr., Private
Read, John Sr., Private
Reader, William, Corporal
Reed, Abner, Private
Reed, John Jr., Private
Reed, John Sr., Private
Reed, Thomas, Cornel
Reeder, Joel, Private
Reids, John Jr., Private
Reids, John Sr., Private
Retchey, Robert, Private
Rice, Nathan, Private
Rice, William, Sergeant
Richards, John, Private
Richards, William, Private
Richardson, Joseph, Private
Richy, Eli, Private
Riddles, John W., Private
Right, George, Private
Right, William, Private
Rigs, William, Private
Riley, Andrew, Sergeant
Riley, Ira E., Private
Rismer, Isaac, Private
Ritchardson, Joseph, Private
Ritchey, Joseph, Private
Ritchey, Robert, Private
Richy, Joseph, Private
Roades, Jacob, Private
Roads, Jacob, Private
Robbins, Michael, Private
Robenson, James, Sergeant
Roberson, John, Private
Roberson, Nathaniel, Private
Roberts, Hemsly, Muscian
Roberts, John, Private
Robertson, Edward, Private
Robertson, Hiram, Corporal
Robertson, John, Private
Robertson, Nathaniel, Private
Robins, Michael, Private
Robinson, James, Sergeant
Robinson, John, Private
Robinson, Nathaniel, Private
Rochest, Reuben, Private
Rochester, Reuben, Private
Rochester, William, Private
Rodgers, James, Private
Rodgers, John, Private
Rodgers, Thomas, Sergeant
Ross, Alexander, Private
Rowan, John, Private
Rowen, John H., Private
Rusel, David, Private
Rusel, Richard, Corporal
Russel, David, Private
Russel, William, Private
Rutchledge, William, Private
Rutledge, William, Private
Salmon, William, Private
Samuels, William, Private
Saterfield, Edward, Private
Saterfield, Jesse, Private
Sauter, Jacob, Private
Saxon, John, Private
Saxon, William, Private
Scoggans, George, Private
Scott, John, Private
Segler, John, Private
Seigler, John, Private
Sentell, Joseph, Private
Sewny, Peter, Artificer
Shaw, Greenberry, Private
Shaw, James, Private
Shannon, Aaron, Private
Shannon, Moses, Private
Shannon, Owen, Sergeant
Shannon, Thomas, Private
Shead, James, Private
Shead, John, Private
Shears, Samuel, Private
Shed, James, Private
Shed, John, Private
Sheley, John W., Private
Shelton, Clough, Private
Siddel, John N., Private
Simmons, Isaac, Private
Simpson, Alexander, Private
Simpson, Benjamin, Private
Simpson, Charles, Private
Simpson, Larkin, Private
Simpson, Samuel, Private
Simpson, Shadracks, Private
Souter, John, Private
Sims, Thomas, Private
Simson, Alexander, Private
Simson, Charles, Private
Simson, Samuel, Private
Simson, Shadrick, Private
Skelton, Solomon, Corporal
Skelton, William, Private
Smith, Abraham, Private
Smith, Abram, Private
Smith, Andrew, Private
Smith, Henry, Private
Smith, James H., Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, John W., Corporal
Smith, Sim, Private
Smith, Thomas, Private
Smith, Tobias, Private
Smith, Whittuser, Corporal
Smith, William, Private
Snelgrove, Riquel, Private
Somers, Jesse, Farrier
Souter, John, Private
South, Joseph, Private
South, Luke H., Private
Southerland, Benjamin, Private
Southerland, James, Private
Sowter, Jacob, Private
Sparks, Enoch, Private
Sparks, Joseph, Private
Speak, Thomas, Private
Speaks, Thomas, Private
Spence, Christopher, Private
Spence, James, Captian
Spence, John, Private
Spence, Robert Jr., Private
Spence, Robert Sr., Private
Sprigges, John, Private
Springgins, Thomas, Private
Springs, John, Privates
Sprigs, John, Private
Stansil, Jesse, Private
Stanton, Mathias, Private
Starling, James, Private
Starms, Ebnezer, Captain
Staten, William, Private
Staton, William, Private
Stavall, Thomas, Private
Steadman, Larkin, Private
Stedman, Javier, Private
Steedman, James, Private
Steel, Abner A., Lieut.
Steel, Alexander, Corporal
Steele, Abner A., Lieut.
Steele, Alexander, Corporal
Stegall, Bird, Private
Stegall, Hernseley, Private
Stephenson, David, Private
Stephenson, James, Private
Stephenson, John, Private
Stephenson, John M., Private
Stephenson, Joseph, Private
Stephenson, Samuel, Private
Stevenson, John, Private
Steward, George, Private
Stewart, Charles L., Sergeant
Stewart, William, Private
Stidman, James, Private
Stiele, Isaac, Private
Stovall, Thomas, Private
Stowball, Thoms, Private
Strange, Joseph, Private
Street, John, Private
Stribling, Robert T., Sergeant
Striplin, William, Private
Stripling,William, Private
Sutton, James, Private
Swindall, Daniel, Private
Talley, Reuben, Private
Tankersley, Richard, Private
Tanksly, Ritchard, Private
Tarrant, Carter, Private
Tarrant, Thomas, Private
Tatum, Edward, Private
Tatum, William, Private
Taylor, John, Private
Taylor, Martin, Private
Taylor, Micajah, Private
Taylor, Samuel, Lieutenant
Teary, Joseph, Private
Terry, James, Private
Terry, Joseph, Private
Thomas, Benjamin, Private
Thomas, Camp, Corporal
Thomas, David, Private
Thomas, George, Private
Thomas, William, Private
Thomasin, Vincent, Private
Thomason, George, Private
Thomoson, Vincent, Private
Thompson, Edmund B., Sergeant
Thompson, Henry, Corporal
Thompson, James, Captain
Thompson, John, Private
Thompson, Joseph, Private
Thompson, Samuel, Private
Thompson, Thomas, Sergeant
Thompson, Vincent, Private
Thomson, James, Captain
Thomson, Joseph, Private
Thomson, Samuel, Private
Tidmore, Henry, Private
Tilley, Burges, Private
Tilly, Burges, Private
Tippins, Thomas, Private
Todd, James, Private
Todd, John, Musician
Todd, Samuel, Private
Todd, Thomas Sr., Private
Tomas, George, Private
Tomlinson, George, Private
Towens, John, 1st Lieutenant
Towerman, Amos, Private
Towers, Benjamin, Private
Towers, Isaac, Sergeant
Towers, Jeremiah C., Corporal
Towers, William, Captain
Towns, Daniel, Private
Towns, John, Lieut.
Turnbull, Joseph, Private
Turner, David, Corporal
Turner, Hamilton, Cadet
Turner, John, Private
Turner, Pleasant, Private
Turner, John, Private
Turner, John, Private
Turner, Little B., Ensign
Turner, Pleasant, Private
Turner, William, Private
Vallentine, Benjamin, Private
Vandiwer, Hollingworth, Private
Varner, William, Private
Vaughn, David, Private
Vaughn, James, Private
Vaughn, John, Private
Vaughn, Lewis, Private
Vaughn, William, Private
Vawn, David, Private
Vawn, James, Private
Vawn, John, Private
Vawn, Lewis, Private
Verell, John, Private
Verner, William, Private
Verrel, John, Private
Vines, Jesse, Private
Visage, John, Private
Vissage, John, Private
Vowel, David, Private
Voyles, Amos, Private
Voyles, John, Private
Voyles, Robert, Private
Waddel, Nicholas, Private
Waddle, Edmond, Private
Waddle, Nicholas, Private
Wadkins, Nathan, Private
Wadlington, Baly, Private
Wadlington, Spencer, Private
Wadsworth, Thomas, Sergeant
Waide, Henry, Private
Waide, Simeon, Private
Waite, Henry, Private
Wall, Samuel, Private
Wallace, Calvin, Private
Wallace, Elijah, Private
Wallace, John, Private
Wallace, John, Captain
Wallis, Calvin, Private
Wallis, John, Private
Wallis, Wade, Private
Walls, Param, Private
Walters, Thomas, Private
Ward, Humphry, Private
Ward, Samuel, Private
Ware, Edmund, 1st Lieut./Adjuant
Warnock, Andrew, Ensign
Warnock, Robert, Private
Warren, James, Private
Warren, Robert, Private
Washington, George, Private
Watkins, Thomas, Private
Watson, Andrew, Private
Watson, Charles, Private
Watson, David, Artificer
Watson, David, Corporal
Watson, Edward, Private
Watson, James, Private
Watson, Loyd, Private
Watson, Robert, Private
Watson, Thomas, Private
Watts, Beaufort T., Paymaster
Watts, Braxton, Private
Watts, Samuel L., Sergeant
Waugh, James, Private
Webb, Thomas, Private
Weisiger, Uriah, Private
Welch, Samuel, Private
Wellborn, Moses, Corporal
Wells, Humphrey, Private
Wells, John, Private
Wharton, George, 1st Lieut.
Wheeler, George, Private
Wheeler, John, Private
Wheeller, Andrew, Private
White, Allen, Sergeant
White, Moses, Private
White, Robert, Private
Whitefield, Joseph T., Private
Whitlock, John, Private
Whitmire, Moses, Private
Whitner, John, Private
Wilborn, Moses, Corporal
Wilborurn, Moses, Corporal
Wilkason, John, Sergeant
Wiliams, Edward, Drummer
Wilkinson, John, Sergeant
Wilkinson, William, Sergeant
Williams, Edward, Drummer
Williams, John, Private
Williams, Samuel, Private
Willingham, Bird, Private
Willson, Robert, Private
Wilson, Andrew, Private
Wilson, Abraham, Private
Wilson, Robert, Private
Winchester, Joseph, Private
Wiseman, Hugh, Private
Witts, Thomas, Private
Wood, Alexander, Private
Wood, John, Private
Wood, John, Private
Woods, John, Private
Woostan, Daniel, Private
Wooten, Daniel, Private
Worthington, Thomas, Lieuteant
Yancy, Dabney, Private
Yancy, Miles, Private
Yancy, Minus, Private
Yeargan, John, Corporal
Yeargin, John, Corporal
Young, Ezekiel, Private

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