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Rutledge's 3rd Regiment SC State Troops

Aarant, David, Private
Aaron, Moses, Private
Acock, Ithneal, Private
Adams, John, Private
Adams, William, Private
Adcock, Ithneal, Private
Adger, James, Sergeant
Adger, Robert, Private
Airs, Lewis, Private
Aldridge, Jesse, Private
Aldrige, Jesse, Private
Allison, Oliver, Private
Amons, William, Private
Anderson, Johnathan, Private
Antely, Abraham, Private
Antely, George, Private
Antely, Jacob, Private
Antely, John, Private
Ashman, Richard, Private
Bailey, William, Sergeant
Bailes, John, Private
Bails, John, Corporate
Bairfield, Thomas, Private
Baker, John, Private
Ballard, John, Private
Ballard, Robert, Private
Balzegar, Moses, Private
Banister, Sampson, Private
Barge,Richmond, Ensign
Barret, W.B., Private
Bass, Job, Private
Baughman, John Sr., Private
Bay, Andrew, Private
Bay, John, Lieut/Paymaster
Beens, Daniel, Private
Bell, Asa, Private
Bell, James, Private
Belshaw, Robert, Sergeant
Belshaw, Robert, Sergeant
Benson, John, Private
Berry, John, Private
Berry, Micajah, Private
Beverly, Benjamin, Private
Bingley, D., Private
Bird, Wiley, Private
Birnie, William, Private
Black, Thomas, Private
Blackman, David, Private
Blackwell, Charles, Private
Blackwood, John, Lieut.
Blake, Jesse, Private
Blakeney, Benjamin, Sergeant
Blalock, Richard, Private
Bland, Arthur, Private
Blewer, Jacob, Private
Block, Thomas, Private
Bloom, John, Private
Bloome, Cesaire, Private
Bollough, George, Private
Bollough, Jesse, Private
Bonnet, Nicholas, Private
Bowles, William, Private
Bowman, James, Private
Boyer, John, Private
Brailsford, James D., Private
Brandaburgh, Adam, Sergeant
Brandyburg, A., Sergeant
Brewer, John, Corporal
Brickle, Lewis, Private
Brince, William, Private
Brittingham, Isaac, Private
Brock, Benjamin, Private
Brooks, Thomas, Private
Brown, Charles, Private
Brown, Joseph, Private
Brown, Samuel, Private
Browne, Joseph, Private
Bruce, John, Private
Bryant, John, Private
Bryant, Mumford, Private
Buckingham, John, Private
Buckingham, John, Private
Bulit, Peter, Corporal
Bunch, John, Private
Bunch, Samuel, Private
Bunhost, Jonah, Private
Burbrage, James, Private
Burdell, Gidian, Private
Burk, John, Private
Burk, Thomas, Private
Burkes, Jasper, Private
Burker, George, 2nd Lieut.
Butler, Henry D., Lieut.
Buzby, Burrell, Private
Byers, Robert, Private
Byrd, Hezekiah, Corporal
Byrd, Nathaniel, Private
Byrne, Henry, Private
Cain, Benjamin, Private
Caiver, Samuel, Private
Caldwell, Henry, Private
Camp, Tally, Private
Cannady, Thomas, Private
Canolan, James, Private
Cantey, Joseph, Private
Cantey, Samuel, Corporal
Carn, John, Private
Carr, Henry, Private
Carr, Henry, Private
Carroll, Michael, Private
Casity, Benjamin, Private
Casity, Levi, Private
Cassin, John C., Private
Cassin, Patrick, Private
Catlett, William, Private
Caver, Sammuel, Private
Cayn, William David, Private
Chambers, John, Private
Chancellor, John, Private
Champman, Joseph, Private
Chappel, Elijah, Private
Chapple, Elijah, Private
Chaves, William, Private
Cheet, John, Private
Childers, William, Private
Chitty, G.G., Private
Chour, John, Private
Christophe, August, Private
Clancy, John, Private
Clark, John, Private
Clifford, Henry, Private
Clinton, Thomas, Sergeant
Clingerman, Henry, Sergeant
Cobia, Frans, Lieut.
Cochran, Robert, Sergeant
Cockfield, Josiah, Private
Cogan, James D. Private
Cohen, Hyam, Corporal
Coker, Joseph, Private
Cole, David, Private
Coleman, Benjamin, Corporal
Collenbert, Alexander, Private
Collenburg, Abrm, Private
Collins, William, Private
Colton, John, Private
Connor, Richard, Musician
Connors, John, Private
Conotan, James, Private
Countryman, John Julius, 1st Sergt.
Cook, Jacob, Private
Cook, James, Private
Cooper, James, Private
Cooper, Thomas, Private
Copeland, James, Private
Copeland, Moses, Private
Corbet, John, Private
Cordes, Samuel, Surgeon Mate
Cornell, John, Private
Coryell, Jesse, Sergeant
Cottinghan, Corner, Private
Covenhoven, John, Private
Cowan, John, Private
Cox, Moses, Private
Craft, Elias, Private
Craft, Thomas, Private
Crafts, Thomas, Private
Crafts, William Jr., Lieut.
Cree, James, Private
Cree, James, Ensign
Crider, John, Private
Criggmiles, Wiliam, Private
Crook, Benjamin, Private
Crosland, David, Private
Curtis, E.M., Private
Curtis, Ephram, Private
Darby, John, Private
Daughtry, Exum, Private
Daughtery, Exum, Private
Davis, Benjamin, Private
Davis,Caleb, Private
Davis, John W., Sergeant
Defee, Hiram, Private
Delk, Venson, Private
Dent, William, Sergeant
Depaw, L.B., Private
Dew, John, Private
Dewit, John, Corporal
Dillon, John, Private
Dixon, Elijah, Private
Dogherty, John, Sergeant
Donaldson, William, Private
Dorrill, James, Private
Dorrill, John, Private
Dowday, James, Private
Dowdy, James, Private
Dowling, Archibald, Private
Dowling, Edward, Private
Dowling, Edward C., Private
Downing, Thomas, Private
Doyle, James, Private
Draffen, John, Private
Drayton, Charles Jr., Surgeon
Driggers, Jesse, Private
Driver, William, Private
Dryden, John, Private
Dubose, William, Private4
Duffy, Francis, Private
Duhadway, C.B., Private
Dukes, Isaac, Private
Dukes, James, Private
Dulany, William, Private
Dunam, Ebenezars, Ensign
Dunbar, John, Sergeant
Duning, John, Private
Dummare, Christian, Private
Dunn, W., Private
Dunn, William, Private
Dunnam, Ebeneser, Ensign
Dunnan,Ebenezer, Ensign
Dunning, John, Private
Dunning, William, Sergeant
Dupre, Josias Jas, Private
Durant, John, Private
Durr, David, Private
Durr, Jacob, Private
Duva, James, Private
Dyer, Joseph, Private
Eagar, Roberts, Private
Eckhard, Jacob, Private
Eckland, Oliver, Private
Eden, James, Private
Eden, John, Private
Eden, Jonah, Corporal
Edgeworth, Nathaniel L., Private
Elliot, John, Private
Ellis, John, Private
Ellsworth, Frederick, Private
Elvery, Thomas, Private
Esnard, John, Private
Eswicks, William T., Private
Evans, James, Private
Evans, Thomas, Major
Evans, William, Corporal
Faulling, Thomas, Private
Fearson, Bentley, Private
Felkel, Jacob, Private
Fernald, Dennis, Cororal
Ferris, William, Private
Fielding, John, Private
Figgers, Peter, Private
Fikes, George, Private
Fitzpatrick, Peter, Private
Flemming, John, Sergeant
Flemming, Matthew, Corporal
Floyd, Elijah, Ensign
Fogle, Daniel, Private
Fogle, John, Private
Fox, Patt, Sergeant
Fralic, John, Corporal
Fralick, John, Corporal
Frances, James, Private
Fraser, Stan, Private
Fraser,Thomas, Corporal
Frazier, Thomas,Corporal
Frederick, Joseph, Private
Friday, Jacob, Private
Gurgason, John, Private
Gabbeau, Daniel, Private
Gaddy, Thomas, Private
Gage, John, Private
Gaillard, I.B., Private
Galloway, James, Sgt. Major
Gamble, James, Private
Gardner, George, Private
Gaskins, William, Private
Gartman, Abraham, Ensign
Geiger, Abraham, Ensign
Gellespie, Francis, Lieut.
George, Budds, Private
George, Dennis, Private
George, Lewis, Private
Getsinger, George, Private
Gibson, John, Private
Gibson, John Jr., Private
Gibson, John Sr., Private
Gilbert, Abraham, Private
Gilbert, I.C., Private
Gilchrist, James, Ensign
Gilchrist, John, Private
Gillespie, Francis, Lieut.
Gilmore, John, Private
Gisendaner, John, Private
Gist, States, Lieut.
Given, W., Private
Given, William, Private
Glaize, Samuel, Private
Glaze, Samuel, Private
Godfrey, John B., Private
Goodrich, Tilman, Sergeant
Gordon, James, Private
Gourdin, Theo L, Sergeant
Gracen, Edward, Private
Gradey, James, Private
Granger, James, Private
Gray, James, Private
Gray, William, Corporal
Grey, William, Corporal
Greiner, Charles, Private
Griffith, William, Private
Griggs, John, Private
Grimes, Joseph, Private
Grimes, John, Private
Guilbert, I.C., Private
Gunter, Russel, Private
Gunter, William, Private
Hagler, Frederick, Private
Haigler, Frederick, Private
Hair, James, Private
Halburg, Alexander, Private
Halford, Burwell, Private
Hall, George, Private
Hall, John, Private
Hall, William, Corporal
Hamilton, Alexander, Private
Hamilton, James, Private
Hancock, Robert, Private
Hancock, William, Corporal
Harbert, John, Private
Harbison, James, Private
Harlbert, Alexander, Private
Harmon, Jacob, Private
Harris, William, Private
Hart, Moses, Private
Hartley, Michael, Private
Hartly, Willis, Private
Harvel, Lemuel, Private
Harwell, James, Private
Harwell, Lemuel, Private
Hawes, Nathaniel, Private
Hawkins, Daniel, Private
Hawkins, Zach, Private
Hayne, Robert Y., Lieut.
Henderson, John, Private
Henry, Alexander, Private
Henry, John, Private
Henson, William, Private
Hepbruin, John D., Cororal
Harault, John, Private
Herbert, John, Private
Herron, Charles, Private
Hill, Baker, Corporal
Hill, CLS, Private
Hill, Christian, Private
Hill, Henry, Private
Hill, John, Private
Hines, Sterling, Private
Hinson, William, Private
Hix, Joseph, Private
Hodges, George, Private
Hodges, Jesse, Private
Hoff, John, Private
Hoff, Philip, Private
Hoffman, Melcher, Private
Hoffman, Peter, Private
Hollaman, Cornelius, Private
Holman, Hartly, Private
Holmes, John B., Corporal
Holmes, Theophelus, Private
Holoman, Cornelius, Private
Homes, Theophelus, Private
Hope, William, Private
Horn, John, Private
House, Nicholas, Private
Houseal, David, Private
Hubbard, E., Private
Hunt, B.F., Lieut.
Hunter, Randolph, Private
Hunter, F., Private
Husband, James, Private
Hutson, Enoch, Private
Hutson, William, Private
Hutts, George, Private
Hutts, Jacob, Private
Inabent, Lewis, Private
Inabnet, Lewis, Private
Ingram, Richard, Private
Irby, James, Private
Irick, Martin, Private
Isgate, Daniel, Private
Ivy, Micajah, Private
Jackson, Daniel, Private
Jackson, Henry, Private
Jackson, Jacob, Private
Jackson, John, Drummer
Jackson, Nimiral, Private
Jackson, Samuel E., Private
Jacobs, Myer, Corporal
James, William, Private
Jeffrey, Joseph, Corporal
Johnson, Achilles, Private
Johnson, David, Private
Johnson, Thomas, Private
Johnston, Achilles, Private
Johnston, Tarlton, Private
Joiner,Joshua, Private
Jones, Dempsey, Private
Jones, Francis, Private
Jones, Henry, Private
Jordan, John, Private
Jordan, Mashack, Private
Jordan, Thomas, Private
Jordan, William, Private
Jordon, M., Private
Jordon, Thomas, Private
Jourdan, John, Private
Jowers, William, Corporal
Joy, Thomas, Private
Juday, John H., Private
Jumper, Lewis, Private
Karick, Samuel, Private
Keath, Abel, Private
Keating, Michael, Corporal
Keating, William, Private
Kee, Henry, Private
Keely, James, Private
Keibler, Samuel, Private
Keith, Able, Private
Keith, William, Private
Kelly, Christopher, Private
Kelly, John, Private
Kelly, Timothy, Private
Kemmel, John, Private
Kennedy, Roddy, Private
Kennedy, William Jr., Private
Kennymoon, Michael, Lieut.
Kermon, Hugh, Private
Kervin, Whitnel, Private
Kervin, William, Private
King, Abraham, Private
King, Henry, Sergeant
King, Sebastian, Private
Kizer, Christian, Private
Knight, Abel, Private
Knight, James B., Private
Knotts, Benjamin, Private
Koger, Joseph, Captain
Kohler, F., Private
Kooler, F.L., Private
Kreps, George, Private
Lancaster, Harris, Private
Lang, William A., Corporal
Laroach, John, Private
Larousseline, P.F., Private
Larry, John, Private
Lathimore, George, Private
Lawton, Roger, Sergeant
Lee, T., Private
Lefebure, John, Private
Legare, Joshua, Private
Legare, Joshua, Private
Legare, Thomas, Private
Legrand, Lewis, Private
Lenier,Aaron, Private
Letz, Barnard, Private
Lewis, Adam, Private
Lewis, John, Private
Lewis, John, Corporal
Linder, Simon, Private
Lindsey, William, Private
Ling, Robert, Private
Linsey, William, Private
Livingston, Alexander, Private
Livingston, Henery, Sergeant
Livingston, Robert, Sergeant
Livingston, William, Sergeant
Lochard, John, Private
Lochlayer, Willis, Private
Lockhert, John, Private
Lundy, John, Private
Lynham, John I., Private
Macboy, Daniel, Private
Mack, James, Private
Mack, John, Private
MacKay, Charles, Private
Mackey, Charles, Private
Madden, John Thomas, Private
Maddon, John, Private
Maddon, Thomas, Private
Mallard, John, Private
Mallone, John, Private
Man, John, Private
Manary, Henry, Private
Mannary, Henry, Private
Mantz, John, Private
Manury, Henry, Private
Marks, Alexander, Sergeant
Mason, Thomas, Private
Martin, Charles, Private
Martin, Edward, Private
Martin, Elias, Private
Martin, John C., Sergeant
Martin, Robert, Drummer
Mason, Thomas, Private
Mayberry, Thomas R., Private
McAdow, Stewart, Private
McBride, Daniel, Private
McBride, Levi, Private
McCall, Hugh, Private
McCall, James, Private
McColl, Hugh, Private
McCormick, John, Private
McCrea, John, Lieut.
McCullouch, David, Private
McCune, William, Private
McDaniel, Daniel, Corporal
McDaniel, George, Private
McDaniel, William, Private
McDannal, John, Private
McDonald, Peter, Private
McDonnall, John, Private
McDonneld, Alex, Private
McDowall, Alexander, Private
McDowall, Daniel, Corporal
McDowall, Robert, Private
McDowell, Daniel, Corporal
McDowell, Robert, Private
McFarland, Arthur, Sergeant
McGann, Patrick, Private
McIver, Evander R., Sergeant
McIver, John E., Private
McKarley, John, Private
McKean, James, Private
McKensy, Kenerth, Private
McKey, George, Private
McKenzie, Kinneth, Private
McLaughlin, Thomas, Private
McLenan, Duncan, Private
McLenan, William, Corporal
McLennon, Duncan, Private
McLennon, William, Corporal
McNiell, John, Captain
McQuaig, John, Private
McQuaige, John, Private
McQuaigue, John, Private
McRae, Alexander, Private
McRae, Christopher, Private
McRae, Duncan, Private
McRamey, John, Private
McRany, John, Private
Mead, Richard, Private
Meadows, Hugh, Private
Meads, Richard, Private
Meany, Edward, Private
Meets, Christpher, Private
Metz, Christopher, Private
Menud, John, Private
Mercer, Silas, Private
Middleton, John, 1st Lieut.
Miles, John, Private
Miller, Isreal, Sergeant
Miller, John, Private
Miller, Samuel, Private
Miller, William, Private
Mills, William, Private
Mision, Andrial, Sergeant
Mitchell, Alexander, Private
Mitchell, Josiah, Private
Mixon, Adriel, Sergeant
Mood, John, Private
Mooney, Catrick, Private
Moore, Nathan, Private
Moorhead, Thomas, Campbell, Captain
Morang, Henry, Private
Morean, Peter, Private
Morford, Edmond, Private
Moring, Henry, Private
Morris, George R., Corporal
Morris, John, Private
Morrow, John, Private
Moses, Aaron F., Private
Moses, Daniel, Private
Moses, David, Private
Moses, Solomon, Sergeant
Muldrow, Hamilton, Private
Muldrow, James, Private
Muldrow, John B., Private
Mulligan, B., Lieutenant
Murdock,Arcibald, Private
Murph, John, Private
Myars, Henry, Private
Myddelton, William Jones, Captain
Myers, Henry, Private
Neil, Julius, Private
Neal, John, Private
Nelson, William, Private
Nettles, Josiah, Private
Nevill, John, Private
Neville, James, Private
Neville, John, Private
Niel, Julius, Private
Norton, John, Private
OKeef, Philip, Private
ONeal, Joseph, Private
ORawe, John, Private
ORawe, John, Private
ORowe, John, Private
OSullivan, Charles, Private
OSullivan, William, Private
Ott, Lewis, Private
Ott, Peter, Private
Owens, Joseph, Private
Owings, Joseph, Private
Pagel, Elisha, Private
Paget, John, Private
Palmer, John, Private
Parham, Elisha, Private
Parham, Wesley, Private
Parker, David, Private
Parker, James, Private
Parlor, Daniel, Private
Parlor, John, Private
Parlor, Samuel, Corporal
Partole, Joseph, Private
Paterson, James, Private
Patrick, George, Sergeant
Patterson, Anthony, Private
Paul, Isaac, Private
Paul, John, Sergeant
Pauland, Peter, Private
Pearce, Dixon, Sergeant
Pearce, Everet, Private
Pearce, Joseph, Private
Pearce, Silas, Private
Pease, George, Private
Pegues, George H., Private
Peirce, Thomas, Private
Pendarvis, Thomas, Private
Perdneau, Benjamin, Private
Perdreau, Benjamin, Private
Petre, Edward, Private
Pickering, Charles, Orderly Sergeant
Pickren, Charles, Orderly Sergeant
Piggat, Arthur P., Private
Pigott, A.P., Private
Pinckney, Tho Jr., Major
Pinkney, Thomas H., Private
Pippen, Lewis, Private
Pippin, Lewis, Private
Pippine, Lewis, Private
Pitney, Lewis A., Private
Placide, Alexander, Private
Placide, John A., Private
Plant, Henry, Private
Poalk, Joseph, Private
Poer, Salva D., Private
Polk, Joseph, Private
Pomento, Evin, Private
Porcher, Samuel, Captain
Porcher, Stephen, Musician
Porter, John, Private
Porter, Peter, Private
Port, James, Private
Powell, James, Private
Power, James, Private
Powers, James, Private
Powers, William, Private
Price, David, Private
Price, John, Private
Quick, Williams, Private
Rae, John P., Private
Rain, William, Private
Rall, Jacob, Private
Ramsey, David, Private
Randolph, Benjamin, Private
Ratcliff, James S., Sergeant
Ratcliff, Joseph, Captain
Ratcliffe, Sebastian, Private
Rea, John P., Private
Reed, Robert, Private
Reilley, George, Private
Reilly, George, Private
Reilly, James, Private
Reilly, James, Ensign
Remmil, Nicholas, Private
Remoussin, Daniel, Private
Renea, B., Private
Rhode, Christian, Private
Richardson, Gales N., Private
Richardson, Israel, Private
Rickenbacker, Nicholas, Private
Ridgeway, Charles, Private
Riely, Thomas, Private
Riser, Joseph, Private
Rison, Joseph, Private
Rivers, Gracia M., Sergeant
Rivers, I.E., Private
Roberts, Francis, Corporal
Robinson, Samuel, Private
Robinson, William, Private
Rogers, Elisha, Corporal
Rogers, James, Private
Roll, Jacob, Private
Rollens, Thomas, Private
Rollins, Reuben, Private
Rollins, Thomas, Private
Rose, David, Private
Ross, John, Private
Roundtree, Moses, Private
Rouse, David, Sergeant
Ruddock, George, Private
Rumph, Christian, Private
Rush, John, Private
Rush, Joseph, Private
Rushton, Moses, Private
Russell, Jeremiah, Private
Russell, Job, Private
Russell, John, Lieut.
Rutland, William, Private
Rutledge, Andrew T., Private
Rutledge, John, Lieut. Colonel
Ryan, Lawrence, Private
Sabb, Morgan, Lieut.
Samford, Williams, Corporal
Sanders, John, Private
Sanders, Joshua, Corporal
Sandford, John, Private
Sandifer, John, Ensign
Sapp, Jesse, Private
Sass, Edward G., Private
Sass, William, Corporal
Scalf, Isaac, Private
Schultz, Ludwig, Private
Scissoms, Lewis, Private
Scissoms, Stephen, Private
Segler, John, Private
Scott, Thomas, Private
Scott, William M., Private
See, Jesse, Corporal
See, John, Captain
See, Nicholas, Private
Sellars, Phillip, Private
Sellars, William, Private
Sessom, Stephen, Private
Sharpe, Thomas, Corporal
Shea, Richard, Private
Shelby, Evan, Private
Sherders, Daniel, Private
Sherwood, James, Private
Shirah, M., Private
Shults, John, Private
Sile, Elijah, Corporal
Sills, Elijah, Corporal
Simmons, William, Private
Sinclair, John, Private
Singletary, James G., Private
Singleton, James, Private
Sissom, Lewis, Private
Skinner, Benjamin,Private
Slage, Jacob, Private
Slagel, Jacob, Private
Slagle, Jacob, Private
Slay, William, Private
Sloan, Joseph, Private
Smith, Daniel, Private
Smith, Francis, Private
Smith, Jacob, Private
Smith, Job, Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, Samuel W., Sergeant
Smith, Samuel W., Private
Smith, Thomas B., Ensign
Smith, William, Private
Smoot, John, Private
Snelgrove, Requal, Private
Snell, John, Private
Snider, Mathias, Private
Snider, William, Private
Soapstick, Simon, Private
Spence, John, Private
Spencer, Adam C., Corporal
Spencer, James B., Private
Spiers, James, Private
Spiller, John, Private
Stabler, John, Private
Stack, William, Private
Stacker, Joseph, Private
Stanley, Joshua, Private
Stanley, Shadrack, Private
Steele, William, Private
Steward, John, Private
Stewart, John, Private
Strobel, Jacob, Captain
Strobel, Martin, Private
Stroble, Jacob, Captain
Stroble, Martin, P.,Private
Swaw, Robert, Private
Sweat, Benjamin, Fifer
Sweeney, Thomas, Private
Sweeny, Patrick B., Private
Sweet, Benjamin, Fifer
Swindershive, Andrew W., Sergeant
Tarlten, Abner, Corporal
Tayler, Aaron, Private
Taylor, Garrott, Corporal
Taylor, John, Private
Taylor, Martin, Private
Tearrel, Lewis, Sergeant
Terrel, Lewis, Sergeant
Terrell, James, Private
Terrell, William, Private
Terry, William, Private
Tharpe, Benjamin, Private
Theawt, William, Private
Theus, William, Private
Thomas, James, Private
Thomas, John, Private
Thomas, Levy, Private
Thomas, Stephen, Corporal
Thomas, Thomas, Private
Thompson, Alexander, Adjuant
Thompson, George, Sergeant
Thompson, James, Private
Thompson, John, Private
Thompson, M., Private
Thompson, Seaborn J., Private
Thomson, Moses,Private
Thornhill, John, Private
Thweatt, Daniel, Private
Tilly, Isaac, 1st Lieut.
Tobias, Abur, Private
Todd, William, Musician
Tomlinson, Henry, Private
Toole, Christopher, Private
Toomer, Joshua W., Lieut.
Tooney, John, Private
Torrans, John R., Private
Trader, Dennis, Private
Trevathan, John, Private
Treivitt, John, Private
Tucker, Arthur, Private
Tucker, William, Private
Turnage, Henry, Private
Turnbull, James, Private
Tylor, John, Corporal
Uldrick, Christian, Private
Unger, Zachariah, Private
Utsey, John, 1st Lieut.
Valentine, Jonathan, Private
Vanning, Amoldus, Private
Vanriper, Semion, Private
Vansant, John, Private
Venning, Jouah, Private
Vining, A., Private
Vining, Robert, Private
Wade, Benjamin, Private
Ward, Francis, Private
Walker, John, 2nd Lieut.
Walker, Sylvanus, Private
Wannamahker, Jacob, Private
Ward, Francis, Private
Wark, John, Sergeant
Warnock, Thomas, Private
Watkins, William, Private
Watson, James, Private
Watson, Joseph, Private
Wayne, Gabriel William, Private
Weatherford, Elias, Corporal
Weathers, Francis, Private
Webb, Isaac, Private
Wesner, Frederick, Lieut.
Wever, John, Private
Whilden, Joseph, Ensign
White, A.F., Private
White, Frederick P., Private
White, George, Corporal
White, J.F., Private
White, James, Private
White, James F., Private
Whitesides, Thomas, Private
Whitney, Jedediah, Private
Whitney, William, Private
Whyte, James, Private
Wiggins, Stephen, Private
Wightman, John, Private
Wightman, William, Private
Wilkeson, James, Private
Will, John, Private
Williams, Abner, Private
Williams, Enoch, Private
Williams, Laban, Private
Williams, Philip, Sergeant
Williams,William, Private
Williamson, Bright, Captain
Williamson, Needhaus, Private
Williamson, Stephen, Private
Williamson, William, Private
Wilson, Daniel, Private
Wilson, Nathaniel, Private
Wilson, William H., Ensign
Windbourne, William, Private
Wingate, William, Corporal
Winger, I., Private
Winningham, William, Private
Wise, George, Private
Witsell, John, Private
Wootson, William, Private
Work, John, Private
Wright, Silas, Private
Wright, Willam, Private
Yarborough, Moses, Private
You, Anthony, Private
You, Frederick, Private
Young, Henry, Private
Young, I.P., Private
Zagler, Daniel, Private
Zakel, Frederick, Private
Zakel, Jacob, Private
Zeagler, Daniel, Private
Zimmerman, Jacob, Private
Zimmerman, Samuel, Private

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