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Tucker's Regiment SC Militia

Adair, Elisha, Ensign
Adams, John, Private
Adams, William, Private
Adrick, Adam, Private
Alberson, Elijah, Private
Alewine, David, Private
Alewine, Thomas, Private
Allen, Abraham, Corporal
Allen, Stephen, Private
Allen, William, Private
Ambrose, Mathew, Private
Anderson, Robert, Fifer (Muscian)
Andress, Jean, Private
Anglin, Cornelius, Private
Arnold, Reuben, Private
Bailey, John, Private
Bailey, William, Corporal
Baker, Martin, Private
Ball, Lewis, Ensign
Ball, Martin, Corporal
Banks, Charles, Captain (Roster of Captain Bank's Company)
Barksdale, John, Private
Barnes, James, Drum Major
Barrett, Thomas, Private
Baywell, William, Private
Bishop, Archibald, Fifer (Muscian)
Bishop, William, Drummer
Blake, John, Private
Boatner, John, Private
Boland, George, Private
Bonds, Ezehiel, Private
Bonds, Robert, Private
Bonds, William, Private
Boyce, Robert, Private
Boyd, James, Private
Boyd, Thomas, Private
Braden, William, Sergeant
Braxter, Asa, Private
Brooks, Matthew, Private
Brooks, Westley, Private
Brown, Cald S., Private
Brown, John, Private
Brown, John C., Corporal
Brown, Johnathan, Private
Brown, Joseph, Private
Bruce, Hezekiah, Private
Bruner, I., Private
Buchanan, Jesse, Sergeant
Buchanan, John, Private
Bugg, Frank, Pioneer
Bugg, Samuel, Pioneer
Burns, Allen, Private
Burnsides, William T., Sergeant
Burzong, Hennery, Private
Busby, Thomas, Private
Butler, Antho, Drummer
Butler, Hosea, Private
Butler, Hudson, Private
Butler, John, Private
Butler, Thomas, Private
Caldwell, James, Private
Caldwell, John, Private
Caldwell, Robert, Private
Caldwell, William, Captain
Caldwell, William, Private
Calmes, Francis F., Private
Campbell, Samuel, Private
Canant, Jeremy, Private
Cannon, Samuel, Major
Cannon, William, Ensign
Carter, Zimri, Private
Chandler, William, Private
Chandler, Wyatt, Lieut.
Chapman, Archibald, Corporal
Chapman, John, Sergeant
Chapman, Nathaniel, Private
Chappell, John, Private
Chappell, Thomas, Private
Cheek, Silas, Private
Chelby, James, Private
Childres, John, Private
Chison, John, Corporal
Clary, Daniel, Sergeant
Clfton, Reuben, Private
Coker, Joseph, Private
Cole, Joseph, Private
Cole, Moses, Fife Major
Cole, Moses, Private
Coleman, Bartlet, Private
Coley, Charles, Private
Compton, John, Private
Compton, Samuel, Private
Compton, William, Private
Coogle, Math, Corporal
Cook, John, Private
Corley, Simeon, Private
Corll, Joh, Private
Couch, John, Private
Couch, Moses, Private
Couch, Samuel, Private
Cowan, William, Paymaster
Craddock, Daniel, Private
Crisp, John, Private
Crocker, Elkanin, Private
Crocker, William, Private
Cromer, Philip, Private
Crooks, Thomas, Corporal
Crumby, Thomas, Private
Cunningham, James, Private
Cunningham, Robert, Private
Darus, Thomas, Private
Davenport, Daniel, Private
Davis, Caleb, Private
Derick, Andrew, Private
Derick, John, Private
Devalt, Darl, Private
Dewalt, David, Private
Dewalt, Daniel, Ensign
Dillon, William, Private
Dison, Abraham, Lieut.
Downey, Joseph, Private
Downs, James, Corporal
Downs, Thomas, Private
Duckett, Benjamin, Ensign
Duncan, Fleming, Private
Duncan, James, Private
Dunlap, Ezekiel, Private
Dunlap, John, Serg. Major
Durkee, Adolphus, 2nd, Master Sgt.
Durkee, Augustus T., Commissary
Durkey, Adolpus, 2nd Master Sgt.
Durrett, John, Private
Durrett, William, Private
Dyson, Abraham, Lieut.
Dyson, James, Corporal
Dyson, John, Corporal
Edwards, William, Private
Ellicer, John Jr., Private
Ellicer, John Sr., Private
Enlow, James, Private
Ethridge, Gilford, Private
Evans, Benjamin, Private
Evans, Robert, Private
Fergusson, Samuel, Private
Finch, John, Private
Floyd, Charles, Sergeant
Floyd, John, Drummer
Force, Daniel, Private
Fountain, Jesse, Corporal
Frank, Charles, Private
Franks, Nehemiah, Private
Fuller, John, Sergeant
Fuller, Rosey, Private
Fulmer, Adam, Private
Fulmer, Mathias, Private
Fulmer, Michal, Private
Gable, Georg, Private
Gains, Reuben, Private
Gains, Stephen, Private
Galloway, James, Sgt. Major
Gardner, George, Private
Garner, Edward, Private
Garrett, William, Private
Gault, Henry, Private
Gibson, Richard, Private
Gilbert, Joshua, Private
Gill, Robert, Private
Gill, William, Private
Gillam, James S., Private
Gillam, William, Private
Gilleam,Charles, Captain
Gilliam, Newton, Private
Gillum, James, Private
Glasgow, James, Sergeant
Goggans, James, Private
Gogins, Daniel, Private
Golden, Thomas, Corporal
Golding, James Jr., Private
Golding, Reuben, Private
Golding, Thomas, Private
Goodman, Thomas, Corporal
Goodwin, Mark, Private
Gordan, Eli, Private
Graden, Matthew, Private
Grant, Alexander, Private
Grant, Lewis, Private
Gray, George, Corporal
Gray, Henry, Private
Gray, Thomas, Private
Gregg, William, Private
Harden, John, Private
Harding, Nicholas, Lieut.
Hargrowes, Isaac, Private
Harrington, Bart, Sergeant
Harris, John, Private
Harris, William, Private
Haslam, John, Private
Hatmon, Henry, Private
Hatten, John H., Private
Higgins, David, Quartermaster
Highler, Gabriel, Private
Hilburn, Rezin, Private
Hitt, Larkin, Private
Hodges, John, Private
Hogg, Lewis, Captain
Holdridge, James, Private
Holenshed, James Private
Holley, James, Private
Holliday, Matthew, Corporal
Hunter, Jesse Jr., Private
Hunter, William, Private
Irby, William, Adjuant
Isaacs, Elisha, Private
Jackson, Absalom, Private
Jackson, Jacob, Private
Jenkins, John, Private
Johnson, John, Corporal
Johnson, John, Private
Johnson, Stephen, Private
Johnson, William, Ensign
Johnston, Isaac, Private
Johnston, John, Private
Johnston, Thomas, Private
Jones, Aaron, Lieut.
Jones, Dred, Sergeant
Jones, Elijah, Private
Jones, Hezekiah, Private
Jones, John, Private
Jones, Lewis, Private
Jones, William, Corporal
Jowers, J., Private
Junkin, J., Private
Keisbe, Paul, Private
Kelley, Fred, Private
Kelley, John, Private
Kelly, Edward, Private
Kelly, Robert, Private
Keltner, Daniel, Private
Keltner, Henry, Private
Keltner, John, Private
King, Charles, Private
Kirk, Martin, Private
Koon, Jacob, Corporal
Koon, Samuel, Sergeant
Leak, Moses, Sergeant|
Legane, Alexander, Drummer
Lewis, Benjamin, Captain
Liggin, Alexander, Drummer
Liles, Daniel, Private
Liles, E., Private
Liles, Henry, Private
Liles, James, Private
Liles, Valentine, Ensign
Lindsay, Wade H., Private
Lindsey, John, Private
Lominaro, Henry, Private
Long, Bartholomew, Corporal
Long, Daniel, Surgeon
Long, John, Private
Lowry, Johnathan, Private
Madden, Charles, Private
Madden, John, Private
Mangum, John, Private
Manley, Jeremiah, Private
Manly, Thomas, Private
Manning, Luke, Private
Manning, Richard, Private
Martin, Charles, Private
Martin, Daniel, Private
Martin, James T., Private
Maxwell, John, Private
McAdams, Henry, Private
McCann, John, Private
McClland, William, Private
McCrarray, George, Surgeon's Mate
McDaniel, William, Private
McDanold, Archibald, Corporal
McKee, Joseph, Private
McKetrick, James, Private
McKown, Samuel, Private
Metby, Joseph, Private
Milam, Ferel, Private
Millikin, David T., Sergeant
Millner, Joshua, Baggage Master
Milner, James, Sergeant
Mitchell, Harris, Sergeant
Mitchell, Isaac, Private
Moone, M.W., Private
Moore, Jesse, Private
Morris, Benjamin, Private
Morris, William, Private
Moseley, Fountain, Private
Moseley, John, Ensign
Motes, Jessee, Private
Mounts, William, Private
Nabors, Arthur, Private
Nabors, Mason, Private
Nabors, Robert, Private
Nance, Clement, Private
Nance, Frederick, Private
Nance, Robert, Ensign
Neal, James, Private
Nealey, James, Private
Nealey, William, Private
Niely, John Jr., Private
Night, Abner, Private
Nixon, James, Private
Noble, William, Private
ODell, Baruck, Lieut.
ODier, James, Corporal
ODle, Baruch, Lieut.
ONeal, John B., Judge Advocate
ONeal, John B., Private
ONeall, Charles, Private
Osborn, William, Ensign
Owen, Joseph, Private
Owen, Uriah, Private
Owens, Samuel, Sergeant
Owens, William, Cornet
Oxner, George, Private
Parker, James, Private
Parrett, Burwell, Private
Parsons, Isaiah, Corporal
Parsons, John, Private
Parsons, Littleton, Private
Parsons, Samuel, Captain
Parsons, Theophilus, 1st Sergeant
Parsons,William, Private
Peterson, James, Private
Peterson, John, Corporal
Pitts, Ephraim, Corporal
Pitts, Henderson, Private
Pitts, Hennery, Sergeant
Pitts, John, Sergeant
Pitts, Nathaniel, Private
Pitts, William, Private
Plant, Robert, Private
Plant, Samuel, Private
Plunket,James, Corporal
Pool, Jacob, Private
Pool, Joseph, Private
Porter, Hugh Y., Private
Potter, Adam, Corporal
Powell, James, Private
Powell, Reuben, Captain
Powers, William, Private
Price, James, Private
Quarlenus, Patrick, Private
Rammagr, James, Private
Rammagr, John, Sergeant
Reed, George, Private
Reed, Jacob, Corporal
Rezer, A., Private
Rice, Richard, 1st Sergt.
Richardson, Jonadab, Private
Richardson, Sayler, Private
Richie, John, Sergeant
Riddlesbariger, Thomas, Lieut.
Roberts, James, Private
Robertson, James, Private
Robertson, Jesse, Private
Robinson, G.W., Private
Rodgers, Daniel, Private
Ross, John, Sergeants
Ryeley, William, Private
Sadler, Thomas, Private
Sadler, William, Private
Sauter, Jacob, Private
Savage, Zabalon, Private
Saxon, David, Private
Saxon, Nance, Private
Seber, Michael, Private
Seeber, Daniel, Private
Seostniel, Samuel, Private
Shaw, James, Private
Shepherd, Thomas T., Corporal
Sheppard, Maximillian, Private
Sheppard, Thomas, Private
Sheppard, Uriah, Private
Shoppard, George, Lieut.
Sigler, William, Private
Simons, Saul, Private
Simpson, Thomas, Private
Simpson, William, Sergeant
Sims, James, Private
Sims, John, Private
Sims, Richard, Corporal
Smith, Allen, Private
Smith, Charles, Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, Young, Private
Smyley, John, Captain
Smyly, Daniel, 1st Sergt.
South, Daniel, Private
South, William, Drummer
Speers, Jesse, Private
Spells, William, Private
Spence, John, Private
Spence, Richard, Sergeant
Sproll, James, Private
Step, Larkin, Corporal
Strong, Joseph D., Forage Master
Stewart, John, Private
Suttivant, Randal, Private
Swingler, Henry, Private
Tainter, Loran, Private
Tenant, William, Private
Tinsley, Arther, Private
Tinsley, She, Private
Tolls, John, Private
Towles, John, Forage Master
Towles, Loi, Private
Towles, Seth, Private
Townsend, Horace, Private
Tucker, Dranling, Colonel
Turner, James, Sergeant
Turner, William, Private
Vance, Samuel, Sergeant
Vaughn, D.T., Private
Vaughn, James, Private
Vaughn, Reuben, Private
Wadlington, Jesse, Private
Wadsworth, Jun, Private
Wadsworth, Mike, Private
Waldo, Joseph W., Private
Waldroop, Abraham, Private
Waldrop, Stephen, Private
Wallace, Howell, Private
Wallace, Hugh, Private
Wallace, James, Private
Wallace, John, Sergeant
Wallace, William, 2nd Lieut.
Wallis, Luther, Private
Wallis, William, 2nd Lieut.
Ware, James, Private
Wartin, Dillien, Private
Waters, Wilks B., Corporal
Watkins, Henry, Private
Weathers, John, Private
Weathersby, Reuben, Private
Weed, John, Private
West, Alexander, Corporal
West, William, Private
White, David, Private
White, Thomas, Private
Whitefield, Elijah, Private
Whiteford, Robert, Private
Wilkerson, James, Private
Wilks, John, Corporal
Williams, James, Private
Williams, Seth, Private
Williamson, John, Private
Williamson, John, Corporal
Williamson, Robert, Private
Willson, Henry, Private
Wilson, John, Private
Wilson, William, Private
Wiseman, John, 1st Sergeant
Wood, John, Sergeant
Wood, Joseph, Private
Word, Robert, Major
Workman, James, Private
Worthington, Reuben, Sergeant
Wright, David, Private
Wright, Thomas, Private
Wynn, Joshua, Private
Young, Alex, Corporal
Young, James, Private
Young, William, Private
Youngner, John, Private
Youngner, Matthias, Private

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